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If only if only

If only if only

A Poem by Lisa Marie Firth Fountain

Tick and tock goes a rickety clock, but don't they all follow suit?


If only you knew what winds that old clock.

It makes such an awful tone when it ticks and it tocks.

If only we’d found our polish and cloth.

We’d ship and we’d shape, and we’d shine that old clock.


If only it kept, the time every hour.

It’d make each minute less hard to devour.

If only we’d seen time, through older eyes.

Perhaps then it wouldn’t have quickly flown by.


If only we’d known that clock would keep ticking.

With it, memories, would be ours for the picking.

If only that clock had stopped a ways back.

Then maybe we’d have time, to relive days we slacked.


If only we’d heard each precious tickity tock.

I guess we were busy rushing that old clock.

If only we’d know that time would soon fly.

Because of that clock we’d live then we’d die.


If only those minutes, we could use again.

I’d trade them in, to hold your young hand.

If only you were here to help move this clock.

We’d put it in the hall where it’d tick and it’d tock.


If only if only time could reverse.

My love you and I, and our clock would converse.

If only we’d not wasted such precious time.

Maybe yes maybe you’d still be at my side.


If only that same time, hadn’t taken you away.

Youth, escaped you and old age took its place.

If only if only time would reappear.

I’d love and I’d hold you, without hurt, without fear.


If only I had one more minute with you.

We’d relive and remember memories though few.

If only if only you heard it too,

that awful ticking with tocks mumbled through.


If only if only I knew why it fades.

Perhaps my time is slipping away.

If only that clock would remember our fears.

It’d share with our children a lesson each year.


If only they’d realize time has its bounds.

Someday they will too hear nothing, no sound.

If only if only dear clock where you stand.

Keep ticking and tocking with your marvel and grand.

© 2012 Lisa Marie Firth Fountain

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Added on December 3, 2012
Last Updated on December 3, 2012
Tags: clock, poem, lost, tick, tock, age, time, forever, fear, the day, you, die


Lisa Marie Firth Fountain
Lisa Marie Firth Fountain

St. Petersburg, FL

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