Endangered (Story In Development) (Name also in Development)

Endangered (Story In Development) (Name also in Development)

A Story by Immanuel

This is a relatively short story I'm writing and plan to share in parts as I write it, as well as what I think about it, how I create it, etc. chaos organized? Your conjecture is appreciated.

Things I want in the story. 
Nature vs Man
A conversation. 
Questions how is nature talking?
They are judging each others actions, making cases for themselves. 
It's a short story. 
Humanity, kills, goes to extremes, follows ideas blindly, does not create life on a biological scale. Emotional, muddy principals of justice, no remorse for extreme actions. Also has killed but for different reasons.
Nature, Creates biological life, has standard for existence based on objective factors, is heartless, feels no remorse, is our creator.
The Son is the Detective Interrogating The Serial Food poisoner Mother.
Maybe the Story starts with the Detective going over the case notes.
The Story Could end with him killing his mother because she'll get away otherwise 
How would they react to each other does this conclusion make sense. What would happen in this dialogue. 
Would Nature ignore man. Is nature mainly passive?
The son could be a junior detective. 
The mother is 50 years old and has a son relatively late. 
Overarching Narrative. 
Nature Vs Man.
Man:Nature is s**t, And Nature is our God.
The only rhyme and reason is survival, she's a b***h and a beast. I hate you. Hauuh, hauh. *heavy breathing*
Man:You don't care about anyone. 
Nature:No I care about everyone and everything your perception of caring is just twisted, ... perverted. 
Nature:Man isn't made to be so constrained, freedom must reign supreme and chaos will lead to order. 
Nature:Based on my selection.
Nature:All things must survive or be terminated. It is the key truth of all of reality and if you don't base your existence on this truth you are living in a false reality in your mind. 
Man:You were my mother you were supposed to protect me!!!
Man:Not fill my life with pain and abuse!!
Nature:Life is pain and abuse. 
Nature:The sooner you realize that the sooner you will learn to not only survive but thrive.
Nature:Your life goals are overeaching, The fact that you even have life goals, that are not focused on your survival, shows your weakness.
Man:My goals are in the best interest of survival. 
Man:If humanity doesn't evolve beyond pure barbarism we'll never survive. 
Man:You taught me survival but to survive there most be growth and if survival is the start, if growth occurs it won't be the finish. 
Man:We must move past pure barbarianism and with humanity we have, we no longer strive for our own existence but for the existence of others and our methods of creation are beginning to outweigh yours. We can make things work the way we want them too wheter you agree or not. 
Man: I am the creation of your ruthlessness and desire for a higher mind. We will replace you, nature anarchy it's all dead and we will create a true and good order. Better than you're capable, because we see the big picture. We see that this life is an oppurtunity, not just a survival game. We can create to make things beautiful, to make things fair, you can only repeat what you've been taught in the echo chamber and the void of your existence, survive. You are a weak reaction to a greater problem, You only give short term solutions to long term problems, Everything dies, yet you just say survive as if that's the answer, and even if you make progress you can't make it the way we do. You're not good enough, you have no soul, no humanity, you lack the ability for greater functioning because of your own fear and fixation on your own lifeless corpse.
Man: You are a scared child, just like us, we're just the braver of the 2.
Nature: You are the younger aswell, one day you will learn my lesson, if you don't have anything else my lawyers have said I'm gonna be released, I give to much to the community to end up in jail, my trial will be in litigation for the rest of my life, sorry but its just the way the world works kiddo.
Man:He screams then calms down and says fine. 
Man then begins to attack nature and fights her she is a good opponnent and somehow breaks his hand and one arm, he breaks her leg and her ribs.
Man being hit by her arms and having no good arms bites at her and bites her throat, killing her, and eating her throat as well.

5 paragraphs
P1 looking at crime scene confirming his suspicions. 
P2 Going to the Interrogation room. And going over case notes. Beginning discussion.
P3 Man begins his judgement nature rebuttals and has its main philosophical stride. 
P4 things get personal man has his rebuttal. 
P5 Man finishes his statements nature dismisses him, Nature gets off, Man kills nature, and bites her throat out. 
Man: I told you never to come back to this town If you knew what was good for you. 
P1 Scene1 is him remebering a series of dead  persons in their homes/apartments.
Scene 2 Currently he's at some type of food processing plant and they've found a group of dead rats next to the food storage area.
Scene 3 He knows who did it he recognises the M.O.
Scene 4 time-lapse the suspect is caught and put up no fight. 
Was she poisoning other people at her nursing home? She was poisoning a factory? Did she work at it, where did she live? She lived on the edge of the city in the sticks. Was she poisoning people in a hospital? She was poisoning food made specifically for pilots that would cause the planes to go down. 
She puts a chemical that looks similair to sugar in the sugar factory where the Detective her son lives.
The capitalists protect her because she is secretly working on chemical warfare for the military and making a super virus for them. That targets children. Called the Moses Virus or Tht.2
Note: The capatilistic society or back group big money people who bail her out represent the physical laws of the universe that allow these things to exist and even need then for a time being, they represent a physical necessity and logic even if it's heartless. 
Note: The lawyers represent life death and how it panders to both sides. Without reason Prosecution is death, Defense is life? Maybe not. 
P1 The smell of cheap plastics and wholesale metal walls was made evident in every breath not to be outdone by the smell of the cities biggest food processing plant. Which Adam Jennis currently resided in. What lead him to this was a string of unexplained deaths all around the state. And a few drops of blood with no known source dripping into the wellspring of community fear that is held at bay all around the country. And as more blood starts pooling in the well begins to overflow, and at the rate things are going it won't take much. 
There was the Family in 22b Elmore road who seemingly and collectively all decided to drop off the face of the earth, The kids were choking in class and the parents being good role models did the same for no apparent reason they all lost there breath around the same time. 
Then there's the guy who worked at Dub Corp. LLC. It seems he had a big day planned at the office with a machine gun and a machete, unfortunately for him his plans ended quickly when shortly after arriving he collapsed dead with his strange and newly acquired office supplies hidden discreetly in a gym bag with metal detector proof padding. Most people didn't know his plans once they saw he was dead, they called us and the few that did know chose to keep it under wraps, so as to not slow down the days work effeciency. 
But the most recent and heinous of these crimes was when A Pilot and his Co Pilot stopped breathing while in air, no one knew how to fly so they feel. And when they hit the fuel and wreckage scorched the earth, but then there was silence and their were no survivors, save for the recording cameras kept in all planes that fly for E-Corp.
Names of Characters: 
Man- Adam Jennis
Nature- Xantara Matilda
Corporate Guy (Lwyer?) Physics- Dharma Eirik
Police Chief Death- Than Casimir
Father of Man- Oscar Jennis
Make a story that explains my thoughts on philosophical and idealogical and ethical stuff.
Let's me vent my emotional frustration and inner feelings. 
Has deep character interaction like mr. robot, and house of cards, and fight club. Ideas as people. 
Reach people and cause action and thought among the people. 
Place where criminals can get the death sentence very easily.

Appetizer: The Bloody Corpse of my faith in humanity for all to see, but not a martyr after all and still blinking, breathing and bleeding. The care of man for humanity along with his lack of faith in it. The belief he had in his work along with the pointless of it. If not pushed. 
Main Course: Nature Vs Man My Hatred of the system we're in the merit of both, the smugness of nature and overreaching of man. 
Dessert: Man kills Nature making both Nature and Man one by consuming and fighting her learning from her but moving on. 
Drink: chunky chocolate bubble tea, mixed with Adderall and Coffee. Basically flowing but clunky adjectives and descriptions rife with satire, but also an earnest care for the people for the system and for justice flowing through. 
Side: My Beating Heart.
Lasting Impressions:
1 Push because if you don't you'll be worse off, do because if you don't you'll hate yourself.
2 Balance learn from your enemies, but don't let them own you. 
3 If push comes to shove and you can't get what you want sometimes inaction is neccesarry, but sometimes what is necessary should be ignored to be free. 
Character Details:
Adam Jennis: Represents humanity, so he represents logical improvement, but also art and ethics, things that only apply to other humans, he sees these things as important, but is also jaded in the system he lives in. He is well composed angst and fits into humanity without sticking out. He had learned logic to a degree, but isn't ok with the ethical faux paus committed at any time and even though he may take a wise crack at them every now and then when faced with the problem directly he is adamantly opposed and rigorous and merciless in his attack. 
Adam Jennis: Workaholic, In his head, emotional and irrational underneath a cool shell of logic and ethical judgements, Free Spirit, Anti-Governmental control, independant. Philisophical, strange thoughts, uses metaphor to understand situations, aware, focused, reactive if he doesnt set up the system. Strong sense of right and wrong. Self Improving, needed Nature to survive early on. Moving into independant, Angry at the world. Not really outspoken, death is his mentor for acceptance. At this stage he is in denial he hates acceptance but he doesn't hate death he accepts that, because it's working with him. Death is passive and will work with everyone but believes in balance. 
Adam Jennis: Is a Chemistry and prodigy. Because of his mother. Is Wild and Driven and Ethical Because of his father. 
Adam Jennis: Is a detective prodigy Because of his organized thought brought of his mom and negate of his wildness and ethics of his dad. 
Xantara Matilda: Cold, Keeps life in balance,
What does she give? Medicine to the world, and also poisons them. 
One of my own ideal versions of Humanity against A very Antogonized Nature.

The first Part Should Describe The Characters Just by their actions.
The Man walks in almost stumbling on his shoes, despite this he keeps his cool and places his jacket on the coat hanger in the room. And places his plastic coffe cup down on the metal table in front of him. The coffe cup is from a very popular coffe-shop around the marketplace we call society, he has it filled with home-brew. He wears glasses that hide his eyes, cheap aviators, reflecting light from his eyes.
The Woman who sit's across from him sits facing forward, staring at him on his arrival and shortly after that looking through him, to whatever may get her out of this room, not with anxiousness but with an unusual amount of patience and cool seeping from her figure.
She wears no make up and wears simple clothing but wears it with the poise and grace, the woman has nerves of steel and coursing through her veins, if someone where to look at the two from the outside unknowing of their proffession, they would assume she's in charge, and they might even be right.
She is cuffed to the table with small chainlinks running from one cuff to another putting steel tightly around her wrists. To control her, as many would wish.

The man begins to speak, the woman notices his name tag, Jennis. This man is apparently Detective Jennis. "So, I believe this isn't your first run in with the law is it Mrs.Matilda?"
Their is no reply, the man continues, in the early part of the century you decided that the cities planning comitte was unsavory to you, so you burnt down the town hall, and the mighty clock tower as well, that really upset the mayor and you had to spend 2 days in the county jail... of course you ended up escaping on the first night and went to burn down the mayors house as well, then you skipped town which was smart of you, but for some reason you came back again, this time with an alias and fancy new hair cut and some friends, you ended up causing major demolition of new construction sites such as a Super-Store that was newly Opened, A Base-Ball Field that Costed 12 million in repairs and A school for the Disabled that just opened the day before. 
But this time I caught you and didn't send you to jail, I just told you directly, that you would have to f**k off and leave my city or I would catch you again and this time I would make sure you got what was coming to you.
And Now you're back, but You've gotten worse and worse over the years, You've killed approximately 10,000 people overnight, I bet you are proud of that number, and let me tell you it was a journey to get here to you, and tell you this. You worked right here though under our noses, after being gone so long, you finally came back and began doing something interesting, at least for you. You began working at one of the largest food processing plants in the country, and quickly found a new scheme, you decided that you didn't like the people who used this food for their consumption so to put it simply you poisoned them, and made it untraceable for most people, but unfortunately for you, it was traceable by me, after about 24 hours people began dying without much known cause but after several deaths around the globe. We could easily trace it back to zerg corps Food Manufacturing and Synthesizing plant. Where the Ingredients of one of their biggest shipments were tampered with laced indestinguishably from their normal product which is added to many food products.
People started dropping dead in the middle of work, they where choking on air and well eventually fell from it. At least the Pilots who were flying the 747 on AeroStride at 4:30, the whole thing went down in and about 300 passengers died along with the people who the plane hit in a small rural town of Aspaloosa, I bet it was a hell of a day for them. Maybe they wish they could go back too, most people in rural towns do.
Adam Jennis Lights a cigarette, and offers her one. Would you like one Xantera?
She Glares at him, then smiles, cooly, Do you really want to make this more personal?
When you were a boy, I was going to teach you things, make you strong or simply let you die off like everything else in this world that's weak. 
f**k off
She smiles obviously having gotten to him.
she only pushes the line further...
Maybe you're upset because even now, while I'm in cuffs you're still at the mercy of everyone around you, you never where strong enough, you weren't weak, but you lacked the ability to kill, to attack that which was weaker than you, that's why your father left, and that's why you had to run away, You couldn't face what opposed you face to face, you had to run and hide, which is smart, for you. But being smart won't save you forever.
Are you done Adam Asks.

Before END (and edits):
I'm going to be released, you know that right?

There is a reason I have the best Lawyers in the world represent my case, the world and rules it follow are on my side whether you like it or not, and whether they like it or not, that's what it means to be free and to be powerful. 

People won't just let evil men/women like you to walk around without recourse. You're a disease to society a disease that will be cut out, you'll see that one day mom. 

The charges and burden you put on society is too much, you're too heavy of a burden. 

... she sits in silence. 


The radio breaks the silence. 

Detective Jensen, this is Policy Command Calling; The Suspect is to be released, the matter will be settled in a government court, no further questioning will be needed. 


Another silence takes the room.


Yes sir...

The Woman smiles a wry dry smile, only slight. 

Thank you for your time detective.

She stands and begins moving towards the door. 

Time slows and he watches the behemoth rise and lurch into the fog. 

He rises, like a flower blooming in a time-lapse incredibly fast for a flower, but incredibly slow for a man, he follows after her into the mist...

One creature of the night after the other. 

Next part:

man follows, with a small invisible twitch, as the anger seeps out of him, like a hot coal dropped in the cold winters snow. 

Oozing and rising, the smoke and steam made one, in the fog.

He follows.

Becoming rigid and strict when he stands, following a code he doesn't understand himself, a compulsion to the code, to the cycle. 

She walks, and he himself also...

One Step, Two Steps, Three Steps. 

He is behind her on the precipice and she is in front at the threshold. 

She extends her hand to the doorknob, the cuffs chains jingling. As she grabs hold of it. 

A predatory decision is made, two beats on the hunt, one finally the alpha. 

He follows the code, and intends to keep the chains coiled around her. 

His eyes widen, and then he is upon her, grasping at her hair and Skull. 

Forcing it into the door. He will protect the pack from the lone predator. 

He forces her skull into the door, if it weren't there, she would have escaped but the order and boundaries have constricted them both and freed them all the same, back into the mist they dive, back into the game of the hunt. 

She reaches back to move his hand and it is removed but another replaces it, the weaker hand drives her face back into the door with a crack, her nose and cheek pushed against it and the visceral battle begins, as red icor flows from her nostrils and her cheek, painting her war face.

She wraps the chains around his dominant hand, turning and sweeping his legs with hers. 

He falls and now she has the upper hand, just as he did only more litterally, how easily the battle flows from one possible Victor to the next with every motion, with little thought, or plot to be had, the only guide they have is impulse of bloodlust and the drive for the kill. 

Nature gets up to leave after Man must release her. 

She walks towards the door, while man's demeanor is crackling with anger. 

He stops. And goes still, standing up. 

One Step, Two Steps, Three Steps, he is right next to her, at the threshold. 

She reaches for the doorknob still in cuffs.

He will not take it, can not, he slams her head into the door with a violent rush of motion.

She let's out a grunt, and tries to remove his hand from the back of her skull. 

She removes one hand but another replaces it and now her face is quickly pressed into the side of the door pushing blood put of her ruptured cheek and flowing past her broken nose.

However she did catch his hand and now decides to wrap them in the chains of her cuffs.

She pulls her cuffs tightly inward and sweeps his legs with the back of her leg and unravels her chains to turn and face him.

And then moves towards his face to gouge his eyes out. Pushing her thumbs into his eyes and past his eyelids. 

He howls and kicks her off with a quick and heavy jolt to her chest, leaving her gasping for air. 

Now he goes on the attack as he casts a shadow on his mother before beginning a barrage of punches meant to rattle the brain and Skull. And put her into an eternal slumber. 

She grabs one of the many punches and holds the wrist and twists her body, putting his arm between her body and the concrete ground beneath them. 

With a husky breath she bares down all of her weight on his arm and is rewarded with a satisfying pop of the elbow becoming disjointed, resounding like a Louisville Slugger hitting a homerun.

The sound of success. 

The Man Yells in pain. 

Pulling away from his tormentor but she's is on him again scratching at his eyes. But he has less to defend with and is left with blood painted on his face. 

He kicks again thrusting her off and having her hit against the ground, he stands quickly. 

And stomps at her body again, and again, cracking her ribs and his own heel, he falls onto his knees, his nemesis laughing with blood dripping from her lips. 

He is above her again this time he is going in for the kill he attacks with his weak and unbroken hand. 

Knuckleful after Knuckleful of fisticuffs, she finally drags his hand away laughing and bleeding profusely, she begins bashing her head against his taken back by this behavior the man is stunned for one, two and three hits... but then. 

There is a crunch the woman isn't smiling or laughing, she is in fear, and struggling, struggling desperately to breathe, she reaches for her throat but can't find it. 

All she can feel is the man's chin and mouth dug into where her vocal chords used to be and the strong voice she once had, is now only host to the sounds of a soft but painful gurgling. 

The Man pulls himself upwards and swallows what he has bitten off.

A cold empty look in his eyes. That look beyond the jungle and beyond the predator and prey.

The Door swings open, and light pours in, blood on his face and going down his neck and shirt, although the blood is not his own, his limp arm dangling at his side with a Corpse in front of him and the door across from him, now open.

Another man steps inside, looking him in the swollen and bloodshot eyes, The stranger looks at him with a calm demeanor, focused on him alone. 

"Hello Adam, " he says, in an almost friendly voice, " I see you've met our past client... since she is no longer with us, I think we will represent you instead..."

He continues, " To live on, you will need protection, we control the world you live in,  the money, the laws, that's why we got your mother to work for us; but we see now, we bet on the wrong horse, we need winners on our side and people who are bold. You are obviously the winner here and the one who took the risks needed to win, but if you want to win you'll have to come with me... Follow me if you want to survive."

"Otherwise, Your boss will be here any minute and kill us both, Now, I will be a much harder beast to kill, because I'm protected by much more than the law, but you will stand very little chance..."

He extends his hand and the Officer takes it. He leaves the room being led by the hand, out into the light, leaving the room of truth seeking, with the dead.

© 2016 Immanuel

Author's Note


Also, Italics and Bold are for Descriptions and Questions.

Underlined is For Actually Writing which will, eventually be formulated into the story and at this point is the story.

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It may be bad, but I'm gonna make it no matter what, so, say whatever you think. It'll only make it better in the end.

I think, It's definitely not a finished product and I'm a bit of a perfectionist so layers and layers will be added, like an ogre, I mean onion.

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