A Story by Flames_of_Desire

       "His Trial awaits,young Regret. He shall know you soon..." Chronia said softly. Her perfect face was only blemished by a lone mark upon her cheek. Her piercing eyes constantly stared towards a glowing ball in the center of this small, ill-lit room. Chronia walked slowly towards her son Regret and stroked his face ever-so-softly. "His time to play with you will be quite soon...and don't forget to bring your brother, Reconciliation. This young man's Trial shan't let him survive..." she said again before falling into another of her trances, time slipping by more rapidly with every moment passed.
        Young Romulus walked just a bit quicker, a feeling in his gut filling his mind with nervousness. "Must it be now, " he said to himself, " that I meet another Messenger?". In that very instant, the tell-tale black robe descended upon the ground, dark and light feathers still fluttering to keep from plummeting fast. The hood was worn to hide the Traitor's face, though two very peculiar swords appeared in his hands. The blades had intricate designs on them; Two jagged thin sheets of titanium coiled around,but never touching,a twig-thin rod on each in an irratic fashion. One of the swords had sheets that were of the purest white;the other was of the deepest black,but both were raised in a hostile manner. Two voices spoke in perfect synch, one a calm but forceful manner while the lower was a cruel voice filled with poison. " Now shall be your Trial, young Romul of Rexana. You should have never left your Kingdom, my liege... " the voices sighed, blades now poised to attack. Romulus flinched at the sound of his real name. "Who are you? Who sent you? " he asked worriedly,slowly stepping back and unfolding his golden sword from the scabbard. " Someone from the dark, " the deep voice said, "and someone from the Light..." added the other. "And we were sent by the our leader, the general of the Forever Knights. Your Trial begins..." they dashed foward. "Now!"
       Hemia's mind lay elsewhere as,yet again, she cried. Her agony stemmed from an infinite longing for Romulus to return to her back in Marx. "Three years...it's been three years since I've seen him...and his infant-son knows not of his father...", she wept again. Fate walked alone towards Hemia's home, hoping to see Romulus again,but alas, he wasn't home. Suddenly, a tendril of flame appeared just before Fate,and a voice emanated from the flickering fires. "Fate," it called, "Why have you abandoned me? The Forever Knights ambush me every moment now...why?" it called to her sadly. "No,begone!" She shrieked to the flame. "Why must you plague me,mind?" she asked herself,crying hysterically. "Fate...why am I forsaken to you?" it tormented,and Fate soon had enough. "NO!" She shrieked and stretched her palm. A jet of heliotropic air shot forth from thence,and the flame soon was smothered. She panted,exausted from the torment. <We didn't abandon you, Romul> She thought.<You left us...and to find Him.Why must your memory fade so...?>

© 2010 Flames_of_Desire

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Added on March 9, 2010
Last Updated on May 25, 2010




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