And You Don't Think

And You Don't Think

A Poem by Amber

This poem is about my mom who recently passed. I think about her all the time...R.I.P. mommy.


And you were always there, always watching over me,

Reminding me of memories now and things that will never be.

You always had a way to stop the tears from pouring,

A way to entertain me with just your smile or when I heard you snoring.

You had the purest heart ever known,

And a love everlasting that you've always shown.

Your struggles were a great and many,

I know I gave a damn cuz I listened well to all and any.

You were the warmest breeze upon a relentless chill,

Your passing away is the day the earth stood still.

You I cannot express enough....I cannot even say,

The way I love you is far too strong and it killz me everyday.

I try not to think about you growing your wings,

I try not to think about a great deal of things.

I miss you more than I can say, more than you even know,

I miss you more each second yet I don't let it show.

And Mommy I don't want to cry when I start to think of you,

But I have always had you near and I just don't know what to do.

I pray and hope you hear me, I hope you can see I'm doing better,

But mentally I'm damaged, I just cant keep myself together.

I try to numb the pain thatz tearing me apart,

I love you with all my soul and every beat of my still-bleeding heart.

I need you to help me, to make me find a way,

To except that you have gone an I will see you again someday.

I need you just this once to hold me in your arms and sing a lullaby,

Of love and life we had.....just not this last goodbye!

So send me down a vine or even three or seven,

Send me down a staircase that spirals up to Heaven.

Don't leave me here to fend for myself when clearly I couldn't before.

I just give me one last chance to see you before I started walking out your door.

Just give me one more hug and kiss,

And hold me close like it was bliss.

And you do not know what you have til it's gone...I finally understand it,

And since you left me here alone life isn't worth a s**t!

I try to give a f**k or try to ;try to care,

But I can't find it in me....I guess it just aint there.

So when you see me soon I'm sure I will be glowing,

Cuz I'm already half way there I just got to get to where I'm going.




                                 THE  END



© 2010 Amber

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Reviews actually brought tears to my eyes..this is how i felt and still feel after losing my dad..i could never put it into words so thank you for writing this and sharing are truely talented

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on March 19, 2010
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Westfield, MA

I've been writing poetry since I can remember. It's the only way I have to vent. I am going to eventually get them all published. I am good person but a little rough around the edges, I'm extremely fu.. more..

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