Chapter 1: Daddy you killed my clowns

Chapter 1: Daddy you killed my clowns

A Chapter by HorrorMaster

In Tampa, Florida on a Friday - at midnight, an 18-year-old boy named Josh burn loves clowns so much. He has loved clowns since he was 4 years old. His favorite movies were It and Killer Klowns From Other Space and other killer clowns films such as Gacy, Fun land, S.I.C.K, and Fear Of Clowns.
One night him and his friends Steve, Mike, Jenny, and Tom were watching Killer Klowns From Outer Space in his room.
"This s**t is f*****g funny yo." Mike laughed. "I know!" Steve responds to Mike.
Tom saw all Josh's clown toys in his room. "Dude what the f**k is up with those toys you clown lover?" Tom asked, while he looked at Josh.
"Tom I love clowns; I've loved them since I was 4 years old." Josh replied. Tom told him in a rudely way. "Oh yeah how about you go f**k a clown you f*****g clown lover."
Jenny heard a car door closed outside from the house.
"What was that?" Jenny asked, by looking at Josh. Josh look at his window and saw his father coming to the house.
"Oh s**t my father is coming; you guys have to go." Josh said.
"Why do we have to go?" Jenny asked.
"Because my father will freak out and he hates when I watch clown movies and he also hates when I have my friends over." Josh replied, while he looked at Jenny. Suddenly his dad went in his room and he freaked out and started yelling at Josh, and telling all his friends to leave.
"Josh how many f*****g times I told you to stop watching these gay a*s clown movies? It will make you look like a f*****g f*g and all of you get the f**k out of my house." Yelled the father.
All his friends were leaving. His father kept on yelling at him and decided to tell Josh that he is going to kill all the clowns just to make his son feel even worse.
"This is it Josh, I am going to f*****g kill all the clowns." Yelled the father, "No dad please don't" Josh cried. "Yes I am and you are not going to stop me."
His father got really mad. Because he told Josh many times not to watch clown movies and see clowns.
Since when his father was little, he uses to love clowns. One of the clown murdered his mom, that's why his father didn't like his son to watch them, but then his father got so angry that he beat the living s**t out of Josh by hitting him and kicking him. He locks the door. Josh begins to cry in pain. All his life he loves clowns, but everyone and his dad think he is some kind a clown freak.
The next day he was still locked in his room. His father still not home yet, so Josh got bored so he puts on his TV and the news was on. Suddenly the News Reporter said, "Last night at 3am all the clowns were dead by stabbing and shooting in the hearts and in the head. Ryan Burn was arrested last night for murdering these clowns."
Josh was shock and crying. "Oh my god I can't believe my father did this. I f*****g hate him. He'll pay for this. Oh yes he'll pay," Josh cried staring at the tv with an evil look
He saw a chair in his room. He started to throw the chair to his window. The window got broken. Josh went out of his house and goes to the bookstore, and he saw the book of the dead. He gets the book of the dead. He goes to the graveyard and starting to read the book of the dead while it was thundering and lighting outside. He was saying these five words five times to wake the dead clowns.
"Dead Living Clowns Awake Kill,
Dead Living Clowns Awake Kill,
Dead Living Clowns Awake Kill,
Dead Living Clowns Awake Kill,
Dead Living Clowns Awake Kill!!!" Josh yelled,
All of the dead and even the really old dead clowns were coming out from the graves. Some of them look like skulls with clown make up, cannibal zombies clowns with guts hanging out their stomach, and some them even have their neck slash up. They were walking slowly to Josh.
"Go to prison and kill my father, kill all my friends, and kill everyone in this f*****g town."
Josh was being all crazy when he told the zombie clowns to kill his father and his friends and everyone in the town, then Josh left.
The dead clowns walk slowly to the prison and went inside. They saw the prison guards standing inside the door. They attack them by biting their neck and ripping their stomach eating their guts. They saw Josh's father sitting in the cell staring at them. Ryan was shock when he saw them. He starts to scream in terror,
"Ah, get me out of here, help me, please somebody help me."
A very strong zombie clown broke the prison bars so that the zombie clowns can go and attack him. They start to jump on him. They first ripped his skins and everything else in his body, and then they started to eat his heart and guts. All the prison guards saw them and try to stop them, but the zombie clowns jump on them and starting to eat them in prison.
After that, they started going to Josh friends house. The zombie clowns first went to Mike's house.
"What the f**k," Mike scream in terror.
The zombie clowns jump on him. One of them ripped his head off and starting to eat the inside of his head. After that the zombie clowns went to Jenny's house. Jenny and Steve were there, and having sex. Jenny heard footsteps in the house.
"What was that?" Jenny said.
The zombie clowns went in her room, and she saw one of the zombie clowns and scream.
"Ah" Jenny screamed. Steve looks at the zombie clown.
"Holy s**t!" Steve cried.
The zombie clowns started jumping on Steve. Jenny tried to stop them, but it was too late. The zombie clowns ripped Steve's skins off and started to eat inside his body. Jenny was so scared. She started getting away from them, but then the zombie clowns walk forward to Jenny and started to rip off her cloths. Jenny was naked, but the zombie clowns still keep on ripping her skin. Her human meat and guts were coming out of her body while they keep on ripping her skin off and eating it. They even ripped her b***s off and started to eat them. The other zombie clown put his sharp c**k inside Jenny's p***y. Then it goes through her head and all the guts, brains and a lot of blood were coming out of her head. The zombie clowns started to eat Jenny and Steve brains and guts.
While the clown zombies were still eating Jenny and Steve. One of the zombie clowns went out of her house and go to Tom's house. Now this one zombie clown is gay and he can also talks too.
The zombie clown knocks on Tom's door.
Knock, Knock!
Tom heard it and answers the door.
"Holy s**t!" Tom cried.
"Hello I heard you like to get f**k by clowns." The gay zombie clown said while looking at Tom and smiles. "No I don't, I'm not gay. Josh is the clown lover f**k him." Tom cried.
The gay zombie clown didn't listen to him. The gay zombie clown made Tom turn over and the gay zombie clown puts his big sharp c**k inside Tom's a*s and went through Tom's head and all the brain's, gut's, and a lot of blood were coming out of his head.
"Good bye clown lover." The gay zombie clown said. The gay zombie clown went out of his house.
All of the zombie clowns were walking and eating everyone, but other people were getting out of their house with their big guns and starting to shoot the zombie clowns in the head. The U.S Army troops and the cops also came to kill all the zombie clowns. The troops and the cops tell everyone to stand back. Now they started to have a war. They started shooting every clown zombies in the head with their M - 16 and handguns. One of them uses their law, which that is a light anti tank weapon. Some of the zombie clowns blow up into little pieces. They also throw a big bomb and all the zombie clowns got blow up into little pieces. All the zombie clowns were dead again. Everyone that was alive cheered when the war was over.
The troops decided to go Josh house since they knew where his house was by located him on the Internet. The troops kick his door and put a gun and shoot Josh in the head.
Josh woke up and he realized that he was in hell, and all the evil hell clowns drag him to the chambers of hell.

© 2017 HorrorMaster

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A real horror story with clowns. I hate clowns anyway and I think you did justice to how awful and scary they really are.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Gruesome to the end. I would not say this is a master work, but it's a scary tale.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Another hit. Hope no kids read this, that would be hell.

Posted 11 Years Ago

jeez are you trying to give me nightmares? ha well this is another terrific one, can't wait to read the rest :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on March 2, 2010
Last Updated on September 20, 2017
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Tamarac, FL

Hello i'm Ira and i'm pretty much a horror writer. I have bad grammar and spelling or typos errors, but I tried my best, so please enjoy them. Also I don't like harsh grammar nazi saying (oh yo.. more..


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