A Poem by Heather

F**k all these lying people
People who claim to be your friend
Never trust them; can be hard but your mind and heart will tell you when they are not being true
You're a lying, back stabbing snake
i have never hurt you and this is what you do
I am always there for you but when I need you, you don't give a s**t
You know the situation between this guy and I
All of a sudden now you think its okay to even speak to him
You know him and I can't be together because of distance but when I tell you, you say "oh he offered to move me back to ottawa. He's such a sweetheart, etc."
You think by him moving you, you're gonna win him over?
How fucked are you?
You really are a b***h
The fact you fucked my ex and never told me until I questioned you about it, should have been a HUGE RED FLAG
Disrespectful human
You clearly need to be shown where your boundary are and every god damn rule of the Girl Code
Back right off
You're such a loser, trying to get with my seconds
You're fully capable to get any guy you want so stay away from the one I want
I've never hurt you and I expected the same
There's no reason you need to be getting with someone I want
You're so dumb, leaves me speechless
No wonder you can't have a stable relationship, you're a snake and always a "victim"
Rot in hell
I can't f*****g trust you and that breaks my heart because you're supposed to be my family
I know people are supposed to be greedy but never with those who give you everything
You're so beyond childish that it's beyond pathetic
K was right to call you a child, you have no idea how to fight your battles
When something doesn't go your way, you lash out, when there's nothing that person can do to even help
I thought you changed when you came back from Ottawa but wow you proved me wrong
Don't ever call yourself a real friend
ou caused so many problems, that the list just keeps growing
Are you so afraid of my success because it will show you are somehow a failure in life?
Is that what this is all about?
Let me just say this, I will never back down from any battle, no matter how much it burns because I believe in justice
Bring it on b***h, and watch as I win

© 2017 Heather

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A lot of anger in your words. Anger is needed sometimes. Sometime we must stand our ground and accept proper treatment. Thank you for sharing your words and your thoughts.

Posted 6 Years Ago

A poem written in rage, and I understand your anger...

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on April 3, 2017
Last Updated on April 3, 2017




love to read wants to be a lawyer turning 17 in june more..

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