The Nightmare 17: Burial

The Nightmare 17: Burial

A Chapter by Neo-Water Basilisk

You're not alive - you just haven't realized you're already dead.

Buried beneath the ground
As deep in the soil as that which is set in stone
Buried by memories of sights and sounds, tastes and feelings
Is a dead ghost, dead as dead dreams

Dig the hole deep
Deeper until we reach the dead's haven
Where damned deeds and damned men
Are but dead dregs, discarded dolls, and destroyed remnants

Dig deeper through the earth
Until fire and brimstone are all around us
Yet dig deeper for we've not dug deep enough
Dig until all around us is a dark desert, desolate shade, and dead skies

Here is where there is nothing
Here where there is no light nor dark
And all is imperceptible
The numbness of a tomb within a grave

Here is where there shall be
One last sleep for the dead ghost
Who hadn't a ghost of a chance in life
And now is not even a ghost of a ghost, thus a dead ghost

Here shall be where the dead ghost is laid to rest
In a tomb within a grave that lies beneath the Underworld
In the deepest depths of despair, a dead world
A world filled with the forgotten dead, dead ghosts

All we know is but one dead ghost
Who will now become deader than dead
Whose defiled existence will be purged to the core
And a barely remembered ghost of a ghost becomes naught

And we'll forget about this tomb within a grave
As we escape back to the surface
Above the grave of graves, above the forsaken caverns
Above the restful dead, and once more above the soil within which they rest

Forget about the ghost of a ghost
That lies beneath the earth and Hell itself
Buried by dead memories that we relinquish
Torch it all and to ashes burn the splinters

Take the ashes and cast them into the wind
Cast the ashes into the seas, take no rest
Until at last the task is complete
And none are left to mourn, and there is nothing left to mourn over


© 2011 Neo-Water Basilisk

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Added on March 5, 2011
Last Updated on April 12, 2011
Tags: death, suicide, grave, tomb, burial, bleak, forget, memory


Neo-Water Basilisk
Neo-Water Basilisk

Fringelands, Province of the Deceased, Canada

Who am I, or who are we? We have seen a blasted wastes of the arid abyss. We have felt the frozen winds of the desolate tundra. We have breathed the intoxicating aroma of madness. What you call .. more..