A Poem by Immanuel


Yeah. I know what you mean. I never really fit boxes. I just choose a few good looking personality outfits I found useful and tried em on. And just stuck with one's I really liked.

Personalities are kinda like clothes to me, I don't think that's normalish.

I just think people are defined by their actions and desires not some stereotype applied abd sold wholesale.

But I still see the use. People have to guess kind of who you are with little information so these boxes help people and it's good to have an image that you feel is close to you, but also that you like so that people can see if they're interested I guess.

No one wants to spend tons of time with people who just don't understand them or disagree with them all the time.

But the sorting prices and defining process for humans is pretty lacking and sad at this point, but there has to be some system in place. I think.

I just think people shouldn't take it too seriously and should get to know each other, the system is like guidelines.

Not like some holy book. Be willing to explore and learn about people that's my opinion. but I like people, so it's different for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed my essay.

© 2016 Immanuel

Author's Note

Tell me your thoughts and impressions of the writer and their ideas? How would you feel if you read this, what would you think?

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Added on November 10, 2016
Last Updated on November 10, 2016



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