The Bloodbath

The Bloodbath

A Story by HorrorMaster

A group of young people being haunted by a ghost in his mansion and being killed by acid water.


In the year 1960, in the middle of the woods of Southern Maryland. There were this big mansion that looks like a castle. In this mansion there were this rich, powerful, and also mean men that made about sixty billion dollars a day for designing big houses for rich people. His name is Mr. Hufferfield. His wife Miss. Hufferfeild has been always depressed and hurting by her husband. She has been into depression ever since she married Mr. Hufferfield. Her husband has always abused her and treated her like a slave. She just couldn’t take the pain anymore. One night it was raining and thundering; Mr. Hufferfield came home drunk and having a physical break down. He started yelling at her and threaten her.
“You worthless piece of s**t. Go make me dinner. You f*****g w***e! You’re nothing but a f*****g white trash slave. I hope you f*****g die.”
Miss. Hufferfield cried her eyes out when her husband said those horrible words to her. She couldn’t take it anymore, so she started slapping her husband very hard, that Mr. Hufferfield became even more insane. He started pulling her hair and dragging her to their bathroom. He puts her in a bathtub filled with water. He gets a razor and slice her wrist off that blood were splattering out in the tub. He gets bucket of acid and pours inside the bathtub while Miss. Hufferfield suffering and screaming out, “Help! Help!” Her skin started to burn and melt off her body. Her guts and everything inside her body started to melt, like she is becoming a bloody skeleton. The water in the bathtub turns into a blood bath. Mr. Hufferfield stared at her death and laughs like a psychopath.
Few hours later he decided to make all his rooms into torture rooms with bathtubs filled with acid in them and chains of hooks on top of the ceiling were he can torture his victims. He also made spikes on walls inside his torture rooms. He heard a sound coming from the bathroom. He goes inside the bathroom and takes a look inside the tub. He seen a ghost of Miss. Hufferfield’s bloody skeleton arm moving inside the tub. Her hand grabs him inside the tub, so he can suffer from all the acid inside the tub. His skin started to melt off and in up being just how when Miss. Hufferfield died as a bloody skeleton inside a blood bath tub filled with acid. No one knows what happen to them until now.

Present Day

Four young adults hiking in the woods - there names are Steve, Bobby, Jessica, and Stephanie. Steve and Jessica has been together forever. They love each other and love hiking in the woods. As for Bobby and Stephanie, they are stoners and loved to get high together. They get high so much that they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Bobby always thought that there is more weed in the woods then anywhere. Steve has always thought his friend Bobby needed help badly to stop doing drugs and smoking weed. As they were walking in the woods, Steve and Jessica spotted an old abandon mansion while Bobby and Stephanie getting stone.
“Hey there’s an old mansion that looks like a castle.” said Steve.
“Yeah sweetie I think we should check it out.” said Jessica.
Bobby thought on who is living in this old mansion. “I wonder who is living there. Maybe they have good weed.”
Stephanie doesn’t want to go and check it out. She thinks the mansion is haunted and she always been afraid of haunted houses.
“I don’t want to go check it out. The mansion might be haunted by ghosts.” said Stephanie.
Steve laughs at Stephanie and telling her that there is no such thing of haunted houses and ghosts. Jessica rolls her eyes at Stephanie and giving her a dirty look. Jessica always hated Stephanie ever since high school. Stephanie used to date Steve back in high school before she became a stoner. Stephanie used to cheat on Steve when they were together. Ever since then Jessica hated her so much. Stephanie give her a dirty look too and calling her a b***h. Jessica thought about leaving Stephanie outside the mansion while Jessica, Steve, and Bobby go inside and check it out.
“Hey let’s go leave this scared b***h a*s hoe outside while we go inside the mansion.” said Jessica.
Steve agrees to Jessica to leave Stephanie outside. Stephanie got all mad and flips on Steve, “Oh yeah f**k you then; go inside the mansion with your f*****g s**t and have all of you get killed. I’m leaving BYE!”
Stephanie in up walking back to the woods so that she can go home. She also started to cry even though she is in a piss off mood.
Steve, Jessica, and Bobby went in the mansion. The mansion inside was old and rusty. The pictures in the mansion all covered with spider webs and dust. They all take a look around the mansion and spotted lots of rooms with rusted chains of hooks on the ceiling and empty bathtubs. Steve and Bobby take a look inside one of the rooms. They couldn’t believe it. The walls have old rusted spikes on them. Jessica also went inside the room and she got freak out and saying, “Oh my god what is up with this room?”
They check out all of the rooms and they all seem to have the same thing a torture room with empty bathtubs. Jessica started to get freak out and wanted to leave to go home.
“Steve, this place is freaking me out. Can we please go?” said Jessica.
Steve thought about it and he seems to like what he saw. He had always been obsessed with haunted houses filled with torture rooms in horror movies. Even his favorite movie is House on Haunted hill the classic and the remake. Steve decided to tell his friends to stay in the mansion for one night.
“Hey lets stay here over night. You never know what’s going to happen. Is everyone up for it?”
Bobby puts a smile on his face. He is so stone that he doesn’t mind on sleeping in an old mansion. As for Jessica, she will listen to what Steve says even though she doesn’t like the idea of spending a night in an old mansion.
“Sure baby we’ll stay here only if you protect me if anything happens here.” Steve gives her a smile and say “Sure sweetie I’ll protect you.” They both kiss and hug.

Night time

Steve and Jessica decided to find a bed room so they can sleep together and make love. Bobby heard a sound coming from the torture rooms. It sounded like water coming out of a bathtub. Bobby went to check it out. He walks inside the room and saw water turning into acid coming out of the bathtub faucet. Bobby couldn’t believe on what is going on. The rusted chains of hooks started to move left and right fast. Bobby starred at it and suddenly the chain hooks his neck and drags him up left and right. His neck started to splatter out blood everywhere. He screams out “Help me, help me, GET ME OUT OF HERE!”
It was too late; the hooks drag him down into the bathtub filled with acid. His cloths disappeared while he was suffering. His legs started to burn and melt off while the hooks drag him down. Bobby felt in a lot of pain.
“Ah god my f*****g legs. Who the f**k is doing this to me? Ah god!” Bobby scream in fear.
The hooks drag him down even more that his skin on his dick were coming off. The bathtub turns into a bloodbath. The hooks kept on dragging him down inside the bathtub till all of his skin melted off his body. He turn into a skeleton all covered with acid water and laying inside the bloody bathtub.
Steve and Jessica found a bed room. They went inside the bedroom. It was the same bedroom were Mr. and Miss Hufferfield slept. Jessica told Steve that she wanted to take a bath before she makes sweet love to him.
“Hunny I’m going to go to take a bath. I’ll try to hurry up okay my love.”
“Okay baby!” Steve respond.
Jessica went inside the bathroom to take a bath. The same bathroom were Mr. and Miss Hufferfield died from their death. Jessica leave the door a little open so that Steve can look at her naked. Jessica takes off her cloths. The door started to close and lock by itself. Jessica tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t open.
“S**t what the f**k is going on with this door?” Jessica thought.
Jessica gives up on trying to open it. She walks to the bathtub and turn on the water. She heard a sound coming inside the bathtub. Miss. Hufferfield appears as a ghost inside the tub laying as a bloody corpse having her eyes roll up. Jessica scream in fear, but Steve couldn't hear her. Mr. Hufferfield appears in back of her as a rotten skeleton ghost holding a chain of hooks. He hooks her back so deep that lots of blood were coming out of her b***s. She screams in agony. The water from the bathtub turns into acid. He drags her to the bathtub and pulls her inside. She tried to fight it, but it was too late. The acid burns and melt her skin till she bleeds to death inside the bathtub. She turns into a rotten carnage skeleton laying next to the ghost of Miss. Hufferfield inside the bloody blood tub taking her bloodbath.
The Ghost of Mr. Hufferfield opens the bathroom door and goes inside his bedroom to kill Steve. Steve opens his eyes and saw him. Steve got so frighten and try to run alway.
“Holy s**t, it’s a ghost!” Steve cried.
Mr. Hufferfield grabs Steve’s hair and drags him into his torture room. Mr. Hufferfield puts stitches on Steve’s mouth. Next he push Steve into an old rusted spikes on the wall so that Steve's body can suffer from all the blood that is coming out. Mr.Hufferfield gets a hack saw and dismember Steve’s hand. Then he pulls him out of the wall and puts two of the old rusted chains of hooks to Steve’s neck so that blood splattered out everywhere. Mr. Hufferfield turns on the bathtub faucet with acid water coming out of the faucet. Mr. Hufferfield takes his rusted chain to drag him down inside the bathtub. Steve legs and all of his body started to burn so bad that his skin was melting off. Blood started pouring out of his skin. The bathtub acid water had gotten bloodier. Steve turns into a carnage skeleton laying inside the bloody blood tub.
Mr. Hufferfield disappeared when the sunrise came out. As for Stephanie she found her way home by hitch hiking a ride. She went home and decided to take a bath. She was also depressed. She gets a razor and slice her wrist. The water turns into blood. She seems to enjoy her bloodbath by killing herself as her blood from her wrist pours inside a bathtub. Now on every night whenever someone visit Mr. Hufferfield’s mansion. They will in up dying in their bloodbath.

The End

© 2017 HorrorMaster

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So very grusome! I loved this. So much detail and I pictured in my head. It could be a movie. Great job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Totaly crazy hahaha I don't know how you do it, but your work just keeps gettin better and better

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

you defintley have a talent for the dark characters in this detail in this was great too... thought you did well with the storyline ..nice job!!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

awsome story! really good descriptions, grammer needs a little bit of improving. But i really liked it! :D

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Tamarac, FL

Hello i'm Ira and i'm pretty much a horror writer. I have bad grammar and spelling or typos errors, but I tried my best, so please enjoy them. Also I don't like harsh grammar nazi saying (oh yo.. more..


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