26.1, Nothing

26.1, Nothing

A Chapter by Neo-Water Basilisk

Second part.

_The Nightmare 26.1: Nothing_
nothing. There is nothing. All to naught, not to be. All before me, dissolve to nothing; all before me, annihilate.
  Why won't the letters just melt away and disappear? They just keep dancing across the page anyway. This stupid book in front of me, filled with opened fetal pigs... Ugh, I can already smell them. The formaldehyde's stench is unbearable. Honestly, I'd rather work on math problems. Actually, yes, that's what I'm going to do. At least math doesn't stink.
  ...Shoot. I can't concentrate. I feel as if the numbers are dancing around on the pages too, but this time, mockingly; "Stupid Sally! Sinking Sally! Stupid, sinking Sally!" Anyway, I can't stand this. Maybe I'll draw something to calm my nerves. Yes, that would probably be best.
  Hah, I knew this would be of a little help. Skeletons and ghouls, ghosts and zombies... Reapers of death... Blood and gore... Hm... Pentagrams of fire... Er, this is a bit morbid. Well, still, I'm only drawing them, it's not like I really believe in these fictitious things. Um, yeah, it's all right.
  Ring, ring, ring! Is that all the dumb phones can do? Always some jerk calling somebody with dumb telemarketing deals. Can't my parents get caller ID already? Geez. And this late at night too. Stupid ringing; "...Stupid Sally! ...Sinking Sally! ...Stupid, sinking Sally!" Ha, great, now I can't even draw! What a mess... May as well go back to biology.
  Blood... Blood cells... Red and white... White like bone? Ha. Heart... Aorta... Subclavical artery... That would lead to the arm and wris - ah. Um.
  Uh oh.
  Oh no.
  I broke something. Uuuu, shoot, I broke it, I broke it! I... I have to... stay. Calm down, just sit tight and calm down. Breathe. "Stupid Sally! Sinking Sally! Stupid, sinking Sally!"
  Shut up!
  "Shut up Sally! Can't even calm down Sally! Mad Sally, angry Sally!"
  Shut up!
  Oh, no, no, how did I end up here? I look like a zombie. Ah, but there is a fountain in the bathroom, I'll just splash some cold water on my face and I'll be fine.
  Ah, that's a bit better. I think I'll get a snack and a drink - then I'll be fine.
  So, the kitchen. About as clean as usual with as many things standing around as usual. Looks like someone made steak though - I'm fine with the mess in this case. Now, the steak knife... The knife, where is it? Here, the knife - the knife. Ah, um.
  Uh oh.
  Oh no.
  I broke it. The knife. I broke it. "Stupid... Sally..."
  "Sinking... Sally!"
  "Stupid, sinking Sally!!"
  Uueegh, I can't take it anymore! Cut, cut, break, shut up... CUT!
  I slam the door, jam the lock, and land on the closed toilet seat. I can't... So I slide off of it, slowly coming to a rest of the marble floor. The bathroom light brightens the side of the knife, while the marble moon lights up its underside. The fine edge, straight and true, unlike the threshold between pain and pleasure...
  And that's what makes its steel hide so comforting. I slide my finger along its belly, but it nips at me, drawing blood. My knuckles are white, my hand choking my pet. It growls slightly, its eye reflecting the two of mine.
  "It's okay," I coo, as a slide my palms against its hide.
  "Stupid Sally! Sinking Sally! Stupid, sinking Sally!"
  I tell the knife to sic'em.
  My pet slashes across the heckling crowd's neck - silence. Blood is dripping everywhere. Intense pain shoots up my left arm, while I appreciate the pleasure of the quiet.
  Suddenly, banging. Atrocious sounds, loud sounds, disturbing my quiet. Voices.
  "Sally? Sally! ...Stupid Sally! Sinking Sally! Stupid, sinking Sally!"
  I'm drowning in rage. My pet screams, its voice shrill and violent, vile as sound can be. Why won't it all go SILENCE!
  "Sally? Sally! ...Stupid Sally! Sinking Sally! Stupid, sinking Sally!"
  SILENCE! Drowning... SILENCE! Drowning in SHUT UP! Rage. My pet growls. Kill them. Draw silence from their lungs. Stab their hearts to bring nothingness. Silence and nothingness. Slash their necks for the nothingness. SILENCE! PLEASE!
  There is still screaming! Who could it be, who would do this to me? Just SHUT UP! Why!? Why do they continue? They won't stop, they won't cease, but I'll make them SHUT U-U-U-U-UP!!
  With your talon of steel, gap their necks, meld life and death momentarily and then infinitely increase the border between the two. Make it silent; make it quiet, my pet. Make them SHUT UP! Make it quiet, my pet, render all to nothing. Slash their necks, my pet, let there be nothing.
  "...Stupid... Sally? ...Sinking... Sally. ...Stupid, sinking... Sally!"
  There will be nothing. Make it dark, my pet. Drown them in blood. There will be nothing.
  Suddenly, pain, in my neck.
  I... try... scream.
  There is silence.
  I... try... gasp.
  There is nothing.
  There is

© 2011 Neo-Water Basilisk

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Added on May 11, 2011
Last Updated on June 5, 2011
Tags: female structure, nightmare, insanity, murder, suicide, revelation, revolution


Neo-Water Basilisk
Neo-Water Basilisk

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