Shadow World

Shadow World

A Story by Once upon a time

The first piece of writing to start my new book idea. Of course this isn't how the book will start, this is just the first thing I have written.

The shadows hold so much that people cannot see. They are dark reflections cast by the object's internal darkness. And in the world of shadows, objects have internal light that illuminates through them and gives off the impression that everything is lighted. Only the things that you cannot see, give off no light. Even the moon, though it is dark and far away, lights the paths of the shadow world in an inconspicuous way. The glow of the objects can come in all different colors; white, red, orange, florecent green and purple, neon pink. 
The trees of the shadow world are mimics of exisiting trees in the light world. However, each breed of tree births different colors of leaves. The trunks are a dark brown, giving off almost no glow. But the leaves is where they send all of their life. The leaves on a large oak glow a vibrant blue. As the oaks get smaller, and younger, their leaves are darker blue; almost fading into the black sky landscape. The most beautiful trees are the wise willows. They can be found in the most horrifying of places, or very unexpected ones. Their leaves are a pale, glowing white that looks like glittering snow when the wind blows. The trunk can only be seen in a few light spots when the leaves pass over it just right. And that's when you can see their faces.
The willow trees are the oldest trees whose souls remain intact. Most trees souls die and they give up their trunks as homes for other creatures that inhabit the shadow world. There are various reasons for trees to die. A tree can die just from being old. Trees also have predators that will exterminate them. However, right now, the most common reason for the death of a tree is the light world. Because the shadow world is a reflection of the light world's nature, when something is destoryed, it will also be destoryed in the shadow world. So as the humans tear down trees and fill in lakes, the homes and lives of the creatures in the shadow world are being snuffed out as well. When a tree dies because it's soulmate in the light world has been destoryed, it cannot be inhabited as a home for something else. It's bark rots from the inside out and it crumbles to peices when it is touched. It's leaves flicker and fall off as the wind blows and it's soul slowly fades away into the abyss. 
Since nature is the one pure connection to the shadow world, from the light world, it is the doorway as well. Humans cannot swim deep enough into the oceans to find the doorways into the shadow world, yet. The river's doors are a puzzle that most humans have yet to figure out. But the most commonly used doorway into the shadow world, is through trees. An old tree with a burrow inside of it, is probably a doorway to the shadow world. Most people that crawl inside don't go all the way, so they don't get sucked in. However, if you follow the pathway (the one you cannot see) all the way down, you will find the shadow door; or you will stumble through it, should I say. 

© 2012 Once upon a time

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This is rather interesting.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on April 11, 2012
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