Snowy Mountainside

Snowy Mountainside

A Poem by HyperScaree

To live in a cabin, up on a mountain.

Where I wish, where I'd live.
Where is this? Where is this? 
A cabin in the mountains, where the snow always shines.
A wooden cabin surrounded by pines.

I wish to live here with some pets.
A cat, some fish, and maybe some bats.

The smell of baked goods would fill the place.
The curtains dark, on the wall a mace.
A bear rug on the floor, a dear head on the wall.
Horseshoe on door, and no rats at all.

My own private ski slope, an attic and basement.
I would live here for eternity, and I'd love every moment.
The dark winter nights hold the brightest of stars.
The moon you can see so clearly afar.

The world would be wonderful, the quiet of day.
My room with a fancy ol' bed I would lay.
My computer like clockwork, so very extreme.
My lights with all dimmer switches, I'd have it my way.
Large bathroom and jacuzzi, office between.

My own library, and a courtyard so green.
Oh I wish this would happen, but it can't be seen.
My life is not what I'd like it to be.
Soon then I will be free, all I have to do is pull the trigger goodnight.
Fall through a tunnel and see a bright light.

Goodbye everyone.

© 2014 HyperScaree

Author's Note

My plan was for this to be happy, then I actually got kind of sad that this wasn't my life, and that shaped the ending.

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Added on September 12, 2014
Last Updated on September 12, 2014
Tags: Mountain, Snow, Cold, Dream house, Cabin, Wooden Cabin, Mountainside, Poetry, Sadness, Darkness, Dark, Depression, Fancy, Forest, Library, Courtyard, Wonderful worlds, baked goods, cats, fish



Tartarus, Hades, Canada