Insane Asylum

Insane Asylum

A Story by HorrorMaster

Is about a ghost cannibal killer posses this homeless man inside a abandoned asylum. He in up terrorizing four young adults.


August 23th, 1992, Kendall Krome Ave, Florida

It begins just before Hurricane Andrew made landfall. There used to be an Insane Asylum on Krome Ave. Almost every crazy mental patient have been getting help in this asylum hospital, but except for one homeless crazy cannibal man name Rick. He has long black hair and green eyes and always seems to have psychological mental problem. The reason he is in this asylum hospital is because Rick murders young adults with a rebar. After that he bashes their heads with a rebar, he eats their brains and drinks their blood. He only murders his victims whenever he is hungry for food. He also loves to eat a mouse head. Whenever he saw a mouse inside the asylum in his cell room, He grabs the mouse and bites off its head as he eats the mouse head. Rick doesn’t have any money to get food or find some place to live. That’s what really made him turn into a cannibal psychopath. The judge and lawyers is hoping on him to get lots of help in this mental asylum for his crazy mental problem. Rick doesn’t want any help with any doctors or nurse. He loves to yell at all the patient by saying “Give me human food!”

He says that just to scare the other patients. The nurse and guards doesn’t like when he says that so they put him in a straight jacket and locks him up in a quiet room. They let him scream in fear inside the quiet room by saying, “Get me out of here or I will destroy you.”

They let him stayed there for the night when hurricane Andrew made landfall.

Now is midnight on August 24, 1992

Hurricane Andrew made landfall on a midnight. Heavy winds and rain destroying the mental hospital as the hurricane passes by. All the nurses trying to keep their patients safe their rooms got killed by heavy winds as the broken glass from the windows break. They all got slaughtered from the glass. Blood splattered out of everywhere. The heavy rain made a big huge floods destroying inside the asylum. Their roofs got ripped apart from the wind. He saw water coming from the quiet room. He tried to escape but couldn’t. He screams out, “Help me! Help me!” Nobody couldn’t hear him when he called for help, the flood started to rise up higher to let him drawn. Hurricane Andrew was a powerful storm at that time it destroyed this Asylum when all the patients, doctors, guards, and nurses died. No one ever knows on how they died. Some people most of say some flood drawn them or the heavy winds broke all the windows and slaughtered them. The cops saw all the dead patients inside the asylum after hurricane Andrew destroys it. They buried all the patients and Rick outside in the backyard near the road right next to the small thickets of trees. Some people called it the Graveyard.

This picture is the graveyard in the day time. That is where they buried them and Rick. 

Ever since then they close up this Asylum hospital.


Lots of years passes by; the entire gang artists (Visitors) who love to do graffiti art work, always go to this abandoned Asylum and making beautiful graffiti art work on all the dirty walls, floors, and almost the entire Asylum. They always leave print spray bottles on the ground after they finish their beautiful art work.

This is their beautiful graffiti art work on this abandoned asylum.

Almost every young adults and teenagers loves to have a print ball war against each other inside this abandoned Asylum.

Also every weekend people come there at night. Some say this place is creepy and some say this place is not creepy. Even ghost hunters always go there and say that there are no ghosts. Even though some young adults love to pretend they are ghosts and scaring everyone inside the abandoned Asylum by making ghost sounds. They just do that for fun. Even I tried it with my friend Blake, when I check this abandoned insane asylum out at night on Chrome Ave or it can be called Krome Ave. He loves to hunt ghosts too. We had a good time and scared most of everyone. Now here comes the scary part. Do you know that all ghost hunters don’t know that on every August 24th a killer cannibal ghost haunts this abandoned Asylum? You will see once you hear this story.

Now is August 24, 2010

A lonely homeless man name Danny, walking along the high way on Krome Ave at midnight. He has long brown hair, a smelly black jacket and a dirty blue ripped jeans. He is holding his book bag with a flash light inside. Danny is trying to find some place to stay for the night, so he can sleep. He has no money to go find a hotel. Danny has been asking people for money, but they are too greedy to give it to him. He has been always depressed ever since his wife and kids left him out on the streets. He has nowhere else to go. As he walking along the highway; he spotted three barricades near the open fence. Danny walks to the barricades as he climbs over the barricades to get on the other side of the open fence.

This is the three barricades picture in the day time.

After he passes it, he kept on walking and spotted the abandoned asylum. Danny thought to himself, “Wow a new place to live.”

He walks over there to go inside. He realized that no one was in there and he is all alone. He took out his flash light inside his book bag. He turns it on and he seems to realize he started to get a little scared. He walks through the dark hallway trying to figure out where he wants to sleep. He feels wet mud on the floors as he walks. He spotted a room with no door and it looks like it has two beds in it. Even though is very dirty and hard. He lays down on it and started to feel in a lot of pain on his back. He doesn’t care about the pain. As long he found himself somewhere to sleep.

Now is 1:00am in the morning at night. Danny heard a sound coming from the dark hallway. It sounded like footsteps and someone throwing sprays print bottles on the ground. He gets up with his flash light. He walks to the dark hallway and ask, “Who is there?”

He didn’t hear any responds.  He still knows that he is the only one there, but is he the only one living there? Danny heard a sound again, but it’s a voice sound. The creepy whispered voice said, “Help me! Get me out of here!”

Danny seems to get frightened and thinking that someone is making a prank on him or someone is living there as a ghost. He kept on walking through the dark hall ways trying to figure out who needed help.  Danny asked, “What do you want?”

There was no answered. Danny started to shake in fear while holding his flash light, but then his flash light went off. “S**t I can’t f*****g see. It’s so dark in this abandoned place now.” He thought. Danny didn’t realize his flash light was running low on batteries. He tries to turn on his flash light, but it didn’t work.  He tries to walk in the dark hallway without seeing anything.  His heart is beating fast as he started to feel very afraid. He passes by a dark small room where it used to be the quiet room before Hurricane Andrew destroys it.  He heard that creepy whispered voice again coming from the dark small room. “Come here and help me.”

Danny turns back and walks inside the small room. The small room was so dark that he couldn’t see anything.  He said, “I’m here show yourself and I will help you.” Danny’s heart beating fast while he in a deep a fear. A ghost of cannibal Rick appeared in the dark shadows behind him. Danny started to feel cold and someone is breathing behind him. He turns around slowly. The ghost of cannibal Rick goes inside Danny. Danny started to feel something weird and painful. The ghost is making him feel evil just like Rick was before he died. Rick wanted to go inside Danny’s body to possess him as a serial cannibalism killer. Danny lays down on the floor screaming in agony. He closes his eyes and wakes up with an evil look on his face.

“I am free from this hell house. Now I am super hungry,” Danny said as he gives an evil smile. His eyes starts to see better in the dark. He saw a little tiny mouse near the small room. He grabs the mouse and bites off its head. Blood and brains pouring out of his mouth as he eats the mouse head. He walks to the dark hall ways and spotted a rebar on the ground. He grabs a rebar to use it for his victims once they enter the Abandoned Insane Asylum.

This picture is the hallway. Just imagine how creepy it is at night when it's dark and on four rooms down is the dark small room on were A ghost of cannibal Rick posses Danny by going in his body and making him a cannibalism killer.


Now is 3:00am on August 24th, 2010

Four young adults went camping near the trees right near the backyard of Abandoned Asylum. There are about twenty one years old. Their names are Eddie, Chris, Kathy, Stephanie. Eddie has tap out t shirt and blue jeans. Stephanie just wears hot preppy cloths. Chris is more of a hardcore person that loves slipknot. He always wears a t shirt of slipknot and black jeans. Kathy just wears a skirt and shirt. They were all drinking and having lots of fun by setting next to the fire burning wood. They were telling stories on what happen to the Abandoned Asylum when Hurricane Andrew destroys it. Eddie seems to have a good time with his friends. Chris decided to tell them, “Hey least check out this Abandoned Insane Asylum.”

Eddie agrees on Chris to walk over there and check it out. As for Kathy and Stephanie, they were both scared to go in. “I don’t want to go in there. I still think is haunted.” said Stephanie.

Eddie told to Stephanie, “Bade I am here for you. I will hold your hand okay, so that anything happens to you. I will be here to protect you okay. I even have a small gun and a flash light in my packet. No need to worry about it okay.”

Stephanie smiles at him, “Aw thank you Eddie. You are so sweet!”

Chris decided to do the same thing to Kathy by holding her hand and protecting her. They all walk and get to this road right near the backyard.

This picture is the road right near the bushes.

They started to walk to get to the abandoned asylum. Chris is so glad that he has a flash light and a small gun on him inside his black jeans packet too just in case if anything happen to him and his friends. They started to get to the abandoned asylum. Chris asked, “Are you ready to go inside Kathy?”

“Yes only if you with me, I don’t want to be left alone in this dark place.”

They all entered the dark abandoned asylum. Eddie and Chris turn on their flash lights and started walking inside this big dark room right near the backyard. 

This what they called the backyard right near the abandoned asylum.

This picture is the big room right near the backyard.

Stephanie started to hold Eddie’s hand hard as she in a deep fear.  Chris yelled out and asked, “Is anyone there?”

Danny heard Chris yelling out. He walks out of the dark small room and starts to hunt for them. He realizes that there are four young people walking inside the asylum. He can smell their fear all the way from where he is at. He started to make heart beating sounds with his rebar on the dirty walls.

Mean while Eddie, Stephanie, Chris, and Kathy walk into the dark hall ways. Stephanie heard a sound coming from one of the dark hallway behind them. “Do you hear that?” Stephanie asked. “Ah god yes I did hear that. I am scared now. I think there’s a ghost in here.” Kathy responds.

Danny whispers to them in a creepy voice, “Come here!”

Eddie started to get freak out as he turn around and pointed his flash light to see who said that. He asks, “Who is there?”

No one answered him, Danny saw them walking in the dark hallway. He goes in one of the dark empty rooms to hide whenever they turn around.  He silently stalks behind them without them seeing him. Eddie wanted to see what that voice sound is coming from. Stephanie is too scared and crying with tears, telling Eddie to don’t go. Eddie told Chris and Kathy to stay in one of the empty dark rooms until he finds out what is going on.  “I will be right back, Stephanie you coming with me,” said Eddie.

“Alright Eddie, me and Kathy will stay here in this small empty dark room.  Just please hurry up alright,” said Chris.

“Yeah please be careful.” said Kathy as she holds on Chris hand really tight.

Eddie and Stephanie walk to the dark hallway and made a right on where the dark small room is. Stephanie holds on Eddie hand really tight while being very frighten.

They both heard that same creepy whisper sound again. “Come Here!”

Eddie and Stephanie’s heart beating way to fast as they both were frighten. He points out his flash light on each empty room. They were getting closer on where Danny is hiding. They both kept on walking through the dark hallway. Danny took out his small gun just in case if someone attacks him and Stephanie.  As they were passing by each empty dark room, Danny silently appears behind them. He took his rebar and hits Stephanie on the head. “Ah god my head, I think someone just hit me. I think my head is bleeding.”

“What the f**k! Okay you mother f****r show yourself.” Eddie turns around and saw him as he pointed his flash light on Danny. Danny hits him with a rebar. They both lay down while having a concussion. Danny drags them inside the small dark room. He started to brutalize bashes their heads even more. Their brains and blood were pouring out their heads while he bashing them with a rebar. After that he eats their brains and eye balls. As for Chris and Kathy, they kept on waiting for them for an hour. Chris is getting really tired of waiting for them. “You know what Kathy. This is f*****g boring. I am going to find them and get the f**k out of here.  Beside you are getting way too scared.”

“Okay! Let’s go find them and get out of here.” Kathy smile at him.

They both walk out of the dark empty room. They made a right to the dark hallways. They kept on trying to find them. Chris asked,” Hey Eddie, Where you at?”

Eddie didn’t respond to him.  Chris started to wonder on where he is at. They both look on each empty dark room trying to find them.  Kathy started to get very worried and asked very loudly. “Stephanie! Eddie! Where are you?”

They both didn’t respond to her.

Danny heard them while he still eating their brains. He is still very hungry. He yelled out in a creepy ghost voice, “GIVE ME HUMAN FOOD!”

They both heard him, “Okay this s**t is really freaking me out.” said Chris.

Chris and Kathy kept on walking through the dark hallway. He pointed his flash light in this small dark room.  They both scream in terror as they saw Danny eating Eddie and Stephanie brains and drinking their blood.  “You f*****g freak, you are eating my friends head.”  Kathy cried in tears, “Ah god you f*****g a*****e.” Chris took out his gun and shoots him in the head three times. After that they ran as fast as they can. They got out of the abandoned asylum and ran in the backyard trying to get help.  Danny got up while he is healing way to fast. He can’t die now. A ghost of cannibal Rick inside his body won’t let him die. He grabs his rebar while being very angry. He screams out “GIVE ME HUMAN FOOD!”

Danny walks to get out of the abandoned asylum. He walks to the backyard to get to the road near the trees as he tries to hunt for them. Chris and Kathy ran near the trees trying to get out of there. Kathy cried in tears and being all frighten.

“Don’t worry Kathy, everything will be fine. I just killed him. He won’t kill us.” Chris cried while he being all frighten too.

Danny walks near the trees smelling their fear. He saw them passing by the dark trees.  Chris started to hear something behind him. He turns around and saw him holding a rebar coming after them. Chris couldn’t believe why he is still alive.  They both ran as fast as they trying to escape from this terror. Danny throws a rebar at Chris head. Chris fall on the dirty ground when the rebar hits his head. He feels his head is bleeding pretty badly. Kathy holds on his hand while she crying in tears. “Chris please don’t leave me. I don’t want you to die.”

Chris said to her while he is crying in pain, “Just go before he kills you. Just get help okay. I love you Kathy and I always will. Just please go and run for your life.”

Kathy didn’t want to leave him. Kathy grabs his flash light as she started to save her life. Danny walks to Chris to attack him. He grabs his rebar from the ground to bashes Chris in the head.  Danny also grabs Chris gun and shoots Kathy in the back while she trying to get a way. Kathy falls on the ground being dead.  Danny walks up to her to grabs her leg. After that he grabs Chris leg. He both drags them out of the bushes. He kept on walking and dragging both of them on the road to get to the abandoned Asylum.  He walks to the backyard filled with broken old glass. After that he drags them inside the abandoned Asylum. He goes to this empty small dark room. Danny took out his rebar and kept on brutalize bashing him even more until his skull is mash up.  His brains and blood were coming out of Chris head. He did the same thing to Kathy head too. Danny started to eat it as he grabs a handful of brains. He seems to love all the brains, blood, and eye balls.

Now the sun is about to rise. Danny seems to feel something strange, like his heart is beating slowly. He lies on the dirty grounds as he started to die from being shoot.  He opens his bloody mouth and a ghost of cannibal Rick came out of his mouth and said in a creepy whispered voice, "I will be back next year on August 24. For those who enter this Asylum shall die and being eating." He used his supernatural powers to drag Danny, Stephanie, Eddie, Kathy, and Chris. He took them to the graveyard near the trees to bury them with other dead patients and doctors who died in Hurricane Andrew. After that the sun started to rise up. A ghost of cannibal Rick disappears. Now on every August 24th he will come back to haunt and kill inside the Insane Asylum.

The End

© 2017 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems and I'm hoping maybe my friend Blake will film this story. Since me and him went to this Abandoned asylum for real last year at night. That what really made me have an idea for it. Now those day time pictures. I didn't took them, but those were real. Hopefully that will give you an idea how creepy it is at night.

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Featured Review

If there were not so many errors in grammar, this would go places for you. I know you don't want those corrections, but if this were edited, it would be a fantastic short story and screen play. You have talent, no doubt about that. I'm not sure I won't sleep with the lights on tonight!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


really loved the story, yeah grammar needs work but the story is strong, loved the pictures I really felt it added to the story and was a great idea, would love to read more

Posted 7 Years Ago

Thanks for respecting graffiti artists

Posted 10 Years Ago

If there were not so many errors in grammar, this would go places for you. I know you don't want those corrections, but if this were edited, it would be a fantastic short story and screen play. You have talent, no doubt about that. I'm not sure I won't sleep with the lights on tonight!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Haunting; Amazing; Wonderful.

Posted 10 Years Ago

thats awsome

Posted 10 Years Ago

Me and Blake is going to be working on a mockumentary horror short film soon based on Cannibal Rick in a different way. It's going to be called Abandoned Asylum.

Posted 11 Years Ago

great job man

Posted 11 Years Ago

I like this always.. You can never go wrong with pictures and a song to set the mood.

Posted 11 Years Ago

One word: Amazing. Very scary story. The buildup was great. In some stories I have read by you, you jump right into the action. Here, however, you build up the suspense for a long time, then let the story you've created reek havoc. The detail is great. Everything is described very well (Especially the gore scenes. Although us horror writers love to write those.) The realism is awesome too. I find it really creepy that the asylum is real, and the fact that you included pictures. That adds to the fear factor. The story tells like a local legend, which I really enjoy. Excellent job on this one. Fantastic story. 100/100.

Posted 11 Years Ago

cool creepy story and liked the pics you added too ... nice work..

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Tamarac, FL

Hello i'm Ira and i'm pretty much a horror writer. I have bad grammar and spelling or typos errors, but I tried my best, so please enjoy them. Also I don't like harsh grammar nazi saying (oh yo.. more..


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