A Beautiful Day Born Anew

A Beautiful Day Born Anew

A Poem by InspiredHope

Gazing upon the greater landscape of life


The night breaks into a new dawn

Embalming what once-was to what will-be

Cocooning itself into a mirror of reflection

Allowing the radiance of light to beckon forth

This journey-of-light continues once more

To bring warmth to souls akin

Where once sadness was (emerges peace)

Banishing the vacuum of loneliness unto unity

As the day rises with the light

Hope forms faith renewed

Which in-turn surrogates compassion...

Awakening life to a new birth

Centered now, near the gravity-of-truth

Selfishness succumbs to 'expression of love'

Granting the humblest of deeds

Paving the path to true righteousness

The day renews its descent into night

Embarking upon the infinite circle-of-trust

Day into night / night into day

Never once, ceasing from their penultimate destination

In understanding this,

We ponder many questions; but truly,

One must ask themselves...

Where does one's true heart lie for others?

© 2011 InspiredHope

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Added on June 21, 2011
Last Updated on June 21, 2011



Calabasas, CA, U.S. Virgin Islands

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