A Poem by Immanuel

Continue loop until success. If no success after X times then change. This is a fountain of the mind, not meant for large public consumption, but a small case study, to create a safe product.

Do you have a desire in your heart.
One that beats and pulses in you.
Not the one that can be showed or stated but the one that is shunned by the ones you love if you have any, shunned by the society you reside in if you dwell, and Shut Off by the inner monologue given to you by the world, the one that represents what is and not what you wish to be.

I come to you today, to offer you a new path. An on switch, to your off life.

Today I give you the power of anonymity.
The power to go your own way with many more just like yourselves.

I'll give masks and each member who has a dream, a vision to be had, that the world may not agree with, has a platform to stand on.

We will be not brothers and sister. But clones because a brother may love you for tradition and a sister may love you for wealth. But a clone can only feel that feeling, of sameness of equality. There are no lies among clones.

Under the guise of anonymity were all equal and.

The only thing that holds us together is our mission.

Every man is his own commander, if friendship is what you look for, look elsewhere. But if you wish for the chance to be free. And for men and women to hold things in their heart just as you, waiting for the moment to release it waiting for that one moment to be free.

Here in our makss we exist. We live.

My goal is to unite freedom seekers under a banner.
With anonymity.
And bravery to exist without rules for a few moments.

We will free others and give anonymity to all we will break down the constraints of free speech. Of Free Will.

We will rob the banks and give the money to the poor.

Give the money to ourselves.

We will destroy the community of journalism and it's foolish standards.

Commit brave acts never get caught.

Destroy social media groups.

Take down google.

Take over the USA.

Kill Terrorists and Others who have done evil.

Ugh, this is insane. There is no point.

Unless I believe there is a point unless I'm willing to try.

Maybe say what I want out loud over and over and work on it on my own, they will figure it out.

I want people to say what they want and go for it.

I need to make the teachers look, dumb, the leaders,  the know it alls.

The narcissists, sadists and all those too sure of themselves who represent a system to deeply ingrained.

The Colleges, The Schools, The Big Businesses, The Military, The Churches, all that tell you to walk a path that is widely paved for no other reason than that.

The Nationalism and the lies based on Traditionalism.

We'll burn them all to the ground

That's all I got

© 2016 Immanuel

Author's Note

Same as last time.

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Added on November 10, 2016
Last Updated on November 10, 2016



"Writer" with overly Ambitious Goals, and a Messiah Complex. I do my best. also since this is a thing. I'm new here. more..

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