Dearest Treasure

Dearest Treasure

A Poem by Immortal Beloved

new love poem thanks goes to Titanic, Brooke, & katie katie


Dearest Treasure




I say unto mine.



Saunter into my sight with liquid fluorescence lower-class being yes you the female sex of homo sapien class.



Good now you look up and what do you see a floating head my name is Q so you know of my power and yet you question


Why have you brought me here?


Simple so you can see.


Now I need a touch of male the opposite of your species, every emotion in the known universe but mainly ruled by love, honor, and above all loyalty, add a minor build with a matching maverick attitude, two meters and two inches tall and voila I give you:



Immortal Beloved




He stands a smile warm as honey draped in coal black 15th century duster, matching jeans, and Harley Davidson boots.


Clean shaven and short brown hair.


I see you approve with the gesture of a energetic smile good now do enjoy yourself young one and remember don’t abuse the gift I’ve given you.


And with a snap/flash Q is gone.



Alone we are now and a number of things I could do with you I think upon but first a wardrobe change this isn’t wartime.


Snap! A Star Trek uniform.


Not really your color Immortal.


Shut up Q I’m having fun besides I got your gift so I’m going to enjoy it just let me adjust the scenery some.

Snap! God’s midnight veil of pinholes glittering softly


Snap! I approach you wearing an orange long sleeve skin hugging shirt and tan cargo pants right hand outstretched and in my sultry rugged voice I say


"Let me show you what you’ve truly been missing"


A blinding flash later we’re on a cliff overlooking the Irish coastal waters I’m clad in a blue plaid kilt, a white short sleeve shirt, and black boots.


You’re clad in a flowing red and brown maiden’s dress and soft boots both of us enjoying a nice picnic in 1304 Ireland smell the fresh clean air awakening all your senses beyond anything you can comprehend.


The sparkling wine tingles through your body head to toe making you shiver with delight.


The food warming your belly like you’ve a unborn babe growing within.


The wind gusting about blowing my kilt showing boxers and I smile and reply


"Not yet milady" in my burly deep Scottish/Irish tone.


Snap! And a flash later you hear chatter around you but you can’t see anything due to a blindfold your body feels tight from the bustle, the dress soft and relaxing, the black hosiery with rose patterns warm your legs, your hair tied up fancy, feet encased in slender dress heels, but the best part is your nose is afire with scents of various foods being cooked and prepared and your mouth watering to taste it all.


A small snap and the blindfold falls away slowly to reveal we’re aboard a luxury cruise ship you devour the sights then settle upon me and I’m wearing a tux hands folded elbows resting on the table playfully smiling at you whilst you blush slightly.


"Stop looking at me like that" you say with a smile disguised via a sip of white wine.


"Why should I after all red does bring out the dazzling twinkle in your eyes" I respond with a wink as you overlook yourself via your mirror in your purse then blush deeper.


"I’ve only personified your beauty but it matters not with or without warpaint upon your canvas I will always be entranced by you"


"I, you see me for me don’t you?"


"Well I do but I’m more interested about what lies beneath your left breast: your heart after all a woman’s heart is an ocean of secrets and I want to know yours so I can better understand you and nuture you the way you want to be"



I take your gloved hand and kiss it softly with a smile.


"So where are we exactly?"


"You mean when?"


"That too"


"April 1912 middle of the ocean"


"You mean we’re having dinner on board Titanic?" you ask with excitement barely contained drawing a few looks and amused smiles.


Nodding as the waiter comes over I allow you to order what you want then I order a simple sirloin and salad then after the traditional wine and dine we dance then to the bow under the arctic midnight sun and just like Jack did with Rose our lips encompass each other: real attraction at it’s finest.



Snap! And a flash later it’s 1863 Southern Georgia and I’m the game hunter displaying my trophies of animal heads upon my walls showing my masculinity via my victory wall and you beg and plead with me to come outside with you I resist till I have my kiss then I follow you to our tree where our names are wilddled into the bark, childish but devotion in true form.



You hand me my violin and bow and sitting upon the large root you sit before me kneeling a soft bright smile birthing on your lips as I play softly for you which always put you to sleep when you couldn’t at night worrying that the War would come knocking on our doorstep.


And I play watching your eyes close lightly swaying left to right as you savor my violin strokes and deep notation seducing your ears with my sweet melody.



Snap! And a flash later it’s the future I am a goth vampire the room black with chains dangling from the ceiling you’re beneath me in a blue and black pixie costume because it’s Halloween and you came for the treat more than the trick.


Leaning down I inhale your scent running my jeweled claw fingertips up your left thigh teasingly so hovering just above you feeling that brief contact as your back arches up to mine midsection, mouth slightly agape tongue licking the front of your teeth then waggling like an invitation to take more.


Amore’ I do deeply kissing your neck sucking firmly not penetrating not yet only to hear you suppress a moan by closing your mouth but a little more and you moan aloud clutching to my back pulling on my nylon white shirt.


Feeling your left leg wrap and drown my body to yours I breathe softly in your ear "my Irish butterfly" having forsaked freedom to have a life of eternal damnation, it was well worth it as your other leg drowns me in my bed of onyx colored lust I trace your lips with mine then my metal fingertips each one you tug off and feeling your heartbeat flushing your body with fever, I hoist you up and grabbing the chains your legs scissor about my waist and our mouths fused in deep need of carnal enrichment.


Coming apart panting a wicked smile on your lips as your knuckles whiten from gripping so tightly I smile and kiss the V between your warm mountains coming away with my fangs snaking out I lean up taking selective deep kisses testing the ways you moan for me with my fingernails, next I take each arm and drape it across the back of my neck letting your hands regain the blood flow and relax only to have my nape traced and the left side kissed deeply wrenching a moan carefully concealed from my throat.


Your mission a success so you venture forth making me moan for you grappling your wings like the Ultra Batclaw I groan aloud as you run your tongue across my shoulder up the right side of my neck rushing to your nape on the same side I pause panting.


"Do it I want you to" you plead lost within the starter symbolic foreplay I turn to see your pupils fully dilated from the arousal and I haven’t even taken you to true real ecstasy yet.


"Are you sure my butterfly?" I asked with a small hint of reassurance but damn the safety what’s it matter if she’s hurt somewhat NO! That’s the hunger talking I want her but I will not take it by rape only a coward would take what he thinks is his pitiful coward.


"Yes" you nod eager for more eyes pleading writhing hips for more suggestive encouragement but a gaze down and you know by my sunset color laced eyes I needn’t any but more is always welcomed so I smirk and take your nape piercing deep drawing deeply both of us moaning as we work your costume halfway off so as not to ruin it with blood.


Coming away, hands frantic you pull away my shirt fingertips hungry across my cool tanned flesh then consuming my long midnight white streaked hair ending with my lips devouring yours the blood trickling from my mouth.


Ah the copper taste on both our lips strange and foreign to you but rich and silky to me.


Pushing you back I roll back the white hosiery encased to your right thigh and lick the sign of the cross then french kiss deeply piercing the femoral drinking deeply and the battle cry you sound off only fuels my appetite more, sliding away I slit my wrist with blinding motion and offer you the same eternal damnation I chose panting and losing lifeforce your eyes roll into your head as you suck forsaking all chance of freedom.


I watch transfixed as you become greedy and I feel myself weaken some so I pull my wrist free letting the wound close up and see you flop backward writhing as the sweet warm nectar races throughout the insides of your canvas filling you, changing you.


You my butterfly gasp grabbing my arm fear and pure terror blanket across your face as you feel yourself dying but I smile sweetly running my thumb against your left cheek and kiss you gently with all infinite care then drowning me against you slowly finally you die in my arms jerking and spasmodically go limp.


Gazing at your necro form half nude I watch the puncture wounds heal and say "Come my butterfly break free of your cocoon and show me your new form" and your body jerks and bucks wildy but with a firm steady hand I hold you down letting the transformation run it’s course until you arch up to my welcoming embrace looking at your new life through undead eyes.


You see me panting you utter "Mirror" and I fetch one like a loyal servant feasting upon your new face still the same: tanned only slightly darker, eyes a light glowing magenta but still you with tiny fangs resting the mirror beside you I cup your face to see a range of emotions in your eyes but with one deep kiss you’re reminded of the why to all of them: choice.


Taking more of my kiss you part to depart away from your costume and anaconda yourself to me and surrender to need.


Entangled and consumed with each other I burrow within you using the chains for leverage gyrating so sensually I cannot contain myself as the waves of orgasm plague me and relish in your soothing tight tunnel submerging mine member in your juices.


Exploring everything and every known practice through the knowledge of crimson life, we exhaust our bodies till I finish with licking a pentagram over your sweet juice armored entrance and we collapse into ecstasy filled slumber.



Snap! And a flash we’re back to where we started.


So you see what I can offer that is unless you want the love where the little things matter more than just a simple I Love You I can give you that too.


See the shooting star know what I’d wish for: Time eternal with you.


When I look at you and say I will be your shield and halberd I mean it against whoever and whatever tries to conquers you.


So when I kneel before you look into your eyes and with utter passion respond



I say unto mine



Will you?


My Dearest Treasure  


© 2009 Immortal Beloved

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Added on November 2, 2009


Immortal Beloved
Immortal Beloved

Manchester, MD

My heroes are males and females who report that they were raped no matter how long ago it was you are my true heroes no matter what people say YOU guys are the true heroes!!! and you got my respect 10.. more..