Beaches and It's Water

Beaches and It's Water

A Chapter by Helen

"Wake up Stacy." The familiar British voice whispered. "Wake up Stacy."

I groaned and tried swatting the voice away with my hand only to let it land on something soft. I let my hand touch the curves of it and I felt it move under my hand. I opened my eyes and was met with a smiling Zack with my hand on his lips.

I blushed and quickly pulled my hand away as I sat up on the bed. He was ready for school with his faded jeans and simple T-shirt. 

"Why do I have to go to school if I'm marrying you?" I mumbled, brushing my crazy hair.

"Because I want my wife to have some intelligence." He replied.

"I'm smart enough though!" I argued.

"Then take the high school exit exam. If you pass it then you can cut the rest of school." He replied.

"Really?" I asked.

I saw him nod from my mirror.

"Okay. Deal. I'll take the test today." I replied.

I hated to admit it but I was a nerd when it came to tests. I would always ace them even if I didn't study for it.

I finished getting ready and soon, we were at the school's parking lot.

"Here goes nothing." I mumbled, walking through the school doors with Zack in tow.

We walked to the principal's office and walked in.

"Can I take the high school exit exam?" I asked him.

He handed me a test and showed me to an empty room.

"You have until the end of the school day to finish this test and your score will come in tomorrow." He instructed.

I nodded even though I knew it wouldn't take me that long and he left the room, leaving me to be alone.


I quickly finished the test in 3 hours and Zack allowed me to go home, stopping to buy me ice cream along the way.

"Why are you so nice to me today?" I asked.

"Because its how I should treat my wife." He stated.

I took another lick at my ice cream and watched the familiar scenery pass by.

"Why me?" I asked.

He seemed take aback by my question and asked me "huh?"

"I mean your father must've give you thousands of choices. Why choose me?" I explained.

"I chose you long ago, even before you started dating but it wasn't set in stone until you turned 18." He explained to me. "It was your eyes."

"My eyes?" I asked, pondering over my eyes.

"Your green eyes reminded me of my mother." He replied.

"Oh. Where is your mother now?"

"She's dead." He flatly said.

"Oh." A frown fitted my face. "I'm sorry."

"Its quite alright." He replied even though his face showed how sad he was about it. "She was assassinated. The man was caught and sentenced to death."

"Oh." I mumbled.

"Stop mumbling. Its bad for our baby." He said.

"Are we really going to have a baby?" I asked.

"We have to." He replied. "Plus, who wouldn't want to make a baby?" He added grinning.

"How many do we need?" I asked.

"A boy and a girl at the very least so that the boy can inherent the kingdom after me and the girl can bond us with other kingdoms." He explained easily.

"Why are you so easy going about this?" I asked him.

"Because it has run in my family for years, centuries even." He replied.

"What if you find the girl you truly love?" I asked.

"I already have." He quietly replied.

"Who is she?" I asked, a pang of jealously ran through me.

Something flashed in his eyes and he answered "a poor merchant girl. Father would never let me be with her. She had purple eyes, i'll never forget that color."

"What about a forbidden relationship?" I suggested.

"I would but she was sentenced to death when my father found out I loved a mere commoner." He replied, his British accent shining in his speech. "But she did however have a child with the same purple eyes as her."

Once again, I was silent, wondering what other hardships he had to face being the son of a king.

"I'm sorry." He suddenly said.

"For what?" I asked, frowning.

He didn't have a right to be sorry, after all, the girl of his dreams is dead.

"I'm sorry for putting all this on you." He replied. "Such a useless burden."

"It's quite alright." I mocked his accent.

He gave me a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes and I couldn't help but frown upon that.

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

"To the beach." He replied.

"But were in the middle of California. There are no beaches for miles." 

"Then we'll drive for miles." He replied.

"What about my mom and dad?"

"I already texted them." He casually replied. "Don't you want a break from marriages and such?"

"I guess..." I said after hesitating.

"To the beach it is!" 


The salty air flew by us as we drove towards the beach, seagulls flew around and those who dared, pecked around on the floor for food. Few people were scattered about, due to the fact that most were still in school or work. 

I pulled the bikini that we had stopped by to get out of the backseat and Zack went to the trunk of his car to get some towels out. I kicked off my shoes and threw it in the car, running off into the warm sand. He followed behind me with his sunglasses covering his handsome face.

"Lets find a spot to set up camp at." He said.

We walked around, attracting attention from nearby women who sat up and tried puffing their chest out bigger. When we found a spot, we dropped our things down and Zack tore off his shirt, leaving his muscled chest that was well tanned.

"Like what you see?" He smirked.

I quickly scowled and tried to hide my blush.

"There's nothing good there, unless you count the hot guy behind you." I replied.

Sure enough there was a shirtless guy behind Zack as he turned to look. I saw him scowl and I picked up my swim wear and headed to the restroom. 

I changed quickly and walked back out to see Zack spreading a blanket out on the sandy floor. He looked up to see me walking towards him and his jaw dropped.

"Like what you see?" I smirked, mocking him.

"Very so much." He whispered huskily.

I faltered for a second and remembered what had happened when he was drunk in school. I quickly walked up to him and wrapped a towel around myself.

"Are we swimming?" I asked, trying to get him to stop staring at me.

"Huh?" He asked looking into my eyes. "Oh yeah. Swim. Yea. Lets go."

I rolled my eyes at him and started walking off to the sea.

"You're bringing the towel with you?" He asked, holding a hand out for it.

I scowled and took it off and threw it in his face. He easily caught it and adverted his eyes as he put the towel away. I rolled my eyes once again and stepped into the warm water, getting pushed gently by the waves. 

I swam further out into the ocean, feeling warmer as my body got used to the temperature.

"You swim pretty fast." Zack said right behind me.

"You swim so quietly." I replied, dipping my head under and bobbing back up.

"This water is freezing." He complained.

"You wanted to come to the beach." I pointed out.

"Whatever." He mumbled.

I felt his arm snake around my waist and I tensed as he pulled me closer to him.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Being nice to my wife." He replied, hugging me.

I felt his muscles on my stomach and chest as he rested his head on my shoulder. I felt his leg lightly kick the water, keeping us afloat and I felt my heart pound, no matter how many times I tried to ignore it and thats when I realized something.

I'm falling for Zack.

© 2012 Helen

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Added on June 16, 2012
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Hey so I'm Helen! I dunno who really reads this but why not write it anyways(: Here's some facts on me: • I have a dog and a bunny • I love to take picture although i suck at it • .. more..

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