A Poem by Chloe

The insects who litter the ground
are our friends
I plucked one between thumb and forefinger,
bringing him to my ear
where I let him crawl inside

I felt him dig inside my muscle,
knaw at my bones
he grew himself more
and they eat flesh by the pound

Bring your Labradors
bring your lovers
don't forget a basket
spread the sheet around the green
let the insects dig,
watch them scurry under your skin

Romantic, yes
disturbing, no
schizophrenic, maybe
it's our picnic
let us eat our sandwhich

We allowed our limbs to
outstrech themselves to the corners of the blanket
squinting into the sun,
we did not shield our eyes with a back of a hand
for it was the star we had wished upon
and the God we bowed to

The night was so terrifying
the stars were too small
but we can't quite comprehend
how it's the night that bore us the day
the moon and her million bright lightbulb cousins
couldn't have brought us this beautiful, beautiful day

Let's forget to remember the night
for the night will only bring us the moon
we'll stay inside and piss all night,
preparing for this beautiful day

It's so damn beautiful,
this beautiful, beautiful day
who cares about who made it
who bore this blinding sun

In the nighttime the insects retriet to their tunnels and caves
they wait inside with their bellies full of flesh
and they dream of the sunlight
and a beautiful, beautiful day

For it's the day
that will bring them skin to snack
and it's by the sun the mothes flurry around
the mothes spread their sheets
they eat their sandwhich
and they outstrech their limbs,
watching the sun

What a beautiful day
who cares who made it
what a beautiful day
for a picnic.

© 2009 Chloe

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Added on May 23, 2009



Seattle, WA

I am a 16-year-old young writer and I live in Seattle, Washington. I began writing when I was about nine. Then, I began to play some guitar and I realized that I had talent for music also. So poetry a.. more..

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