My Once Loved Lark

My Once Loved Lark

A Poem by IceDragonOfPluto

Bring forth the coming day so I may wake
To hear your tune and soothe my beating heart.
Even in dreams, my love is yours to take,
Proving that we are never far apart.
Rest soft upon the fence as morning dew
Glistens and shines before you sing your tune;
Then, while the fresh, rising sun shines on you,
Stay there for me until late afternoon.
When nighttime nears, I know that you must go
And rest to bring the coming day once more.
Till then, I rest with weary heart and soul,
Awaiting my reason to wake up for.
My Lark's sweet tune, though music to my ears,
Gives me hope and courage to persevere.

Your morning melodies now reach my ears
And I awake in bliss for your return.
Nothing in life could ever be more dear
Than knowing you are near (what I most yearn).
Sing soft, my lark, enchant me with your tune
As sunbeams dance across the rolling fields;
And as they dance, my heart, a sordid boon,
Beats softer in the thought my fear's concealed.
Yet still again, the day must come to close
And rolling fields become empty dance floors.
So, my sweet Lark must rest and re-compose
Her soft, sweet songs that I love and adore.
May the nighttime pass quick so I can see
My little Lark that brings such bliss to me.

The morning nears and yet I hear no song
To bring the day and end the passing night.
I search and find my Lark where it belongs,
But my sweet Lark no longer brings delight.
My Lark sits firm amongst the rails of wood,
But will not sing, instead, just spreads its wings.
It flies away knowing it is for good
And all there's left are memories to cling.
Now all alone, stuck in eternal night,
No light will shine across these rolling fields.
Sunbeams no longer dance or take delight,
There's only pain and everything it wields.
My once loved Lark no longer sings to me,
Instead, reminds me that I am lonely.

© 2013 IceDragonOfPluto

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Added on October 26, 2013
Last Updated on October 26, 2013



My pen name is IceDragonOfPluto. I am a proud Scorpio. I'm dark and dreary but I have many hopes and dreams. I love to read and write poems. My writng style is what you may call Dark Romanticism. I lo.. more..