Main Character and Prologue (MUST READ)

Main Character and Prologue (MUST READ)

A Chapter by Kylie Waters

Sooo this is my prologue and main character descriptions... Maaan I'm nervous!



Main Character:
Name: Brielle Rose Blaze
Age: 18
Features: Long -waist length- layered blonde hair that has a unique gradual tone which leads to a rich blood red colour at the tips of her waves; a deep set of eyes that consist of her right eye being a sky blue, and her left a cat like green with shrunken irises, and to top it off, long and thick lashes to shade from the sun; full pink kissable lips; a curvy yet very athletic bone structure with smooth tanned skin achieved from spending so much in the sun; and a snake like scar running from her lower back all the way to her neck- which twirls around her right arm and ends at the tip of her middle finger.
Personality: Though looking very feminine, Brielle will most definitely prove you wrong if you think that she is a well mannered lady. Though she has her soft spots coming naturally from her mother, she has most of her characteristics inherited from her father; which are not always considered good:
Recklessly brave, a very short temper, high fighting spirit, a big pride which tends to get in the way of almost everything, and sometimes a very annoying and stinging sense of sarcastic humour.
However, the things that Brielle did inherit from her calm, beautiful and kind mother are:
Despite most of her flattering looks, a very kind heart which is sometimes too innocent and can cause Brielle to feel immensely guilty over even tiny little things (though the guilt sometimes fights with her sense of pride), and quite a surprising amount of bad habits that no one would think Brielle's mother possesses; such as:
An extended vocabulary of unladylike words that are mostly heard from sailors, and a bad habit of opening her mouth and speaking before thinking- which causes quite an impressive amount of problems in Brielle's adventures.

Brielle lived on an Island in the North Blue; where there was non stop snow all year round. She lived with her family in the Mountain Village, her mother being a local doctor and her father a village hunter. Despite the fact that the young girl's childhood was fun, Brielle was frequently ill due to the mysterious fail of her body's adaptation to the lack of sun in the winter island. Her skin was alway a sickly white with a dangerous shade of blue, and she was constantly feeling weak if spent too much energy. Fever played a very typical role in her life, in fact so constant that Brielle was stuck in bed at least twice a month. However, although Brielle was very fragile to illnesses, her father refused to let his daughter live without a few tortures of exercise. Every day he would teach her fighting moves, hunting, and even secretly swordsmanship behind his wife's back- as he knew for sure that she would not hesitate to ban them both from training altogether. Brielle enjoyed the lessons of training she received from her father, despite the fact that she really disliked it when he would intentionally mock her when not satisfied with her performances.

One day though, terrors were cast on their Island, and bloodthirsty pirates attacked their village. Ignoring both Brielle and her mother's protests, the father of the little peaceful family marched out to join the few men who were brave enough to try and defend their village. The last thing that Brielle saw and heard of her father was when he was ushering them into a secret path leading to a nearby harbour. She still remembers the stern but sad expression that her daddy wore on his facial features as he said the following words: "Listen, Brielle Rose Blaze, and you listen well. What I'm about to tell you, you have to promise to keep these words close to your heart. I don't care if you write them down on a piece of paper and swallow it, or if you get a knife and engrave then in your heart...actually, scratch that and don't, or you'll be killed." He released a soft chuckle at his little joke, and continued, "My point is, that you and I both know that we won't see each other anytime soon,- don't cry, Princess, be daddy's little girl and show what a tough cookie you are, yeah?" He wiped the tears that his saddened daughter shed with his thumbs and continued, ignoring the stream of his own tears staining his cheeks. "I want you to promise me that you will live up to your name in honour, and show the damn world who you are to make me proud of you, yeah? I don't care what you wanna be in life- wether it's a doctor, a marine, a hunter, whatever; but don't you dare be a maid or a servant! I'll personally haunt your dreams until you get kicked out! Continuing on, I just want to say that you better choose a good man who can replace me- and if I see from the heavens that it's some sick b*****d who doesn't give a s**t, then my damn spirit will possess him and make him commit suicide... Unless of course, you love him, which I'll hope against all the damn hope there is for that not to happen. I don't care if you wanna have kids or not, but you better live a life that you want. Not the life that me, yer mum, or anyone wants, but what YOU want. That's when I'll truly be happy. When you're happy. Ok?
I love you loads, my little Princess, and ya better not forget yer old pops, 'k?" By the time Brielle's father finished, she, her mother and father were not able to cease their empty sadness. Hot, painful tears blurred Brielle's vision, and she nearly failed to notice that her mother did not follow her on the little boat that was tied to the harbour. Seeing her daughter's face twist into a one of even more sheer horror as realisation dawned on her, the woman cupped Brielle's face in her soft, warm hands before planting a kiss on her forehead. "I'm afraid that as the village's doctor, I have to go too, sweetheart. I completely agree with what your father said, and all I have to add is that you should sail from here to a nearby island. Start a new life, you're 14. I taught you how to take care of yourself, so you should leave the negatives behind and start anew. I know this is hard for you, it is for all of us here, but try not to dwell on it too much and chin up, okay? Goodbye, we love you so much, Brielle, more than the world."
Coldness scratched at her skin as Brielle felt her mother's hand retract from her face. With one big sniff, she held her head up high, and did her best to stop the endless flow of tears as she smiled one last determined smile, managing to choke out, "I believe in you both, and we will find each other soon! I won't think of any other way! I love you too!"
Her parents smiled, though Brielle noticed that it was a shared, sad smile that sent hopelessness throughout her heart. Her father untied the rope that secured the boat to the pole, and with one hard push with his foot, Brielle began to slowly float away from her only family. She helplessly saw her parents give one last wave before turning their heads and walking away, without looking back.

© 2014 Kylie Waters

Author's Note

Kylie Waters
SOO.. Whaddya think? Heartbreaking? Stupid? Any mistakes?
And tips on how to create tension please??

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