Fallen Temples

Fallen Temples

A Poem by A.J.

A once-guarded temple now tastes of decay

A guiding light of hope once before- now broken,

 crumbling ‘neath the ruin of once hallowed halls- betrayed


the doors battered and burned to the hinges,

 -these chambers lined with bones, their hands outstretched,

and rusted, trampled memoirs of days gone by,

when the world shone bright upon these walls

that now wither diseased, falling to pieces from inside out,

in slow but sure erosion of a dream, held so dear for so long

before the fall and the pyres that kissed the sky


Oh pity the foolish ones,

who cant see the ghost behind the tattered veil

For the lust of what was, as if Helen still stood atop Troy-

An un-ruined soul, a temple of perfection

Beckoning them take their place amongst her golden temple

And pretend the favor of the gods

As if a dance with ghosts amongst broken relics is not a curse

Nor gift most cruel


 pity the tragic ones,

Who cant set their memories free, to fly like the embers of troy

Who cant let themselves believe

that even the most beautiful things spoil, burn and rust away 

that the strongest of temples come crumbling down


Pity to the bones of the dreamers, to the purest of heart,

That the world left behind at the altar of naivety  

For a chance that deceit and conquest might save themselves

from things once held sacred

© 2015 A.J.

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Well this was an entertaining poem. I like how you took an idea as simple as a temple and converted it into this interesting and well worded poem. Great job!

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Ft. Gibson, OK

My pen name is AJ. As far as writing, I enjoy finding the beauty, the tragedy, the strength and the reality of everything, right down to smallest, seemingly most insignificant details. The world as I .. more..

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