A Poem by hannahspelledbackwards

I’ve never been so speechless and without any thoughts

In my head, which is blasting a thousand miles and hour.

I never expected this to come so sudden and I’m caught

In the middle of a love that could soon be ours.

The day my eyes first saw your stance is one that couldn’t

Be described with words or even poetry. It’s sappy

And funny because I knew there was no chance. You wouldn’t,

You couldn’t, look at me and think I’d make you happy.

I’m sure you remember me telling you I’m bad with words,

Which is true, but I didn’t exactly tell you the entire story.

I’m deathly afraid of love and all the things that surge

Into the depths of it. I thought the story was rather boring.

And I didn’t tell you that every second I’m with you

I try not to be vulnerable and lovesick because I know

That when I’m alone in my thoughts, lying in my room,

I can’t help but wonder where you are so I can be there too.

It’s actually rather selfish of me to be so afraid of this

Because I know you aren’t. You’re always smiling and glad

To just be alive today and tomorrow and the next and it’s

Honestly killing me not knowing what to do and it makes me sad.

I’m letting you in and I’m sure God is encouraging it

But on days like this when I’m alone, I’m not so sure about life

Because everything I know leaves me lonely and I sit

In this corner over here like a coward and waste in sighs.

I guess what I’m trying to say is my biggest worry is

That you’ll just change your mind and walk away from me

Just like everyone else. Which is fine because that’s how it is

Sometimes, but you’re different and beautiful and unique.

And I really don’t want to give you up just yet, and it’s funny

Because the thing is you haven’t even started talking about

Walking away. I can worry about my future career, cars, money,

And all the things that don’t matter but what makes me really doubt

Is love. And love is the source of all things that makes sense

In this forsaken world and I’d be glad to wake up one day

And realize that I didn’t hold back with you or anyone else

So maybe what I’m trying to say is please don’t walk away

Just yet because I think we’re on to something beautiful.

© 2012 hannahspelledbackwards

Author's Note

We can all relate at a time or two.

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Added on October 17, 2012
Last Updated on October 17, 2012
Tags: love, romance



Sydney, Australia

I'm Hannah, a 23 year old who loves art, animals, people, traveling and nature. I write poetry, songs, and stories. I write books but for some reason I never finish them. I can't write a poem unless I.. more..