A Wiccan's Dream

A Wiccan's Dream

A Story by HorrorMaster

This story is about a Wiccan women dreams to used her powers to save her parents from a plane crash.


Once upon a time there was an 18 year old beautiful woman name Kayla. She lives in a small house all alone, ever since her parents died in a plane crash when she was 17. Ever since then, she had been always obsessed with witches. She always wears a pentacle neck less around her neck. She studies Wiccan and witchcraft ever since she was 17 years old. Wicca is her religion on what she believes on. Every day she goes to library to read books about witches. In her dreams, she develops powers that she doesn't normally have and tries to save her parents with them to simply fail. Every night she cries in her dreams by not saving her parents. All her powers don’t work, so she decided to read her white witchcraft book that was on her dresser.

Kayla opens her book and starts reading it. In this book, it tells her to make a pentacle star with a white salt. After that it tells her to put candles around the star. She started to get salt from her kitchen. Then she went back to her room and makes a pentacle star on her floor with salt. She elemental pointed five candles on each one (Earth,Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit).  While she was finish, she went on her computer to put on her favorite music by The Mystics dream by Loreena Mchennitt.

She started to kneel  and  reading out the spells that they give to her. First she started praying, “Oh hail Mother Earth of the Wiccan Star. Please chose me, for I am forsaken myself to you. Please give me power, so I can dream to save my parents from dying. I brag you for my life. I brag you for my soul. Make me become a witch; teach me how to do witchcraft. I shall say these spell words, so you can chose me. I worship you mother earth of the Wiccan star. Blessed Be!”

She grabs a knife that was lying next to the star. She slice a little bit on her wrist. Kayla pours the  blood inside the wine cup, after that she say these spell words five times.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Magic, Twisted flesh of my bones, Pots of death

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Magic, Twisted flesh of my bones, Pots of death

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Magic, Twisted flesh of my bones, Pots of death

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Magic, Twisted flesh of my bones, Pots of death

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Magic, Twisted flesh of my bones, Pots of death

After she says these words, she lay down on her bed and closes her eyes slowly.

Few hours later

She woke up and opens her eyes. She realized she wasn’t in her room. Kayla felt wind blowing against her face. She walk around and wondering where she at. A beautiful dark hair Witch came to her. The Witch told her, “Welcome to Witch Mountain. Come with me while my sisters pray for our mother and give us more power.”

Kayla smiled at the Witch and followed her on top of the mountain. She spotted five beautiful women. They were all wearing black hooded dresses and a pointy hat.  They all circle around the pentacle star. The star is made out of fire and wood. Kayla listens to them, as they were saying these spells.

“Bide the Wiccan law ye must,

In perfect love and perfect trust.

Eight words the Wiccan rede fulfill:

An’ye harm none, do what you will.

What ye send forth comes back to thee

So ever mind the law of three.

Follow this with mind and heart,

Merry ye meet, and merry ye part.”

Thunder and lightning striking them down, by giving them power. Kayla couldn’t believe what she saw. She asks them to give her power and teach her how to used witchcraft magic. One of the Witches told her, “In order to get power, you most pray for our mother. Give me your hand and we shall pray for her.”

Kayla holds the Witch women hand and stared at the moon, as she started praying. “Oh hail mother earth of the Wiccan star. Please make me the most powerful witch. Give me the power I brag for you. I am here with these witches. Please make me be the chosen one. Blessed be”

All the five witches heard her prays. They teach her how to used witchcraft magic and make her become one of them.  They all surrounded her by giving her spells to learn. They all give her power by touching Kayla’s hands. They told her to use her mind to do magic. Kayla focuses on what they teach her. She made one of the witches frowning into air.  Next she closed her eyes and made herself disappear. After that she appears with a black cat next to her. One of the Witches grabs the black cat and pets it.  It took her few hours to learn more magic. They were all proud of her.

The Witches decided not to chose her, even though she tried her best by doing magic. They told her, “We all know what happen to your parents. You can’t join us, but we can help you saved your parents.”

Kayla eyes were in tears. She tried to everything to become a witch, but she will always be a witch no matter what. Now she learns how to do magic. She was very disappointed. The Witches made her happy by using their magic to bring back the time her parents go on that plane.  Kayla smiled, as she being all blessed at them. “Thank you so much. It will mean a lot to me.”

The Witches called out a spell to bring her back in time to save her parents.

Time goes back thee

Suffering will never be

Let Kayla go back three times three

Let ye bring you back

So let it be, for the power for three times three. Blessed be!”



A bolts of purple lightning surrounded Kayla. The lightning made a pentacle star in front of her. The Witches told her to go through it. She started to go through the lightning pentacle star. It made her travel back in time in the airport one year ago. Her parents is about go on the plane. She spotted them and made them not to go on that plane with her mind powers. In her mind it says, “Mom, Dad, don’t go on that plane. You all will die when you go on that plane.”

Her parents decided not to go on that plane. Her mind magic really works this time. Kayla came up to them and said, “Thank you for not going on that plane.”

Kayla’s dad smiled at her and said, “Let’s go on home and be a loving family. We don’t need to go on that plane.”

She started to smile at them, and then all of the sudden she heard alarm sound. She realized she was dreaming about this all along. She got up out of her bed to turn off the alarm. She thought to herself, “Wow that was the most beautiful and magical dream I have ever had.”

Now she heard someone talking, coming from the living room. She got out of her room and it was her parents talking. She couldn’t believe that her dream she had by saving her parents works. Kayla’s Mom said, “Good morning dear. How was your sleep?”

Kayla responds to her, “It was beautiful, I love you so much mom. You’re my mother earth of the wiccan star.” She kisses her mom on the check. She also kisses her dad too. She was so happy that in her dream and prays for giving her magic, really brings back her parents alive. Kayla’s starting to not think about what happen to them before, so she kept it a secret. Now every night in her dreams, she used her powers to save everyone like a good Wiccan she really is. As for her family, they all live happily ever after.

Kayla wishes you all “Blessed be!”

The End

© 2010 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

ignore grammar problem, I will fix them if I see any of them. This story is for all the wiccan out there. I just wanted to say, I love on what you believe on.

Theme song for this story.

By the way this is a fictional story. I just made it up when it comes to my mind and the prays too.

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Featured Review

A very outstanding story with a happy ending. I must admit, I thought something horrible was going to happen but I'm glad nothing did. It's nice to read a story with a positive ending and yours did. She wanted to bring her parents back, worked hard, did what she could and in the end she got what she wanted. I really enjoyed your story.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Saw allot into this one.. Thought the ending would turn out differently, glad it didn't though.. I see more can be added to this one, changed around a bit and whola! magic.. You are so good with these kind of writes and I see something in your future doing so. I told u once, I tell ya twice. The next Steven King. Ya!!! And I'm saying I knew you when...

Mags xx

Posted 10 Years Ago


Posted 10 Years Ago

Fabulous write, I loved it

Posted 10 Years Ago

I remember you had me read this when you first wrote it.. Good job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Awesome story love it!

Posted 10 Years Ago

I think the storyline has wonderful potential and even though some are right about the religious aspect of it, it's still a cool way to present witches and I don't think there are enough witch stories on the market. Just work on it a bit and you could have something great here. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

I thought this was amusing. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Its a very good tale. But I have to agree with Jessica on some points. there was a very good idea behind it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is a good concept. I would follow up on Jessica's suggestions. But apply them in your own words. Heed the advice, in other words, but let it alter your style too much.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Tamarac, FL

Hello i'm Ira and i'm pretty much a horror writer. I have bad grammar and spelling or typos errors, but I tried my best, so please enjoy them. Also I don't like harsh grammar nazi saying (oh yo.. more..


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