A Beginning Without an End

A Beginning Without an End

A Chapter by Miss unknown

Getting off at the bus stop on Granville street, I looked around. I was supposed to meet Mr. Linden down here. I held out my arm, moving my orange watch out from my sleeve. 5:26 p.m. I was four minutes early than the time we had scheduled. I sat down on the bench for the passengers who waited for their desired buses. I had been in Vancouver for four years, but still...I did not make a lot of friends. If I did, I would not be here. He said that he would be able to change my identity for me. I could be a new person in a brand new world where no one would know who I was.
“Geee...Gee...” My phone was vibrating in my pocket. I hate it when my phone rang in the public since everyone would look at you. I hate to be the center of attention; therefore, I muted it. I grabeed it out, starring at the popped message. 

Mr. Linden asked me to meet him outside of the Apple store inside of Pacific Center. I was hesitated, but I guessed he would not do anything to me in public. Full of curiosity, I decided to take a risk. Passing by H&M, a well known clothing chain, I looked inside and felt ashamed. I was just an Asian girl who was 5'6 and not very fit. I was not fat, but there was this part of my stomach which bothered me a lot. I had this fat between my bum and waist, which would be squeezing out when I wore pants. That was why I wore many over-sized t-shirts to cover it up. 

Anyway, that could be long gone since I might have a make over for my new identity soon. When I arrived at the store, there were so many people inside. How could I possibly find Mr. Linden through the crowd? I texted him, telling him that I was there. 

Very soon, he texted me back, telling me to go the farthest computer at my right hand side and clicked on the file which said LIFE. After that, I would be able to see a code which I need to type it into another document called REGISTRATION. Then, magic would happen. 

I frowned when I was reading the message.I started to wonder whether this was all a joke. I looked around: was there a video camera? I might be on a reality show right now. Oh man, that would be embarrassing. There was nothing, but then people who were sitting down outside of the store were starring at me like I was crazy. It must be my facial expression. I need to calm down!

I tried my hardest to ignore everyone and walked as naturally as possible to the computer that Mr. Linden appointed me to. I squeezed through customers who were talking to the salesmen, the children who were playing with the i-Pad games and teenagers who were just browsing the internet. Weirdly enough, no one was using the computer that I needed. I did everything that Mr. Linden demanded me to do, but nothing happened. Nothing. 

I quickly texted Mr. Linden again. one minute, two, three...no reply. I felt like I was tricked. Yes. Now I might be on the reality show tomorrow to be laughed at by everyone. I was stupid to believe there was another world existed.

© 2011 Miss unknown

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Thought provoking!

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Posted 13 Years Ago

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