The Truth About Dating and Sex

The Truth About Dating and Sex

A Poem by Immortal Beloved

needed to be said

It’s come to my attention of the shocking fact that the majority of women and men I went to school with or have been friends with for a time are single and it’s been bugging the hell outta me for a while. Now this is a two part deal but the majority of it is focused on the women more than the men, well whatever you get the point.
And its not just men and women within Maryland and Pennsylvania it’s all over the f*****g world and it boils down to many reasons. Number one being pickyness both sexes especially women are picky as f**k when it comes to men because they go for the tightest abs and the biggest dick they can try to handle and looks. See right there that’s fucked up just because some guy has a 6 pack, big dick, great looks doesn’t make him the greatest boyfriend around it makes him a tool especially if all he sees is a quick f**k out of you and nothing more. Being picky doesn’t help your dating pool at all if all your going for is six packs and slim figures, that right there shows your shallow and afraid to date a heavyset guy like me or someone else. Afraid that if you date some fat guy heaven forbid you’re so-called friends will say something that you’ll be looked down upon by your high school social clique and I’m not sorry to say that yeah you would be but so f*****g what? The big guys need love too and probably no f**k that I BET that they can love a helluva lot better than those six pack a******s can. It’s not about f*****g looks and c**k; nah its about personality and real human quality but when you live in either Manchester, Westminster, Hampstead, or PA you’re expected to live up to these bloodsucking cocksucker’s ideals and obey like a dog.
Men are picky because the majority want the skinny minny itty bitty t***y committee types who are commonly blondes and brunettes both with bad dye jobs who cant hold their liquor and break easily. Or the other half wants the real or fake tits juicy a*s persuasion and vice versa plus you also got the ones who go for moneybag types and that cracks me up. All the sweet talk and intimate whispers then once they get some p***y or dick plus cash they run off and find someone else. It’s very strange that most women are afraid to open up and men are on total lockdown when the topic comes up at all or and this is the real kicker: when you try to change something about if it’s outer appearance such as hair, weight loss/gain, new wardrobe, shoes, etc people still see the old you not the new you and believe me, ITS NOT EASY TRYING MAKE PEOPLE SEE THE NEW YOU.
The second part is sex plain and simple. Everyone has been f*****g since 13-16 youngest I knew I was 12 and had ten different guys by the time her 13th birthday rolled around and she 2 abortions and her one daughter is in foster care till she turns 18 then she claim her back. So we’re all used goods women yes you’re used goods men yep you’re used goods see you start at an early age by the time you hit your 20's you get boring even if you change up your routine or try something new it’s the same boring body with new tricks and toys that’s it plain and simple. No wonder no one’s dating because you guys are so shallow about each other. If a woman has multiple boyfriends with half she has sex with then the other half treats her bad she decides to go rug munching then when eating p***y doesn’t work out she goes neutral or back to guys so it’s a lose-lose situation. Same with guys get tired of pounding p***y and a*s (which is rare with some chicks) then they go and suck dicks and play fanny bandits lol. And I use the term used goods because nobody really thinks straight because when you sleep around then world of mouth gets around about how good or bad he/she is then it’s like you know you need to keep a low profile on f*****g for a while. Now I’m not gonna lie I ain’t been laid period so it doesn’t matter to me because women are always gonna see the old me not the new me. They’re gonna see the weight not the personality, the humor not the soft sensitive side, th hard edged shell I developed and not how deep I really am.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched people from Spargos get loaded go home for a quick f**k and only one party comes back usually the guy to load up some more and go home for the night or back for round two. When it comes down to it when a guy throws the word s**t or w***e around its kinda funny because I classify a woman as a s**t or a w***e though I prefer s**t rather than w***e because it’s slightly more decent but nonetheless I classify that by whether or not I know you or whether I’ve heard that you sleep around: case in point kristen weaver tried to set me up with becky birnie to f**k me well that didn’t work out two reasons: one kristen called her a "good f**k" that totally turned me down and off and two if it was a practical joke then f**k em both I don’t have time for kindergarten shenanigans and all that jazz I mean s**t why don’t you just call her a s**t or a w***e?
WAKE UP, GODDAMMIT IT’S 2009 and you got your whole lives ahead of you. Take a good goddamn look in the mirror both of you in your best outfit that you use to charm with compliment yourself then for those of you who have wedding gowns hold it against you and ask yourself this: "Where did you go to whatever happened to me?" and for the men who still have their rings look at it with sober eyes and ask yourself this: "What?" and see how many questions bubble up to the surface. Then comes the final test: look at yourself naked in the mirror look at yourself head to toe and point out 20 imperfections on your bodice and if you find more then you’re self-conscious about your own body but go ahead try it see how many you spot and pick out.
But with most and sometimes all women its all about holding themselves up to such a high f*****g standard that it’s YOU yourself that makes it hard to attain you. I know a lot of women who still act like girls yet they hold themselves so high and mighty its ri-goddamn-dicolus like your some kind of royalty and really you’re not: it’s just your ego that you’re abusing actually. So when you think you’re the best you’re really not its not about making a guy work for some p***y and a dick suck and possibly anal its about letting him/her into your heart and mind for a change. You people either try too hard, too little, or just not enough period and that’s on you for not trying or doing enough despite your best efforts at attempting to change yourself but yet you cling onto something that you can’t live without and it’s time to get rid of it because maybe and possibly that’s what is holding you back from being the person you want to be and s**t knowing that is half the battle GI JOE!!!! lmao so hopefully this little PSA has helped you in some way, shape, or form and if it hasn’t then the path you’re on now is only gonna lead to self-destructive behavior relationship wise meaning you keep mixing and f*****g around you’re gonna get raped or continually dumped and cheated on OR you’ll dwell upon old boyfriends and hold onto the good qualities you see in them and not the negative ones that caused the breakup in the first place f**k people this ain’t Sex and the City, Friends, 90210, or any of those other stupid a*s adaptations of the 90's this is real f*****g life grow the n****r loving hell up pull your head out of your a*s and your brain outta your c***s and for god’s sake change yourself, be spontaneous, be spunky, be inventive and don’t be afraid to be who you are although caution on that because too much of you can ruin it horribly.

© 2009 Immortal Beloved

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Added on October 20, 2009


Immortal Beloved
Immortal Beloved

Manchester, MD

My heroes are males and females who report that they were raped no matter how long ago it was you are my true heroes no matter what people say YOU guys are the true heroes!!! and you got my respect 10.. more..