Dyslexic Genocide

Dyslexic Genocide

A Poem by Brett Campaigne

Dyslexic Genocide              Arbitrary Opposition

Categorical Sovereignty              Mitosis because Mediocrity

                                  Stagnant order steams

                  the smelling noses      shrivel

                  and drop off

                                      God awful umbilical

Shedding old ties to finger our own navel


Dyslexic Genocide          Society of fingers

Synchronizing Pointers          Poking around blame

narrowing down failure

to common denominator

                                   Equator shifts

                                 when half remains

                                the anti surprise

                                the undead stench

                              the nausea caustraphobia

                             that odour of existence


Dyslexic Genocide               Turn inside expansion eye

seeking out cancer                 by colour

Paint by numbers diagnostic

Doppelganger Suicide.





© 2010 Brett Campaigne

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much appreciation of this one

Posted 10 Years Ago

I have to admit, some of this is over my head and will take a lot of studying before I even have a hope of properly grasping your meaning; however, in terms of building up a mood, I can understand the compassionate anger, and in terms of language, it's an excellent piece of writing
"God awful ambilical
Shedding old ties to finger our own navel" - great lexical play here

"the anti surprise" - I really like this phrase

"Doppleganger Suicide." - as with almost all of the lines in your poem, this phrase sets off the imagination

Overall, great write and I'm sorry I can't do it full justice - but any work that cleverly expresses bitter observation of the collapse of humanity gets a thumbs up from me, and this piece definitely does that.
Cheers for your review - it was good to hear from ya.

p.s. are the spelling errors deliberate [to represent the Dyslexic part of your title]? if they are, ignore below.

"Categorical Sovreignty " [Sovereignty]
"God awful ambilical" [umbilical]
"Dysexic Genocide" [Dyslexic]
"Paint by numbers diagnositic" [diagnostic]
"the nausea caustraphobia" [claustrophobia]
"Doppleganger Suicide." [Doppelganger]

Posted 10 Years Ago

you are right, I see it like you do... the society is falling apart. Very nice society poem!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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bravo. I love the set up of this on the page....on one read it is one poem with breaks as a pause - another read - it is antiphonal...a third two complete poems. Well done

Posted 12 Years Ago

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4 Reviews
Added on March 15, 2009
Last Updated on June 23, 2010


Brett Campaigne
Brett Campaigne

Halifax, Canada

Diffusion When it's crowded in here thats when i like to go outside more..


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