Chapter 3: Prom Night Massacre

Chapter 3: Prom Night Massacre

A Chapter by HorrorMaster

The chapter is about Johnny and the demon pack gangs massacring Melton High.


May 15th 12:00am

Mean while over at Bettie’s house. She put on her beautiful dress and make up. Her mother took pictures of her. Maggie came over with just wearing a Pink dress just like Bettie is wearing but with a pink color. Maggie couldn’t believe that Bettie is wearing the same dress but with a black color. She smiled anyways and told her that she is more beautiful. Bettie’s Mother smiled at both of them and take pictures before they go out for the night. They both wait for Greg to pick them up for Prom. Greg is driving his father 57 ford 4 door black wagon car. Maggie looks outside of the window and saw him getting outside from his car. He is holding roses behind his back. He knocks on the door three times. Lacy open the door and let him in. Bettie saw him looking like a cute gentlemen and not a nerd. She couldn’t believe how beautiful he is. Greg gives her red roses after he told her, “Bettie Sue you are beautiful like a lovely flower.”

Maggie smiled at both of them. She can’t wait to watch them swing dance to each other. Lacy took pictures of Bettie and Greg holding hands together. She told them to have a good time at their prom. They all walk outside to get to his car as it started pouring rain. Greg turns on the radio as he drives to school. They were playing Rock the joint by Jimmy Preston on the radio.

Half an hour later

They were at school and saw the sign says “Welcome to the 1959 Prom Night.”

Greg got out of his car and let Bettie out. They both hold hands as they walk inside the school. Maggie is excited that she gets to still hang out with Bettie even though she didn’t have a date for the prom. While they were walking to the gym. Bettie saw a version of that nightmare she had about Freddy ‘s ghost appearing inside his locker calling for help. She still a little frighten but she trying to not worried about it. 

They walk inside the gym as they saw everyone dance swinging to Shake Rattle & Roll by Elvies Presley. Bettie Sue screams cheerfully when they heard this song. She is also fan of Elvies Presley. One of her friends saw how beautiful she is. Greg and Bettie started swinging to this song. Maggie is setting all alone watching her having a good time. All the students and teachers were taking prom pictures, dancing, and drinking red pouch. One of the students is in charge for the record c.d player box by putting each music c.d on the record c.d box. He stands there all day putting each c.d. After the song was done, he puts on one of Bettie’s Sue favorite song called Sh Boom by The Crew cuts. Bettie and Maggie scream loudly, “OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG.”

Everyone started to swing and dance slowly to this song.

May 15th 1:00am

Johnny and the demon pack gangs get to the school while is lighten and thundering outside. They grab all their guns and knives as they get ready for the massacre. They walk inside the school fast. They saw some students standing near the gym asking for tickets. Johnny took out his knife as he slices the student neck. Blood were pouring out everywhere.  He opens up the gym door while they still playing that song. He started to yell out, “JOHNNY IS BACK AND TIME FOR ALL FOR YOU TO DIE.”

 Bettie saw him being all frighten. “Oh my god he is out of jail. I knew this is going to happen. I shouldn’t have gone here.”

Johnny and the demon pack gangs took out their guns as they started shooting everyone. All the blood splattered out everywhere. Johnny drags one of the student bodies and puts them inside the red locker. Frankie tried to stop this madness, but it was too late. Johnny stabs him in the stomach ten times and slices it up. All the guts and blood were coming out of Frankie’s stomach. After that he saw Ms. Gal trying to save the students from this nightmare. He walks up to her and rips up her mouth with his knife. “Ms. Gal you shut the f**k up.” Johnny smiled in the evil way.

Greg tried to save Bettie and Maggie from hiding away from him. Johnny saw them hiding near the small table were the c.d record player box is at. The demon pack gangs grab them near the table. Bettie told them in a frighten way, “Please don’t do this me. I just want to go home. Help me! Please somebody help me.” Her eyes were in tears. Maggie is trying to cheer her up. Ron put a gun on Maggie’s forehead and shoots her. Bettie screams in fear.

Johnny came up to Greg as he slices his throat. All the blood was pouring out on to the c.d player were they still playing Sh Boom by the Crew Cuts. “Why are you doing this to me Johnny? This is my prom.” Bettie asked while her tears pouring down her face.

Johnny smiled while holding his knife near her stomach. “You broke up with me just killing that guy and you reported me, so you most die.” He slowly stabs her stomach. Bettie Sue screams in fear while blood pouring out of her stomach. He drags her outside from the gym and puts her inside the locker were that guy died. All of her blood was pouring out of the hallway floors. Inside the locker she died and she was 18 years old.

After the massacre Johnny and the demon pack gangs put gasoline all around the school. They decided to kill their self by being burnt to death. They want to go to hell instead of going to prison. The demon pack gangs stand inside at the front of the school. He took out his lighter as he throws it into the gasoline. The school blown up into flames and everyone in the small town heard the explosion. They walk outside being shock. Lacy heard it too as she cries in tears knowing that her daughter is in there.

Fire fighters, everyone in town and more police were outside from the school. After they put out the fire, they went inside the school and so a lot of students and teachers being murdered and burnt to death. They couldn’t believe why this happen. It was a sad day in their town. Families and love ones were all crying for their children who attended the prom.

Few days later

The Polices boarded up the school and put black bars with master lock keys all around the window and doors, so anyone won’t go in. They put no trespassing signs at the front of the school door. They also put the students and teacher names that died from this horrible event on a gravestone board near the school. Now since then other students, that knew Bettie Sue and other their friends, put flowers all around it. Everyone in town will never forget that night. They made a new school in 1960 a mile from there so that students can still learn.

Now time pastes by and the school is still abandoned. No one has ever gone inside it. They think it might be haunted, but you will see if still haunted until now when four ghost hunters discovered it.

© 2017 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems please

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very bloody but a great chapter!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Excellent chapter.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow, the slaughter scene. This is building up to "hearing the scream in my head level." You write the kind of horror stories that would make great blood spilling/slasher movies. I think that anyway.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Frankly I have read this and find it most disturbing murder may be popular look at today's headlines, but IMO it should't be "made glooryful!

Posted 10 Years Ago

What a horrible tragedy. I can see why this place might be full of ghosts.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Well, he got his revenge for sure but dying like that I doubt he had a chance to enjoy it. But being dead just might be better than life in prison. With the way everyone died in the school I would be surprised they didn't come across and few ghost.

Posted 10 Years Ago

A outstanding chapter. A old building with a scary history. That could be additional story. I like this story. The chapter was entertaining and left a open ending. Thank you for the story.

Posted 10 Years Ago

It's not really the ending, more chapters will come soon. This was just the background story for it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Nice ending.. I see a book here, more chapters maybe. Longer, it has lots of potential.. You seem to be able to bring forth the imagination for a murder mystery, those types of books.. They sure do sell and this one has lots of potential.. Great work

Thanks for sharing this

Mags xx

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was a good chapter. Suicide after mass murder...haha oh well...
Good job on this chapter. Thanks for sharing. :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

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