Chatper Three

Chatper Three

A Chapter by McKayla

All of a sudden I am at school. My head down on the table like I was sleeping. I am sitting in the back row of my classroom. I hate school but I love Mr. Green. He is the teacher that makes me like school. As I look around the room, I realize that I am the only one in the room. All of the colors are so light. They are not their usual darker selves. My head hurts, I also find it hard to move my left hand. My body feels stiff. I find the fact that I am at school very weird because I was just trying to get my Mom to notice me.

“ Okay class now it is time to ...” says Mr. Green.  I notice that he just said “class”.

“ Mr. Green I am the only one here.” I try to say. I did not hear anything come out of my mouth, just like with my Mom . My mouth hurts to move. My head now hurts even more.  My brain starts to wonder off into WENDY LAND, to get away from my pain, as Mr. Green keeps talking to no one. I look at my blank piece of paper that suddenly appeared under my crossed arms. I pick up my brand new black pen, that also just appeared, and start on a drawing of my favorite dog. A Siberian husky named Isabelle. I start on her nose then to her head and ears. I work my way down to her long grey tail. I start seeing the dog that was playful and outgoing. She would run around the house like a flash of white and gray.

“ Wendy ?” Mr. Green said bringing my attention off of Isabelle. I look at his face. I see a blur. I just now his voice.  I must need glasses I laugh at myself.  

“ Yes Mr. Green.” I hear myself say but I do not think that it came out the way I wanted it to. I know this because it took him a good amount of time to answer.

“ The bell rang, it's time for you to go.”

I look around the classroom. It is a ghost town. I see papers on the floor and pencils and pens. There is one binder that someone should be back for in a minute. There was never anyone here to leave these things. I think to myself.

“ Oh.” I say in a rush. I grab my Isabelle drawing and my binders and scurry out of the classroom. As I rush down the hallway, I watched as the last few people run into their class. I hear footsteps behind me. I look back, nothing. I continue on my way. Then I feel breathing on my neck. I turn around and my brother is standing right over me with his clown mask. I scream and all the doors fly open with the teachers heads sticking out.  They look at me as if I am crazy. I look behind me again and there was nothing there. No wonder why, my imagination must be going off again.  My brother died yesterday with Isabelle. In a car accident, I think. My brain thinks otherwise though. I really miss his shenanigans that he pulled with me. I just keep walking to Mrs. Lulo’s class. I am walking very fast. Like I am not touching the floor, but like I am floating above the floor. But then again I find away to fall on my face. I hit my head on the floor and feel as a shiver runs through my body as I my eyelids closed.

© 2016 McKayla

Author's Note

Sorry of all of the "all of a sudden"

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Added on April 12, 2016
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small community , CT

I like to write fiction. Fiction is what comes easy for me. more..

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