A Story by Hunny A.

When You Don't Expect People Coming Somehow Into Your Life... And That Confuses You.... Just Make The Right Decision!


Two weeks of pressure… I've been under a lot of tension…


God was testing me… God rooted in me a strength to challenge myself so I can dominate the temptation… I think I passed the test of your love…

While traveling in the sea of our relationship, and since we are still in the beginning of our fairytale HE wanted to examine my love and my commitment, so HE attached two hindrances to our path… HE made them wanting me so bad… HE made them missing me immeasurably… He made one of them change for "my" best… And the second desiring me severely after all the bad things I have done to him…

I was standing at a crossroads, where I had to choose between you or one of them…

After a big inside struggling, I lost the meaning of love, I don’t even know what love means anymore….

My heart can't be torn between three guys; the first one was so wonderful but I killed him with my lies… I couldn’t help it I was under domination from my parents conventions, if I wasn’t truthful with them how could I be with him?! I always wanted to rebuild this trust between us… I always wanted to put the pieces of his heart together again… I wanted this chance… And now I have it… after everything I have done to him… he wants me back!

The second one, I gave him everything a girl could give… I sacrificed my life for him… he loved me but didn’t know how to protect me from his cruelty… now after knowing that I have a new life with you he wants me back to start a new beginning… he is feeling guilty.. He wants to prove me wrong… after a long awaited period he confessed his love and his culpability…


asked myself why now?! Why is this happening to me?!

But then after waking up from this mess I realized that I can't waste what we have for the past.. I must go on with you… I must commit to our love…

I promise you I won't look back again… I'll leave my past fade away with all my memories… I want you to be my only memory…

I will protect our love… I will resist all the temptations… I'll stick with you no matter what…

It is you that I want... You are the light of the new beginning; you are the changing point of my life... I want to know you better, to make you a piece of me… I want to stay next to you against all odds and temptations….

I chose you to be my love instructor… Teach me what love is!!!




© 2012 Hunny A.

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Well penned.
It appears that you were loved 3 persons.
You experienced different treatments from each of them.
Now,you have decided to live with the third one.
Love correct grammar,spelling and choice of font.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Hunny A.

10 Years Ago

Everything I Write Is Based On True Experience :)

10 Years Ago

Then you have to manage the love war quite efficiently.
I appreciate that you are living unhar.. read more
Hunny A.

10 Years Ago

Well Sometimes You Just Have To Think And Make Your Heart Connected To Your Mind.
I Prefer Han.. read more

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Hunny A.
Hunny A.


Well I Am Studying To Be A Journalist Since I Think I Have Much Things To Spread To This World... I Love To Write It Is The Only Place Where My Emotions Are Pure! I Love Life And I Am Taking Advant.. more..

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A Story by Hunny A.