A Poem by Immanuel

Internal desire for anarchy extarnalized in the hope of reaching and awakening others. The point is Experimentation and Growth I've created several movements and failed. I'm here to perfect my craft.


Do you ever have a random thought, one that causes excitement wash over you and adrenaline to run through your veins.

What stops you from doing it.

If the answer is society. I ask you to join me. I wish to create a culture of free expression, with anonymity as our weapon we will show the world what truly lies within humanity.

We are not empty shells waging through life as our puppet masters intended, we are not the rat in the maze, we are not the horse in the carriage with the carrot egging him on.

We are the most intelligent species alive known of all time, we are the ones burdened with power and great timing because it happens to be that in this point and time the people who are in power whether they know it or not are being released, their chains are being broken by forces beyond their control.

And with this freedom the people will finally be people once again.

No longer tools of those in power, no longer slaves of the people or even of themselves the age of freedom is dawning and the age of anonymity is taking root.

Hold out your hands to recieve your freedom. And recieve your mask.

All those who join, will be free.

Once you put on the mask the only thing that holds you in your chains is you.

You have no past and no future. You are in existence and no one owns you.

Take the mask and take your freedom. The revolution has begun.

© 2016 Immanuel

Author's Note

What does this make you feel? What is your impression of the writer based on this piece?

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Added on November 10, 2016
Last Updated on November 10, 2016



"Writer" with overly Ambitious Goals, and a Messiah Complex. I do my best. also since this is a thing. I'm new here. more..

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