A Story by Hunny A.

After A Big Fight With My Parents I Ended Up Writing This!


And it hurts… It really does… Feeling that no one can understand your thoughts, neither can accept your feelings…

You are struggling in a black ocean trying to find the light, trying to find the space where you can breathe under the water.

You ask yourself if you can triumph this phase while you are drowning in your mistakes, drowning in the sea of hate, abhorrence and disagreements…

Your beliefs are unaccepted, rejected, forbidden, disdained… You are feeling down, frustrated…. But You Still  want to get out from this mess alone with no help…
your own parents are unqualified to accept you as you are… they want you to be as they perceive!
And yes I have mistreated them... But it was because of their mistakes... How can I be honest with them if they can't accept my point of views! I can't apologize for the things that I am not persuaded of! I can't lie to them and tell them that it's okay! I can't hide my feelings and accept their opinion! They don't trust me and it's fine I don't blame them I was the one who lied but I did it on purpose because I know they won't accept my personality!
 My own parents don't know me!
I'm tired of not being myself in front of them… strangers know me better… and this is offensive!

I just want to sail in a pure blue ocean… and be disposed of this tainted black ocean…
I want peace… nothing more than peace…
No one will stop me… No one will part me from my dreams…
Only God can judge me… No one else can even my own siblings, as for they don't have any contingency with me... Beside family blood!
I only thank them for one thing! I am grateful because they have devoted in me an unstoppable feeling of revolution to show them who I really am…. A feeling where mercy will only be given for God and victory is the only end to this tale!

© 2012 Hunny A.

Author's Note

Hunny A.
I Would Really Appreciate Your Comments And Your Opinions!

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Be the person you wanna be
And don't let someone to change you okay
and what can i say , this is a nice poem

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Hunny A.

10 Years Ago

No One Will Change Me!
Always Being Me!
Thank You!!

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1 Review
Added on September 17, 2012
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Hunny A.
Hunny A.


Well I Am Studying To Be A Journalist Since I Think I Have Much Things To Spread To This World... I Love To Write It Is The Only Place Where My Emotions Are Pure! I Love Life And I Am Taking Advant.. more..

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A Story by Hunny A.