Cloud 9

Cloud 9

A Poem by Immortal Beloved

The truth about being in love and the side effects


Everybody knows what this little phrase means: you’re in love. It’s the feeling of having that connection with your significant other and nothing else matters except that person and you get that blurred heaviness when you’re with them.

But here’s the downside you can’t think now I can testify to that because when I was with Morgan all I saw was her and everything else was put on hold: my stories, my dreams, just everything my mind became a steel ball locked down and on the right hand side in pure blinding light was Morgan.

And reflecting on that, it scared me to my soul because my only escape from reality is fairytale land hence why my skinny jeans say on the front "Fairytale Land Is Better Than Reality" but here came along a chick that showed me true love and we fell in love and nothing mattered but what we had.

S**t she gave me my first real kiss and right after we cried and laughed strange huh? 23 I get my first kiss and she cheats on me by going back to her previous ex and didnt tell him about me n her dating because I was "insignificant" according to her, even lied about the hickeys, half a*s handjobs, the heavy petting, and the whole relationship as a whole.


How did it end you ask? Well Sept 4th we went to the movies to see The Hangover and I didn’t want the night to end but it did and I just couldn’t fight off the wave of grief and just cried the whole way back home yeah I’m a p***y but one that was in love and I told her she was the dream girl I’d been looking for but to my unforseen knowledge I had a name for said dream girl so after dodging me for a week I finally found out why she dodged me: went back to the ex and that she wants a guy to see her for her not as a dream girl so I told her how much I loved her but in the right/wrong way.


So since then I’ve made friends with her ex and they split so I’m like whatever I’m not going back to an ex it’s a key cardinal golden rule I have and keep: Never go back to an ex it’s not worth it and I don’t need the drama if I want drama like I’ve stated before I’ll go to the cancer, AIDS, and comatose wards because those people got more drama combined than any of you do.

But when it comes to matters of being in love and not caring or being able to focus or anything or anyone but that person it’s good but scary when you get to that point. I think the biggest issues with being in love and the double standards that follow along with it are each other’s circle of friends, parents, but most importantly: what YOU think of that person and this goes for both sides of the relationship. If the boy/girl you’re with is perfect in your eyes and has no flaws then you’re just as stupid as the rest of em and I use the term tightly and that goes for the boy/girl too. Because all the men and women STILL ACT LIKE LITTLE BOYS AND LITTLE GIRLS. Now as for me and the other 2% of the dating population that act mature and know how to treat man/woman we got that s**t on lock son lol. When it comes to your friends who do you pick when they disapprove of who you’re dating? You’re friends or your new fling? How do you choose? You just can’t but if you choose friends then you got serious commitment issues and MAJOR shallowness, however if you choose the new fling then you have seen who your true and real friends are.

As for my circle of friends it’s small and there’s only like five out of them that I would trust enough to tell me whether or not the next girl I’m with is good for me but I can also tell for myself if she’s hiding something or not opening up to me then I know it’s not right for me because I trust my feelings and instincts as well as my friends input on the matter at the hand.


Now this whole thing is for new couples, current couples, and the long term couples (which includes engaged or married) so with that being said and understood for the new couples that just hooked recently such as Casey and Taylor as an example not a callout or a bashing or anything like that yes they’re on Cloud 9 good for them but I see that and I think and hope "Tread light and slow don’t rush it don’t push on anything just treat it like a glass baby" because if you rush and mishandle that glass baby CRASH! Baby goes into millions of broken pieces and no you can’t put that back together don’t matter how much glue or tape you got it won’t stay together. For a current couple I know of would Timbo & Mindy now she wears the pants in the relationship not to mention she’s got all the forests even made up her a*s because she’s stuck up and since they got together he choose her over his friends because I nor anyone else has seen him since so she’s a control freak but apparently he must like something about her aside from p***y lol. And for a married couple I choose my parents because theirs has fallen completely down the shitter time was we were good then idk s**t changed and now me and her fight all the time, they don’t get along but don’t say anything about it to each other, she’s a Baptist acting like a Pentecostal and a matriarch V_V so yeah I got it bad living here ugh but aside from that they fell off of Cloud 9 long ago.

But you know who I envy the most? The married couples who’ve been together 90+ years that right there folks is called phoenix passion never ending and still burning so brightly and it don’t matter how many times they lose interest in each other they’ll never forget why they put on the ring in the first place. That’s the couple that I respect and envy with utmost diligence.

See here’s the main focal point in my blogs: I’m telling the truth and I’m also the little voice in the back of your head that wants to say what you’re really thinking. Ain’t that some scary s**t and you can sit there and say to the screen "f**k you kevin you think you know me and everything" but in your head the little voice snips back "But what he’s saying is true and you don’t wanna admit it". See I’m all about honesty whether it makes or breaks a relationship or friendship if you’re doing something stupid that you’re gonna regret I’ll tell you that but if I do it with a vicious smirk then you know I did it to cut you down because that’s who I am: the master verbal rapist but to put a easy light on things for those of you who need a picture to see it all look over at the vampire under the spotlight it’s Angelus he lies with the truth that’s who I am then you hear Luke Skywalker screaming "No that’s impossible!" Sorry Luke it’s possible and so very true.

But I have logic to it all I would like to date some girls from around here but I won’t because of their status quo: ego’s, image, & reputation. I mean honestly I’d doubt any of them would be caught dead in public with me arm n arm on a date much less a PDA although if they’ve drastically changed since HS then maybe I’d consider it but does that make me shallow? Slightly but it’s not any of them are gonna come out and say "hey kevin would you like to go out on date sometime?" that scenario will never happen because either it’s a cruel joke or in the rare circumstance the girl wants to see how I am on a date and I honestly think that’s what scares em how I’m gonna be on a date much less in a relationship.




I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Your lucky to date a guy like me because I won’t cheat on you because no one else sees me in the dating sense.

Believe, Like, Single, Relationship what do they all have in common? Give up okay then the common factor within all these words is the word LIE hence why I say Can you believe the lie and lie to believe? So when someone says I’m single, I’m in a relationship, I like you, I believe you, it’s all a big fat LIE. Because let’s be honest you do second guess when someone says something to you you pondered, dwell on it, consider it, then push it away and never think about it again until something sparks the thought up again, I do.

But with all that aside I have an assignment for you kiddies ^__^ and I want you to do this take a piece of paper and make a T column one side for you and one for your current fling one column is pros and the other cons now write up the pros and cons of yourself and your partner don’t sugarcoat it because you’re afraid of what the truth’ll do just let yourself go it’s just like unprotected sex it’s great for you but you run the risk of getting knocked up and actually enjoying it. And once your done with the chart show them to each other and discuss after all communication is key in a relationship and here’s the kicker: if you absolutely and wholeheartedly trust your partner take a small blank business card and write on it "Guilt Free Sex Pass" now the deal with this little card is you each get one and only one now if one of you uses it rip it half and show it to your partner but only if you feel the urge to do it if you don’t then tuck it away and know that you have a loyal bf/gf but if you use it to be playing head games then you really got some major growing up to do.


Just Remember: The Truth Will Set You Free ^_^

© 2009 Immortal Beloved

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well written words from the heart my friend.....I agree with you on so many accounts here...
as young as you are you speak like a older gentleman.....sounds as if you are getting ready for the luv face it head on......Mom

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on October 30, 2009


Immortal Beloved
Immortal Beloved

Manchester, MD

My heroes are males and females who report that they were raped no matter how long ago it was you are my true heroes no matter what people say YOU guys are the true heroes!!! and you got my respect 10.. more..