Drunks to Delinquents

Drunks to Delinquents

A Chapter by Helen

School was a drag. I haven't even finished first period and I already wanted to go home. Zack was sitting quietly next to me like how he was all day after I had yelled at him this morning.

I elbowed him and he looked up at me, his features softening.

"Why are you so quiet?" I whispered, hoping I wouldn't catch the teachers attention.

He didn't reply but instead turned back to the front of the class as if he was actually paying attention. I scoffed and looked at the teacher as he went on about something that I'd probably never use in life. 

After what seemed to be forever, the bell rang and everyone quickly filed out of the room. I walked to my locker with Zack in tow and David was waiting there. When I arrived, David gave me a knowing look, asking if he was still mad and I slightly nodded. 

"I'll catch you later Stacy, I'm gonna go early to do homework." He said, walking off. 

"Kay bye!" I called after him.

I took out my books and Zack started walking to our next class.

"Wait for me!" I called, running up to him.

He grabbed my arm and pushed me against the wall and leaned in real close and that's when I smelled it.

The alcohol. It hit me like a breeze of fresh air. 

"Have you been drinking Zack?" I based even though the answer was pretty oblivious. 

"I can't control myself around you anymore." He mumbled into my ear.

I froze as he trailed his fingers along my jaw line. 

"No more control." He mumbled, leaning in.

His lips brushed against mine and I slightly pulled back. I could see some people stare as they walked by but to them it was like I was about to make out with him.

All of a sudden he just fell limp on me and I shook him.


No answer.


I pulled him back to see that he had passed out. I groaned and lifted him as much as I could and dragged him to the nurse's. On the way there, the bell rang, and I ignored it as the hallways cleared out. Through all the alcohol and Zack, I had managed to run into a late person.

"Woah woah." Another British voice said. "You okay?"

How many British accented guys were there in this school?

It took me a moment to realize that he was talking to me.

"Oh. Yeah." I said. "My friend passed out."

"Here let me help you." He said and before I could protest, Zack and his drunk self was lifted out of my arms. "Damn. He's drunk?" 

"Uh yeah..." I chuckled nervously. "About that..."

"You didn't drug him did you?" He asked as we walked towards the nurse's office.

"Of course not!" I quickly said.

He walked past the office and I stopped. 

"Where are you going?" 

"If your friend gets caught drunk he's going to get expelled. Lets take him out." He replied.

"Wh"" okay." I said. "But you should get to class otherwise you'll miss out on what we learn today."

He made a noise that I supposed was a scoff and just continued walking.

"Hey! Did you hear me?" I called out, jogging to catch up to him. 

"Yup." He replied, walking out of the school.

"Don't you want to go back?" 

He stopped and gave me a weird look before saying "my name's Eric and I'm a school delinquent."

I stopped in my steps and gave him a look of disbelief. He turned and continues walking.

"Where's your car?" He asked me.

"I-i-i don't have a car." I replied. "Zack does. I think its in his pockets somewhere."

I caught up to Eric and rummaged through Zack's clothe pockets until I came up with his keys. I unlocked the car and I hopped in while Eric threw Zack in the back. 

"What did he do in school?" Eric asked, starting the engine.

"He went to his classes and ended up fainting on me." I said, leaving out the kissing part.

"He was pretty sober for a drunk person." He approved.

"Its still not a good thing." I mumbled.

"You're too good." He lightly replied. "Try being bad for once, its really fun."

"No thanks. I prefer a future and good grades over drugs and sex." I mumbled. 

"That's what you think being bad is?" He asked, letting out a bark of laughter. "Boy are you wrong."

"I am above the influence!" I defended.

"What ever you say Stac. What ever you say."

"My name is Stacy!" 

"I prefer Stac."

I grunted a reply and he turned up the radio.

"Where are we going Stac?" 

"Away from you." I mumbled.

"You sure do mumble a lot." He said. "Can you repeat yourself? But remember, I'm driving the car, not you."

It took me a few seconds to realize that he was threatening me and I turned to look at him with my eyes as wide as a deer caught in headlights.

He let out another bark of laughter and said "I'm just kidding!"

"Lets just go to the park." I mumbled.


Minutes later, we were at a park with me sitting on the bench and Zacks head on my lap as I watched Eric play basketball with some other guys. He scored a point and his team went wild while he stood there grinning.

I heard Zack groan and I looked down in time to see him open his eyes. He looked at me in shock and quickly sat up, causing him to hit my head with his.

"Ow!" What was that for?" I asked, scowling as I rubbed my head.

"Sorry." He apologized. "You surprised me."

I didn't reply but instead watched Eric play his game.

"What are we doing at the park?" He asked, looking around.

"You passed out on me and so I tried bringing you to the nurse's but Eric stopped me and brought us here." I replied.

He stayed silent for a while and I looked at the side of his face while he intently watched Eric play basketball.

"Do you remember what you did when you are drunk?" I quietly asked.

"Yea." He replied.

We elapsed into an awkward silence and Eric jogged up to me.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Eric." Eric said, stretching out his hand to Zack.

Zack shook it and mumbled his name back.

"Careful or your babies will be mumblers too!" Eric said, then realizing something, he quickly pulled his hand out and said "whoops."

"How do you"" Zack started.

"I'll catch you later Stacy!" Eric cut off and ran away from where we were.

"Hey!" Zack called after him and got up to chase Eric but I stopped him.

"Lets just go home." I said, pleading him with my eyes.

"Okay, but stay away from that Eric boy." Zack replied.


"Just listen to me."


I laid on my bed, looking up at the dark ceiling and listening to Zacks breaths as he slept next to me.

My mom had said that Zack was supposed to sleep next to me because he was going to be my husband anyways.

I let my mind wander and I was faced with what had happened earlier today.

Why did he want me to stay away from Eric? He didn't seem at all like a bad guy, he did help me after all. Although I did wonder how he knew that me and Zack were getting married but I assumed that the people from England already knew that Zack was getting a wife here so the news must've spread to the u.s. somehow. 

I was then reminded with the thought that I had to marry Zack and I felt my heart pump quickly at my chest. 

"Go to sleep." Zack mumbled beside me.

I didn't reply, hoping that he would think that I was asleep.

"Your breathing is different." He said again. "Go to sleep."

"I'm trying." I mumbled back.

"Stop thinking of Eric." He mumbled once again before going back to sleep.

I closed my eyes and was greeted with a warm dreamless sleep.

© 2012 Helen

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Love. It. You're really building it up. I like it. I really do. I'm a poet so I can't really criticize books, but I know this is good stuff.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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