Chapter 4: Finding the old school

Chapter 4: Finding the old school

A Chapter by HorrorMaster

This chapter is about four wannabe ghost hunters getting to the old school.


Present Day

May 14th 2011

In Detroit City many buildings and houses has change in the past years. Now People are losing their jobs and everything is costing way too much. Many people who tried to follow their dreams when it comes to jobs, has always become a big failure, just like this young guy who has dreams on becoming a true ghost hunter and star on his show. His name is William, but his friends call him Will. He is a wannabe ghost hunter. His favorite movie of all time is ghost busters and his favorite show is Ghost hunters. He learns it just by watching it in his room.


Most likely every night he goes out with his friends to find an old abandoned building just to make sure if it’s haunted or not. Some old buildings are not even haunted. He just in up wasting his time for those are not haunted, but other old abandoned buildings that he  went to are haunted. One time he heard a baby ghost crying in one of these abandoned buildings. His still had the sound of the baby crying on his digital audio voice recorder. His girlfriend Jessica got so scared when she heard it, but she can try to control her fears. She always loves to take pictures inside the old abandoned buildings with her digital camera just to make sure if any ghost appears. She even took a picture of that baby ghost crying. They both saw the images on his CCTV in his room and on her camera. Will’s best friend Mark is into filming these types of old abandoned buildings. He has a night vision thermo graphic video camera and whenever they go inside it, Mark always press the record button to film on what is inside the old buildings. After that William check out the video tape on his CCTV just to discovered if any ghosts appears on the video camera just like he saw a baby ghost setting near the shadows while Mark films it.

William only has an EMF meter, digital thermometer, and a voice recorder. His other friend Ryan always carries their equipment whenever they go ghost hunting. He always worried on whenever they trespass inside the old abandoned buildings that they will get arrested from the cops. William always tried to tell him that he won’t get arrested. Ryan always tried to control his fears and just follows them inside the old abandoned buildings. William and his friend’s always buy these ghost hunting electronic equipments whenever they try to save up money.

Now is night time in Detroit City and William is in his room with his friends. He busy searching on his computer, he goes on Google just to find any old abandoned buildings that they have not discovered yet. He came across to a web site called old abandoned He clicks on it and he saw an article on what happen at Melton High school in 1959 in the small town of Detroit. He read the article in his mind and it says, “In 1959 in the small town of Detroit a high school burnt down. Students and Teachers were slaughtered and burnt while they were having prom on May 15th’ 1959 at Midnight. Warning: Do not go inside this abandoned school.”

He always saw black and white photos for those who died at Prom night. He smiled and told his friends, “Hey you guys we have to check out this old abandoned school in the small town of Detroit now. I have a feeling that this place is going to be haunted. We most investigate there.”

Mark and Jessica smiled at him and Mark said, “Hell yeah we are going to be true ghost hunters after we discovered this place”. They always wanted to go inside abandoned school just to see if it’s haunted or not. Ryan wasn’t sure if this is a bad idea or not, but he thought to himself. “F**k it I will just go with them.”


Now they are so ready to go up there that they all pack up all their ghost hunting equipment and put it inside a big black case and four flash lights. They all went outside while is still windy out there. William opens up his back trunk from his black van. Mark helps him out by putting the black case inside his van. After that they went inside his van as he drives to the small town of Detroit. Ryan asks him, “Hey Will do you have map to see where is this abandoned school is at?”

William responded to him, “Yeah I got the address and map right where on my GPS. I check out the address on that web site, so we should be there in an hour.”

Jessica smiled at him while holding her picture camera. She holds his hand as she starts to get nerves on going to the abandoned school. William told her that everything will be fine while he kept on driving.


Now is been an hour of him driving to get to the small town. Mark starred at his window on his left hand side to find this old abandoned high school. William saw it on his right hand side. “I think this is the place you guys.”

Jessica and Ryan couldn’t believe on how big this school is. They saw black bars on the door and windows. William turns on his flash light after they got out of the van. He gets what he needs out of the black case and he closes the trunk from his van. After that they walk to the old school and they saw lots of graffiti on the school wall, no trespassing and do not enter signs. Mark puts on his video camera while he films the outside of the abandoned school. He saw the rusted broken down sign of this school. The sign says Melton High School. Jessica took pictures as she discovered to outside from the school. She came across a rusted old gravestone board with spider webs all around it at the front of the school. She told them to check it out. William took off the spider web and has Mark film the names on those who died. They saw Bettie Sue on top of list that died at this school.  

Jessica couldn’t believe on how many Teachers and Students that died at this school. William asks them, “Are you guys ready to discover what inside in this school?”

They told him hell yeah that they are ready to go inside. He took out his snake rake lock pick in order to UN lock the master lock with chains around it on the black bar at the front door. It took him 15 seconds to UN lock the master lock by picking it. His friends turn on the flash light after William open the black bar and the front doors. He told them to just calm down and do what they do best by ghost hunting. They slowly walk inside the old abandoned school and it was dark. After they walk inside the doors slowly and supernaturally close by itself. The chains from the black bars automatically wrap around the bars by itself and lock it. Now they will be trap inside the abandoned school as they soon will be haunted.

© 2017 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems please

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now its getting creepy.....

Posted 7 Years Ago

Great chapter with a spooky ending, looking forward to more.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very captivating start ..... a cool team of ghost hunters u have
in here ....... real good job !

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ohhhhhh, you did it! More... I so love thrillers.. Ghost hunting, yes! My fav thing.. I see Jessica and them are in for a time of their lives.. hehehe. Very Boooo entertaining.

More please!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Scream time! Chilling.

Posted 10 Years Ago

They had a little bit of warning it wouldn't be a good idea to go to this school but their doubts and fears. But all hell is about to break loose I think. Every entertaining book so far.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Interesting. How convenient that the school was on a website called abandoned
Good chapter. :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

A outstanding chapter. You create good characters and a situation with great opportunity. I like the pace and the flow of this chapter. I look forward to reading more.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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