My Dream

My Dream

A Poem by Intothemilkyway

When you love someone so much, but your love isn't enough. You have to let them go cause no matter what they weren't yours to begin with.

One day i woke up
One day i saw you
One day you got my heart
One day i started loving you

You were my happy smile
You were what i thought about every day
You were my night
You were my light in desperation

I saw you every day
And my feelings grew day by day
I couldn't stop them ,cause,
How can you stop love?

I couldn't believe i would love someone so much
But it happened,
And it was you.
I loved you so much that it hurted

My dream was to have you
But not when i see you in the arms of someone elses
I couldn't express my feelings even tho i wanted so badly

Iam really sorry,
Sorry that i can't have you
That you can't be mine
And you can never have someone as wonderful as me
You weren't able to meet her

If only i was the one that was in your arms
If only i was the one beside you
If only ,
If only i said I loved you

My dream was to have you
But i can't no matter what
And no matter how much i wish for it
You aren't the one God wants me to have

I suffer this one sided love
By myself
But it's okey
If it's for you i will bear anything

Even in my next life i hope and wish to be with you
Maybe in this life iam not
But in another life i see myself right beside you
That feeling excites me

It makes me happy and the thought of not having you are gone

My dream was to have you
I want to say
"I love you"
But you aren't mine

In the end i will wish you only happiness and good health
I will watch you from afar cause that's all i can do
Even tho i still love you ,
My feelings can never go away

I don't want them to go away
I will never forget you
Even tho probably you have no idea
I exist or that i look your way

I can only wish you the best with the one
You smile in your arms.
It pains me to see it and my tears fall
without me noticing cause no matter how many times i want it
It may never come true.

© 2019 Intothemilkyway

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We don't ever own another person... or are owned by any person.

If you don't "reach" you won't ever touch your stars... maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't - but it takes two.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 2, 2019
Last Updated on March 2, 2019
Tags: Relationship, love, onesided, crush




I love writing . I write whatever comes in my mind. "If you can't be the poet, be the poem" more..

100 100

A Poem by Intothemilkyway