Chapter 3: Prison

Chapter 3: Prison

A Chapter by HorrorMaster

One Month Later

Josh Burn burns in the deepest fires of hell. His eternal pain is outstanding. He can no longer raise evil on the Earth. Unfortunately, his evil continues.

A quiet little house sits aside acres upon acres of land, stretching to seemingly nowhere. It is nighttime in this area. Everything seems to sleep, including Kevin Cohen, who sleeps alone inside the house. He awakens to the sound of a truck pulling up into the driveway of the house.
He gets out of bed with kiddy clown pajama bottoms on, and a simple white t-shirt. The boy is around seven years of age, his hair is red, and his facial appearance is by no means attractive. He peaks out his bedroom window to investigate the truck pulling up, and finds it is only his dad and mother who have come back drunk from a night at the town bar.
They drunkenly enter the house; the entrance of the house goes straight into the living room area with the television still on a cartoon channel. Kevin has irresponsibly not switched off the television before turning in for the night.
"What in the hell is the TV still turned on for damn it?" yells Mr. Cohen in drunken anger.
"Stop bitching about the damn TV, I'm sick of your bitching!" Cohen's wife responds. "Well, I'm sick of you, b***h!" he defends back.
Kevin quietly peaks around the corner of the hall leading from his room going into the living room. He leans on the wall in a relaxing position enjoying the argument between his mother and father. "You have been a piss all night, just shut the f**k up!" Mrs. Cohen yells across the room wobbling from being drunk. Her husband walks angrily at her and grabs her neck throwing her back onto the sink. "Don't you ever speak to me like that, you understand me?" Kevin jumps out from the corner, "Dad, stop hurting her!" he yells helplessly. "You little b*****d, why don't you turn off that TV like you're supposed to do!" The boy is frightened by his father's attitude.
"Let her go first! please daddy!" he pleads with a prior to weeping voice. Mr. Cohen angrily insists "Get your little a*s back to bed or I'll pin your little a*s to the damn floor!!" He starts punching the mother as she tries pushing him off. A physical rumble is stirred on the kitchen floor as Mr. Cohen beats his wife without any hesitation of each punch. Kevin is helpless, and for a boy his age, extremely scared by what was going on. The woman under Mr. Cohen moans in undeniable pain. Kevin cups his ears to keep from hearing that terrible moaning of his mother thinking that she is dying. Mr. Cohen stands up, "You dumb b***h, that's what you f*****g get for messing with me! That is what you f*****g get, stupid b***h!" yells the father. Mr. Cohen stands beside her painful looking body barely alive from the fierce beating. He lifts his leg and stomps his large boots into her face. Kevin knows nothing else but to scream. Kevin falls to his knees in terror begging in his mind that his father stops; however, one last stomp from Mr. Cohen's boot into the poor woman's neck kills her in a three second time period of her gagging.
Kevin screams louder, noticing his mother has been murdered right in front of him. Mr. Cohen runs up to Kevin and pins him to the wall. The boy is so young and small that he is easily lifted off the floor.
"Listen to me you little b*****d. You better not tell anybody about this! You understand me son?!”
Kevin is going into shock, staring into his father’s eyes.
"That's what I thought little boy. You'll be the same way she is if you don't tighten up."
Mr. Cohen whispers to Kevin. He drops Kevin to the floor. He lands on his knees and crawls up to his mother's body and begins crying. He looks beside her face, a picture that Kevin had drawn of a clown. Blood had splattered onto the picture. He picks it up and stares at it with an emotional face. He then begins staring at his father sitting on the couch staring blankly at the ceiling as he thought of the future dance in his mind.
Her tombstone reads, "In Loving Memory of Catherine Cohen 1963-1987."
Kevin Cohen is now twenty-four years of age, standing over his mother’s gravestone with terrible memories of the night his father murdered his beloved mother right in front of him. He takes one last look at the stone and turn toward a woman standing at the road next to a black SUV. He walks to her. This woman is Chelsea, Kevin's cousin. They both get into the truck and sit for a moment before riding off. "Kevin, does it really help to come out here every week?" Chelsea asks in a helpful voice.
"It really helps me, a lot." Kevin answers. She starts the engine of the vehicle and they drive off. "Where to next Kevin?" Chelsea asks. "The library," he responds.
The library only has about two people walking around this day. As Kevin enters, it is almost dead silent. He begins walking upstairs to the psychological books that interests him the most. A new book in the psychology section catches his eye quickly. The title is simply "The Dead Clown Murders, By James Powell." He immediately picks it up and begins flipping through pages. He eventually reaches a picture of Josh Burns. A black and white picture of Josh staring with blackened eyes from the shadows. Kevin reads the caption: Josh Burns believed to have the ability to raise demonic undead clowns from the grave who would be used to kill his father and numerous other people.
Kevin is immediately reminded about that awful night, and how he kept the bloody clown picture. Kevin pulls out his wallet and opens it to find the folded up picture. He unfolds it too take a look. The blood on it is dried, and the white paper has turned yellow.
"The Nevada State Prison" Mr. Cohen sits within a cell of this prison.
Keith Cohen, father of Kevin, and murderer of his own wife sit on the bed of his lonely cell within the prison. The cell doors suddenly come open with a guard greeting him. "You got a phone call Cohen," says the guard as he prepares his knife stick. Cohen stands questionably,
"Who is calling for me?" The guard considers, "It's probably your son."
Kevin waits on the other line of the phone when suddenly his father's old beat voice appears on the other line. "Dad, I want to come and visit you," says Kevin. Mr. Cohen is unprepared for what Kevin says.
"Then get your queer a*s over here." Kevin then asks, "What is the prison called, I never kept up with it, considering how much I'd rather just kill you."
The father makes a joking face, "Oh ok, so now by boy is getting all brave and s**t eh" "Now you think you're going to come over here and stomp in my face like I did to your momma!"
Kevin smiles, "Not me dad, someone will be coming to meet you tonight." Mr. Cohen seems confused over the phone, "Well I'll be waiting for him!" he yells in an angry voice.
He then hangs up on his son. Kevin holds a newspaper about a circus that exploded after a stunt with clowns was performed using pyrotechnics. One of his hands lies on the page of the "Dead Clown Murders" book that has the verse that Josh used to raise the clowns from the dead.
The morgue, bright lights shine upon it. Rows of square doors that serve as freezers for the deceased, the damp smell in the morgue overwhelms Kevin as he sneaks in. The floor is sticky and smelly of unknown substances. He reaches the freezer labeled "C2," and constricts his fingers around the handle below the label, and without hesitation pulls it open. A body laid frozen dead with a large white sheet covering it. Kevin lifts the sheet. The corpse is damp from only recently being put into the freezer. It has been burnt badly. The clown Afro wig is stuck to his forehead due to melted skin during the intensity of the fire. His face is barely visible from the burning. The right eye looks like yellow plastic, and the other eye seemed to have had been burnt in half. Its right cheek was nearly gone. It wore a white clown suit with blue polka dots. The right half of the suit was badly burnt into the body of the clown. Kevin pulls out a can of white face paint and slaps it onto the corpse’s burnt up face and rubs it around to create back its clown face image that was taken away in the fire. He smiles in satisfaction. He begins opening the others. One fat clown who only seemed to had died from suffocation of the smoke. One midget clown whose body was so burnt it had only a crispy clown hat on its head, which was stuck from the burning. Twenty circus employees laid to rest in these freezers. Kevin begins to recite the rites in the book.
"Tevak aru attrruu Mephistopheles! Dead, Living, Clowns, Awake, Kill!!!! Dead Living Clowns Awake Kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Keith Cohen sleeps silently in his bed on the far wall inside his dark lonely cell.
The cell door begins to creak open slowly. There is nothing but silence in the hall. Mr. Cohen wakes up from the bright light coming in from the hall and hitting his eyes. He wakes up confused and slowly stands walking toward the door wondering why it has mysteriously come open. He peaks out into the hall. All is quiet all around. He begins to walk out his cell with no idea in mind of what his next move is going to be. Suddenly, from the end of the hall a figure runs quickly beside Cohen slashing his arm with some object. The figure runs by too fast and the slashing on Cohen's arm confuses him and brings him from being able to see what had just happened. The cell next to Cohen's begins getting banged on by the prisoner inside it.
"Let me the f**k out of here"!!!!!!!
Cohen holds his arm and decides to continue down the hall ignoring the cry for help. He is quickly turned around when that same cell door is bashed open with the prisoner being thrown out. Blood everywhere. The prisoner's body was gutted deep, and been slashed in various parts of his body with a smaller blade. Cohen stares at the body wondering what had happened to him. A fat clown walks out of the cell. The clown is burnt badly but is caped in blood and holds a handful of the dead prisoner's intestines. The small figure that had cut Cohen's arm runs up behind him and jumps on his back. The figure is the burnt midget clown holding a switchblade. The midget clown jumps onto his back and begins stabbing into his shoulder and slicing at the back of his head. Cohen screams and tries to fight off the midget clown. At the end of the hall is the door that goes into the stairway to go up to different blocks of the prison. Cohen grabs a hold of the nasty midget clown and throws himself into the door to make sure it comes open. He manages to get through the door and throw the clown off of him. He starts to stand to a gruesome site. The jailers, prisoners, and other employees of the prison scattered about the steps brutally killed. Guts hanging from steps, faces torn off, rib cages completely ripped out of bodies. A horde of clown zombies commences up the steps with their mouths open, drooling in hunger. The midget clown jumps back on top of Cohen slicing into his forehead with the switchblade. The fat clown makes his way right behind Cohen and with surprising strength throws him into the group of clown creatures. The clown zombies begin to rip the man to pieces. The clown’s start by pressing their finger enters his eyeballs trying to scoop them out. One clown starts biting his nose ripping with his teeth. Some clowns begin using blades and other strange weapons to tear off chunks from his body and eat them. Some are even making things more painful by tearing into his genitals.
The prison is full of clowns. Everyone inside is dead. Cops surround the prison armed with the most powerful weapons they have. The S.W.A.T team begins to make their way inside the building. News crews and reporters line up on the street to report the phenomenon that is occurring. Right across the street, in his cousin's black SUV sits Kevin watching in satisfaction of the chaos he has caused. Next tom him lays his brutally murdered cousin Chelsea. He starts up the car and starts to ride off. The prison's windows drip in blood, as things get worse inside....
The End

© 2017 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

I had a friend help me out with this chapter.

Theme song for this long story.

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Need to work on the grammar a bit, but it has a decent story line.
I enjoyed reading it despite the grammar problem, the thought of gay zombie clowns is certainly frightening enough.

Posted 10 Years Ago

A outstanding story. I will come back and read again. Always action and a interesting tale from you. Thank you.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Twisted, Horrific, GORY, Scary, Psychiogical, and dark. What more could you want in a scary story? Nothing, that's what. I loved this chapter is it really got into my head and really frightened me because it was so mindblowing. This chapter was awesome.

Posted 11 Years Ago

be pretty twisted

Posted 11 Years Ago

My friend Joe, that help me wrote this chapter 3. He was going to make a movie out of this, but then he got arrested for some stupid s**t.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I agree, great ending. This would make a good horror movie.

Posted 11 Years Ago

great ending!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Love the ending

Posted 11 Years Ago

I have to say this is one outstanding horror story! You did a great job on this.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Tamarac, FL

Hello i'm Ira and i'm pretty much a horror writer. I have bad grammar and spelling or typos errors, but I tried my best, so please enjoy them. Also I don't like harsh grammar nazi saying (oh yo.. more..


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