An Actual Genesis Mechanism

An Actual Genesis Mechanism

A Story by Idyllwyld

A brief summary on how the universe began, and why.


In the space-time before the Universe, and in the space-time after the Universe’s dissipation, there was only evenly distributed energy. Evenly dissipated according to the maximization of entropy. Within the fabric of space-time virtual particles continued to appear and annihilate each other, as is characteristic of space-time. Because these virtual particles are so fleeting and so elementary all conservations still counted…even though they were matter, they didn’t count because they were gone so quickly.

And so that was all there was, energy and a sea of created/destroyed virtual particles (also energy as a sea of virtual particles à matter = congealed energy, energy is capability to exert force/perform work). All slates were blank, everything was reset. There were no more constraining factors, no uneven (asymmetric) distributions of energy/mass/matter/information. But, over a quantum infinity, anything can happen if the conditions allow it to. It just takes time.

Eventually, after eternities, it happened. A pair of virtual particles, a pair and its anti-pair, appeared, as usual. They popped into existence and hurled towards each other, where they should have collided and mutely annihilated themselves, disappearing back into the ether. But that didn’t happen. They missed.

Now there was a separated particle and anti-particle. They did not annihilate each other, now they existed. And now sudden there was imbalance, there was two separate pieces of matter: a particle and an anti-particle.

One would think the solution to this to be easy. Just create a complementary anti-particle for the two particles, and that will take care of the matter. However particle creation, even virtual, does not work that way. Singular particles cannot be created, as that is contributing towards a net-gain or net-loss (+1 and -1). Everything must remain 0; virtual particles are only acceptable because their brief presence ultimately cancels out to 0. Creating a single particle creates a net-difference, resulting in non-even distribution (asymmetry). Therefore, in order to compensate for the newly separated particles another two pairs would be made, another -,+ to cancel out the +1 particle and another +,- to cancel out the -1 particle. But even if these two new pairs can cancel out the initial separated pair, now two particles remain left, another +1 and -1. Trying to compensate for this ad infinitum would leave a constant remainder.

Even in the case of quark color confinement, if a quark and its anti- were somehow separated color confinement would have each quark’s complementary cousin (a positive and negative version of that cousin; another pair) to appear to retain the quark-pair (as quarks can never be singularly isolated).

Ultimately, the ultimate result is that if a virtual particle pair misses, matter is created. Matter of one charge and matter of its opposite charge. There is no longer even energy distribution, as there are now “concentrated lumps”, aka matter. The system is now asymmetrical. Entropy now immediately resumes in order to balance the asymmetry.

However, entropy always takes the path of least resistance. This can result in ‘order’ or greater structure/complexity. While seemingly counter-intuitive, structure is a more focused method of producing dissipation….an example would be a heated cabin in the woods. A sealed cabin still gives off heat, but at a very slow rate. Open a window, and heat can now leave via that one channel. In order to attain the quickest form of energy dissipation (and therefore balance/symmetry) it is easy to rapidly build upon order/structure.

So at the inception of a particle and anti-particle, numerous more could be formed and structures eventually gaining shape. In this “explosion” of matter creation there is now great amounts of like-charged particles and like-charged anti-particles; amounts of “matter” and “anti-matter”. Upon any contact, this matter would annihilate each other. However, as in the case of our Universe, a tiny amount of matter remained " meaning that there could have been just that much of an iota more matter than anti-matter. (Baryogenesis)

Despite this great annihilation, the remnants would continue to form ever-increasing complex structure (order), falling in accordance with all other natural laws/forces as they came to be. Despite being contrary to the natural flow of things to equalize, this order would better serve as a more active conduit to energy dissipation " all contributing to the gradual re-equalization of energy in the universe. Entropy was now slowly maximizing to the initial state. Yes, this may seemingly go counter-intuitively to entropy’s goals, but it is far more stable, more efficient, and more expedient than just waiting for matter to decay on its on.

And thus the existence, and life, in the universe began.

It should be noted that at each of these steps and key-events there could have been perfect mutual destruction, with both sides neatly cancelling each other out to a convenient net-balance of 0. Symmetry would be regained. And likely there were many times when things did even back out. These would be “attempts” that failed to produce the Universe as we know it (and conversely succeeded in preserving the maximum entropy, symmetric, even energy distributed universe). For every virtual pair that missed there were times when they were later re-neutralized along the way. Times when things did even out to 0. But all it took was one series of consistent failures to balance, a consistent set of attempts to balance that failed and continued to produce more particles and anti-particles, leading to matter and anti-matter, and for one time out of countless for there to be more of one kind of matter over the other.

All it takes is time for all that trial-and-error. And in eternity, there is always plenty of time.

Eventually, the structured / ordered Universe will dissipate away back to that initial state of even energy and maximum entropy. It is already doing so, and has been since that initial virtual pair missed and became real matter. But once our Universe does completely decay, the slate will be wiped clean yet again, with no constraints or other forces in the way. Conditions will be zeroed, meaning that again anything can happen given enough time.

Without any matter, there can be no measurement of change or anything to measure that change with. The measure of time becomes impossible and moot. An instant is an eternity and an eternity an instead.

All this sets the stage for another miss and potential creation of another Universe. And eventually, it will happen, whenever.

When you have nothing, you have the possibility for everything.

The rules of entropy can be summarized as follows:

0.      You have to play the game.

1.      You can’t win.

2.      You can’t break even.

3.      You can’t quit the game.

Entropy cannot be reversed. But once the game ends, it can be reset…

© 2012 Idyllwyld

Author's Note

This is my understanding of what current cosmological and particle theorists have determined as to how the universe came to be, and why. This glosses over some major scientific concepts and theories, mostly because I wrote this for my own understanding and review rather than for general audiences. But I still thought this worthy to share.

If anyone would like an elaboration of the ideas presented here, please don't hesitate to Google it and start looking for yourself. Or, comment/PM me.

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Last Updated on March 20, 2012
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