Don't Be

Don't Be

A Poem by Hurdy

What is this about? Well... as I describe, a feeling of brief lucidity - a oneness with the world around you that occurs spontaneously. Be open to the light when it finds you.


 I never knew the air around me could be so conscious;
 That the air itself could breathe and sing through the branches of a tree.
 As I sat on the grass fields, one spring morning
 Every breath was a gift; a breath of life I’d consume

 In order to live just another minute

 within the warm embrace of a world

 I had otherwise forgotten.

All around me, the universe became an entity. 
A personality I, although have never spoken to, have always known. 

Perhaps I have, but have never known.

Such is the nature of our condition;
A life of never ending uncertainty and illusion. 

And why is it that the wind cries the loudest
When we are sheltered within the confines of a home?
I have never chosen to be like this.
In much the same way, I have never chosen to see.
It was my worldly epiphany.
Such a thing does not abide to your will.
Because, perhaps in the end, it is a personality.

In a moment of brief lucidity
I’d never thought to ask the more simple questions.

What is it, what is it made of, and why does the wind blow?
But a very different question indeed:

Who are you?
And why did you pick me?

I am taken
By a pang of incompetence
My existence became minuscule 
It was then that I heard the whisperings of the leaves

“Don’t be.”


© 2013 Hurdy

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Added on January 29, 2013
Last Updated on May 14, 2013



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