The Carefree Breakdown: Chapters 1-3

The Carefree Breakdown: Chapters 1-3

A Story by hannahspelledbackwards

Rosie Hamilton visits home in Carpathei Europe after five years and realizes how much she missed it. She has to make some hard decisions including her past and sees love differently.


Chapter One:

"Remind me why you're leaving me alone this summer again," John whispered in Rosie Hamilton's ear.
She didn't say anything. All she could do was reminince the last minute she had of her fiance's sweet, familiar scent. Their way of meeting two years ago was nothing out of the ordinary. They met at a local bakery in town and have dated ever since. She really loved him.
Rosie unlocked their embrace and only kept their fingers intertwined. "I have to go. Please don't forget about our wedding and let another woman discover how amazing you are."
He smiled. "I love you."
Their lips met one last time and she turned away to get on her plane to Carpathei- her home country located in Europe. This was her first visit home in five years.
As she hopped on the Atlantic Airways, she found her seat 124 and placed her bags on the shelf above. She looked around at the people around her mimicking her routine. A tall, brunette young man stalked her way with his broad shoulders and slightly shaved cheeks.
"Rosalie Hamilton?" the young man asked. She noticed his accent. He must be from Carpathei, she thought.
"Yes?" Rosie said nervously, not knowing why this stranger could possibly know of her name.
"Oh don't tell me you don't remember me."
Rosie said nothing; waiting for him to help her out.
"Bradley Henderson? We had multiple classes together in high school."
He does look familiar, she thought. Then it finally hit her. "Oh! Whoa, I can't believe it's you. Excuse me of my rudeness; I had no idea!"
He laughed. "I thought for a second there I was crazy and definitely thought of the wrong person."
"You've changed." Realizing how unkind that came out, she added, "I mean in a good way."
"You too! You look great."
Noticing how awkward it became, she smiled at Bradley and sat in her assigned seat.
"You too?" he asked her.
"I'm sorry, what?"
"I believe we sit in the same seats."
Rosie laughed. "How weird! Now we get to catch up."
Bradley sat down next to her and faced in her direction. "So, how've you been?"
"I've been fantastic. Very busy, but great. How about you?"
"Good. I'm about to propose to my girlfriend. That's why I'm coming back so early."
"Well good for you! Who's the lucky girl?"
"Do you remember Katrina Stanford?"
The memories blasted through her brain, and Katrina's face popped in her head. "Yes, I remember." It was a little odd that they had gotten together since they were both in two very different cliques back in high school.
Bradley smiled and nodded, giving the answer away without words.
"I'm so happy for you both. Congrats."
"Thanks so much," he said cheerfully.
A lady announced they were about to fly and to fasten their seatbelts. Once they were in the air, Rosie asked, "So what were you doing in the States?"
"Just finishing up some business. Once I graduated, a newspaper from New York wanted me to come in for an interview a few months ago. So of course I said yes, but I would have to leave Katie for two years. She told me I should go but I knew in the back of my mind it killed her; probably even more thanit did me. I've been gone for six months now and I can't take it anymore, so I'm moving home. New York was too busy for me anyhow."
"So you gave up your job just like that?"
"Yeah, but I didn't exactly enjoy it all that much in the first place. Sure, writing is a gift to me. But when it all comes down to it, love is what keeps me alive. Not writing."
"Well that's great! Does she know you're coming home?"
"No, but I'm sure my mom has hinted to her I am. They're very close, you know."
For the next hour, Bradley told Rosie the whole story how they began dating, how they broke up for a few months, and then passionately got back together. She encountered that they really loved each other and wished her and John would always love each other like Brad and Katie do. He noticed her ring and then she explained her relationship with John. She knew she couldn't one-up his love story, but knew deep down it only mattered how the relationship was to them and not how it sounded to others.
"So I guess this means you haven't talked to him," he questioned.
Rosie froze. "No, I haven't."
"You know he feels bad about the whole ordeal."
She sighed. "I'm assuming you have talked to him, then?"
He nodded slowly.
She managed to nod back in response, not looking at him.
Brad must have got the hint not to say anything more about it, because he quickly changed the subject back to his wedding plans. After a few minutes of chatting about the wedding, he said, "How long will you be staying?"
"Well," Rosie began, "John wants to get married the second I get back. The only reason I came home in the first place was to spend some time with my family since I haven't been home in a while. I figured they would want to see me before I was married. I'll be staying for most of the summer, I'm guessing. The wedding is August the forth."
"And John isn't coming with you to meet your parents?"
"No he is. He just will be a little late. He's coming the last week of my stay so I can spend some time with my parents and . ." She paused. "My, my brother." She managed to choke out. "I miss the little guy."
"I know," he frowned. "But you get to spend the whole summer with them now. And if Katie says yes, then I will do my best to have the wedding before you leave so you can come. I'm sure Katie would love to see you."
"Aw, Bradley! You don't have to do that. Go on, you need to get married when you both want to."
"Well I want everyone there that I've known. I want a big wedding. Is that weird? Anyway, you're coming and that's final!"
"Fine, you convinced me. Just don't have it soon unless you know for sure it's okay with her."
The plane landed a few hours later and they walked out of the plane hall together. She saw her mom and sister, waiting for her in open arms.



Chapter Two:

 "Rosie!" Her mother Holly squealed. She ran to her and gave her the biggest hug she had ever received. "I am so glad you're home, sweetie!"
 She smiled wide.
 "I can't believe how much you've changed! It's been, what, ten years?"
 "Five, Mom."
 "It feels like ten!"
 Addie gave Rosie a hug. "And who is this? Already graduated from high school, huh? Stop growing on me," Rosie said to her sister. 
 Addie smiled. "Whatever," she teased.
 "Where's Dad?"
 "Oh, he's just at home taking care of Tuck. Your grandparents went to run errands so they weren't able to stay with him," Holly declared.
 Rosie nodded. "How is he?"
 "Better. The doctors said if he takes physical therapy by next year he may be able to build up some strength in his legs and if he keeps on exercising for a few years he may be able to walk with help."
 "What kind of help?"
 "With a walker."
 Rosie still didn't want to see her brother in a walker. She would rather see him in bed pretending he was normal and was just resting due to the flu, rather than being constantly reminded of his situation.
 They got into a cab and drove home. She saw some familiar faces walking through the streets of their small town. She hadn't realized how much she missed it here.
 "It hasn't changed much has it?" Rosie asked her mother.
 "Not really. Just a few new buildings here and there but that's about it."
 The car stopped in front of her childhood home where she once thought she would always be. All Rosie could do was stare at the beautiful house full of memories.
 "Aren't you gonna go inside, Rose?" Her mother interrupted her awe.
 "Mhmm." I turned around to face the car and grabbed her bags.
 She opened the front door and had the best feeling to overpower her. Home. The greatest feeling in the world. It seemed to her she hadn't been here for decades rather than five years. Nothing in the universe could top this amazing peace.
 "What do you think?" Mom asked.
 "It's changed a little. Did you paint in here?" Rosie asked while walking into the new green living room that used to be red.
 "Glad you noticed."
 Rosie walked up the stairs to her room. Well, her old room. Second door on the right, isn't it, she guessed. Maybe it's on the left. No, she was right. She opened the door to her memorable room of her childhood. It still looked the same. Pink, her favorite color since she was two, was painted on the walls along with pictures and pictures and pictures. Framed or not, they were there. She had forgotten how much she enjoyed photography and saw a beautiful photograph above her bed. It was of a lake that look rather familiar. The sun was beating down precisely onto the water and to the side was the deck.
 "Didn't I take this?"
 "Yep. That was you."
 "Huh." She gazed at the photo with awe. She couldn't believe she had actually shot the most breathtaking picture she had ever seen.
 "You were really into that stuff. I really thought you were gonna go to school and major in photography, but you suprised us all. What made you want to major in the medical field again?"
 Rosie slapped her lightly on the shoulder. "Oh come on. You know I've always wanted to be a doctor to help people."
 Holly nodded and dropped the subject. "Want to see him?"
 Rosie sprinted to her brother's room. She hadn't seen her brother in five years! They used to be so close. Sometimes she regretted moving to the U.S.,but then other times she was grateful.
 "Hey there, Tuck!" She leaped to her brother's right side of the bed to give him a hug. Her dad, on the left of the bed, was smiling at her with joy.
 She had never seen her brother's mouth open so wide to show his teeth before. Favorite smile in the world, she noted.
 "Well, look who it is. Is that you?" Her father joked.
 They embraced tightly and smiled. "I missed you guys so much. I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long."
 "We forgive you."
 Tucker and Rosie stared at each other for a long time. She noticed he still had the same face. Despite the scars, the bumps and burnt skin, he was beautiful. He had the most gorgeous green eyes and blonde hair. She remembered him being a doll growing up. She knew he would be a heartbreaker, and she was proud of it.
 "I'll leave you two to catch up," her father said, exiting the room.
 "So . ." Rosie began, "How are ya?"
 "Same answer as the past five years you've asked."
 Huh. She forgot how smart that kid was. "Are you still homeschooled?"
 "I guess so. We're taking it pretty slowly so my brain won't freak out on me." He yawned.
 "A little."
 They sat there in silence. There was no awkwardness to it at all however.
 "How is John?"
 "Oh, you know . . busy. What about you? Any lucky girl out there?"
 "Do you really think someone would date me, Rose?"
 She stopped smiling. "Of course they would. You are the best person in the world."
 "Try to tell Carly that."
 "Who's Carly?"
 "She's been visiting for a while now. We've been best friends since middle school, remember?"
 "I think so."
 He said nothing. She decided to drop the subject since he obviously didn't want to talk about it. She almost told him how great he looked, but then he may think she'd lied.
 When she went to bed that night, her thoughts revolved around her brother. The only thing she could think of about him was why. He was such a good kid, so why? And if there was a God out there, how could someone so "miraculous" be so unkind to her family, especially her brother?
 And so the dream came alive again.
 She was back in Mrs. Carpenter's first grade class. It was recess- her favorite time of the day since nap time was unfortunately knocked off their schedule. She was sliding down her favorite blue round slide that was long and fast. If you rode down faster than Joey Yearney, you were the coolest kid in the first grade. Heck, if you were faster than him, you were the coolest kid in the school.
 A tan blonde boy was standing at the front of the slide; trying to catch her in order to "slow her down." Or so he thought.
 "Hey, stop it!" she squealed when she realized what he was doing.
 "Ha-ha I made you lose!" His nose wrinkled.
 "That's not very nice," she whined. "Who do you think you are?" Rosie had always been known for the "tough girl" kind of type.
 "I'm Benjamin- you know, from the Bible. He parted the Blue Sea."
 "Um, no mister. I think you're talking about Moses and he parted the Red Sea!"
 "Who cares. You're a girl and I'm a boy, and I can run faster than you can."
 "No you can't."
 "Race ya," he started running when she realized he got a head start.



Chapter Three:

 The next few days were busy, busy, busy. She spent most of her time with her mom, sister and grandmother. The guys would stay at home with Tucker or go fishing.
 After a week of being home, the girls decided to go shopping downtown. This was Rosie's favorite thing to do growing up and she knew a ton of memories would overflow her mind. The outdoor mall was very crowded; she never remembered it being like this as a teenager. She noticed the beautiful pond in the middle of the shops and the bridge that hung above it. What really stuck out was how many people were walking on and off of the bridge. It really showed off how crowded it was.
 Once she got closer and closer toward the bridge, she couldn't help but look at the young man who was eyeing her. He looked somewhat attractive, but she kept reminding herself he was in a distance and probably wasn't as good looking up close. She also remembered she was engaged and that really got her mind off of the stranger.
 But once she got onto the bridge he was gone. The anxious feelings immediently evaporated and she felt relieved.
 "Rose, in here," her mother motioned toward the ice cream parlor.
 "I think I'll stay here and rest my legs on the bench. Just get me vanilla, please."
 Rosie examined the bags in her hand as she sat down and tried to calculate how much she had already spent.
 "Is anyone sitting here?" a young man asked her. She realized it was the one who had been staring at her.
 "No, knock yourself out."
 He smiled. "What's your name?"
 "Rosie." She noted how vaguely familiar he was. Very familiar, actually. "Yours?"
 He hesitated for nothing more than a moment. "Bobby."
 "Well it's nice to meet you." She paused cautiously. "Have we met before?"
 "I don't know. Have we?"
 She squinted her eyes and studied his face. He was muscular, but not too big; kinda like John. He had a small broad nose and green-brown eyes. His brown hair was wavy and cut short just above his ears. 
 He had the same features as . . No, it couldn't be. He had a different tone of skin and his face was shaped differently. Almost as if he was an older version as . . And then it hit her. "You . . You . ." Her face got red and she stood up quickly, trying to escape as fast as possible. She turned around to look at the man she had hated for so long. "What are you doing here?" she choked out, furious.
 "Trying to have a decent conversation without getting yelled at."
 "And lie? Bobby?" she mocked. "How more foolish can you be? As if you even deserve to talk to me!"
 "But I do deserve a chance."
 "A chance for what?"
 "A chance to explain."
 People were staring now. She scoffed. "I don't think so. Not this time."
 She snatched her bags off the ground and walked as fast as she could to her mother. She decided not to say anything so she wouldn't start any uncalled behavior from her mom. She was known for that.
 She plumped down on her bed when she got home, unable to move. The events sunk into her mind from the evening. She couldn't believe he had the odosity to even look at her. What a selfish, no-good-for-nothing fool. 


 Was it the room that allowed the flashbacks inside her head? As if her brain recorded the memory, it was crazy how accurate it was.
 The dream began just how it was her first day of middle school. First to her locker, then to her homeroom.
 Of course, he was in there.
 He motioned her to join him with his new group of friends who were the "cool" kids back in the day. His little boy smile still stretched across his cute face. His dimples showed and his straight white teeth shined.
 "Hey, Rose. Sit by me!"
 The boys gave me a nod, assuming she was cool since their friend talked to me.
 "Dude, how do you know her?" one asked him.
 "We're friends," he answered.
 "Since when?"
 "Since first grade."
 The boys nodded, encouraging the friendship to proceed.
 "How was your summer?" he asked her.
 "Good. I went to New York City."
 "In America?"
 She nodded.
 "That's so cool!"
 Rosie smiled.
 "So are you guys like going out?" One boy questioned them both.
 They blushed. "No. But we will get married someday, won't we Rosie?"
 Rosie froze. "Um . ." She was so embarassed but also very flattered. "Sure." She laughed.
 "Good. Cause I only like brunettes."


 It was three in the morning when she woke up. Confused, she looked around her childhood room and noted how smaller it looked now than it did in sixth grade. Why is this happening to me? She asked herself. What's with these dreams?
 She gave up. She tossed and turned for an hour just thinking about the memory. Finally, she relaxed and dozed off into dreams of her future wedding. . .

 "Have you both decided where you want to get married?" Her mother asked the next day.
 "We're going with the church. It's pretty original, but you know how he doesn't care much about fancy things."
 "I see. What does your wedding dress look like?"
 "Well . ." she hesitated. "I was thinking on buying one here."
  "Oh, I don't know. It sounded like a good idea. I didn't want one from America where they all look the same. I wanted one from home to remind me of my childhood. You know, the good ole' days."
 She shrugged. "I suppose you're right on that one. And by the way, you have a letter."
 She leaped to the kitchen counter to grasp her unknown letter. It was John. She smiled.
 "Dear Rosalie," it began. "I don't think you know how much I miss you. I understand the cost of last week's bill from our phone conversation was a tad high. But I miss the sound of your voice. You are so very special to me and I wish with all my heart you were here. Two months seems awfully long, don't you think? I'm happy that you are able to spend time with your family that I will soon be meeting. I'm very excited to meet them and I hope and pray they won't hate me for letting you go this summer without me. I know they love you and are pleased with you visiting. I know this because you bring joy to the grey areas in my life. Thank you for giving me the gift of love- for I know with you I will always be opening a new joyous present everyday of our lives together.
 I love you dearly, Rosie.
 "He is a doll," Rosie chimed.
 "Who, John?"
 She nodded. "This letter is so beautiful. He hates writing so I know it must have killed him."
 Holly read the letter moments later. "That is lovely. He must love you."
 "We love each other very much."
 "I can see that. So what do you want to do today?"
 "Well I think Nana wants me to go to town to the store so I can make you dinner tonight. She says it's always more kind to buy your own groceries and cook instead of letting someone else buy them for you."
 "She always says things like that. Go on and get dressed. I'll have a car for you." 

© 2010 hannahspelledbackwards

Author's Note

Please tell me what you think? I would love to hear suggestions, opinions, comments.

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I like this. Actually, Im very taken with it and I am eager to read more! there are a few minor grammer errors and narrator switches that you may not have noticed. If you re-read it carfully, you'll see what Im talking about. (You are telling the story about Rosie, but on two occasions, you switch to writing 'me' instead of 'she'). There's also some places where your wording is a little off balance. But overall, I enjoyed reading this and I encourage you to keep at it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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