Death and Gore

Death and Gore

A Poem by Neo-Water Basilisk



Death and gore spread throughout

Insects crawl through your veins

The world thrown into disarray

Blood and violence rises now


Abominable beasts

Contemptible men

Wretched w****s

And sullen slaves


Swarms of locusts eclipse the sun

One by one the stars devoured

Endless night, eternal winter

Rot and decay, festering flesh


Last days draw near

Apocalypse incoming

Riots flow freely

Warring nations about


The strings of fate are cut down by axes

Kings and rulers fall to their knees

All shall perish before the onslaught

All shall burn in the conflagration


The deities are dying

Their heads are trophies

Their bodies  are eaten

Armageddon begins


The seas tossing and turning, heaving about

Earth is trembling, shuddering apart

Skies are collapsing, grand calamity

The wheel of time undergoing destruction


The end is nigh

Hang yourselves

Lest you suffer

A terrible fate

© 2011 Neo-Water Basilisk

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Added on August 24, 2011
Last Updated on August 24, 2011
Tags: death, metal, gore, blood, violence, apocalypse, armageddon, ragnarok


Neo-Water Basilisk
Neo-Water Basilisk

Fringelands, Province of the Deceased, Canada

Who am I, or who are we? We have seen a blasted wastes of the arid abyss. We have felt the frozen winds of the desolate tundra. We have breathed the intoxicating aroma of madness. What you call .. more..