Lost in Contradictions

Lost in Contradictions

A Poem by House of Immite

Confusion follows us wherever we go.


Fake smiley faces

Deep dark places

Void empty spaces

Loosely hung traces

Lost… like an expression on millions of faces


Double throwing dice

Like tasting chili spice

Pay an extravagant price

For a good-intended vice

Lost… like water with melting ice


A misguiding dark light

A visionless sense of sight

A comforting sort of fright

And colorful black and white

Lost… like the unseen stars in the daylight


Unheard mute noise

Clumsy unstable poise

Adult voodoo toys

Gloomy and depressing joys

Lost… like a student among schoolboys


Lost… like a word in a dictionary

Lost… like a loose screw in a factory

Lost… like a dusty book in a library

Lost… don’t know where is my boundary

© 2012 House of Immite

Author's Note

House of Immite
This is one of my earliest works. This is probably the only poem I never fixed ever since I've written it because it got me second place at my first competition I ever participated in. The competition was one in an international school between some of the best English speaking people I've ever met, while it was only my first year of using English in real life. This does not demonstrate what I'm capable of, but it is to show how I evolved from this to my later poems.

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I love the rhythm of the poem and the idea behind it.
Thanks for sharing! :))

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on February 27, 2012
Last Updated on February 27, 2012


House of Immite
House of Immite

Amman, Jordan

The past formulates who we are today. This is the loose basis of my poetry. I'm 19 years old and I study architecture. I speak Arabic and English fluently, now learning German and hopefully after t.. more..