Getting To Know You pt. 2

Getting To Know You pt. 2

A Chapter by Careless Whispers ._.

description of one of the characters, Rebeka






Rebeka Barton

Age: 16

From: Dixon, Nebraska

       I stayed up until 3:00 but by the time it was 7:30, I was wide awake. I walked into the Family Room, phone and book in my hand.

   No one else was awake so the house was dead silent-perfect reading conditions. I cracked open the new book I just got a couple days ago. My head was pounding from last night's party. It was going all good until Rudy Samson brought the beer. He was just trying to be cool I guess, but it didn't really work...that much. I think he only did that to make up for the fact he wasn't invited. 

  I heard my phone vibrate and I looked was a notification from Facebook. I opened it up and *Surprise, Surprise* it was from Rudy. He tagged everyone who was at the party in a status.

 Ooh Boy...I thought to myself. I clicked it and read the following: "Omg that was a sick 'study party' last night ;)"

     "Poor Rudy," I muttered. "So needy, so horny." I shut the screen off and turned back to my book. It was titled She's Gone. I opened it up to the first page, the paper back sounding crisp as I opened it slowly. I may be one of the considered popular girl who doesn't mind having alcohol...more than once in a while...but I don't pass up on a good book when I see one.



   Before I knew it, it was already 9:00 and I had already gone through half of the novel. My little brother, Danny stumbled in the Family Room, looked at me, then jumped onto the couch next to me. He snuggled close, wrapping his arms around my waist and pushing his head into my hip...he was passed out instantly.

My baby sister, Sophia, was asleep in my parents room...although she should be awake any minute. Sophia was only one and a half years old and already had a sleeping schedule; Go to sleep by 10:30, wake up by 9:00.


  It was 9:30 already and the house was still dead silent. Weird I thought. I only had about 75 pages left in the book, and I wasn't planning on stopping.

   If I thought that day couldn't get any abnormal, I was wrong. A knocking came on the door-not too loud but loud enough to where I'm sure the whole house could hear. I slowly got up, making sure not to wake up Danny and not to lose my spot, and rushed to open the door.

  When I opened it up, two rather large men stood there leering at me. One with a tight red shirt on, revealing almost every muscle on his upper body. The other in a designer suit and some pretty sick sunglasses. Mr. Designer Suit pointed to me, "Rebeka Barton?" he asked.

I stuttered, how did he know my name? "Y-yes...what about me?"

   "Get your stuff together, pack up for a couple of days or so...maybe a week, say good bye to your family-you won't be seeing them for a while. And hurry, you only have 15 minutes." he said like I was his business associate or something. "Don't ask questions, just go, we will explain it to you on the way."

  I didn't know whether to trust him or not, but I did what he said...just in case. I turned around quickly to see my mom standing there with Sophia in her hands. "No, not can't be today."

"Mom," I asked. "What do you know about this?"

  "Not as much as I should, Honey." she sounded ashamed. "Just trust them, Rebeka, do exactly what you are told. They don't lie."

 After she said that, I had no doubt in them. I ran into my room and pulled out the backpack I use for school. I poured out all of my school supplies and shoved in some of my shorts, shirts, pants, underwear, bras, some perfume, She's Gone, a couple more books, my IPod, my headphones. I quickly changed into my favorite pair of basket-ball shorts and my batman t-shirt and some gray Vans.

 I slipped my phone in my pocket and put one arm into the backpack. I rushed into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and extra mouthwash-to get the alcohol smell off of my breath and splashed some water onto my face. From the other room I heard my dad shout, "Hurry Beka! You have 3 minutes!" After hearing that, I didn't care about my make-up, I just grabbed the mini brush and brushed my hair quickly, then shoved it in the front pocket of the backpack.

  "Coming!" I shouted and rushed into the room. "Bye mom, bye dad." I said and hugged them. Sophia yelled at me with her little baby voice. "Bye to you too." I laughed and kissed her forehead.

  Just then, Danny woke up. "Where are you going Rebeka?" he asked, curious and sad.

    "I don't know, Danny. But hopefully I'll be home soon." he ran up to me and hugged my legs tight. "Bye Danny." I said, tears in my eyes. "I love you."

  "Bye Rebeka." he said. When he pulled away, there was tears rushing down his face.

  "Come on, time to go. We don't want to be late." said mysterious suit guy. Red shirt grabbed my backpack off my one arm and walked along side me and suit guy. The long, terrifying walk ended at this metallic van. They sat me in the back with the blonde boy who looked about my age. They closed the door and drove off. If me and the boy tried to talk, no one would hear...and I'm not sure if that was good or bad. I sat on the other side of the van, across from him. He looked up at me, then back down.

    This is going to be long ride I thought. I looked down at my phone an texted my mom and dad "I Love You guys." for the last time in a long time...



© 2013 Careless Whispers ._.

Author's Note

Careless Whispers  ._.
part of the beginning...what cha think? >.0 hehe

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Careless Whispers  ._.
Careless Whispers ._.

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