3 - Drowning shadows

3 - Drowning shadows

A Chapter by Irajiack

// Caim’s point of view //


“ I’ve found you on a cold dead night…”


I saw her face again… she smiled at me, her golden eyes gleaming softly in the setting sun, her jet-black hair and that single strand of white gold hair framed her face as she gently combed them. I heard her chuckle as I just admired her, the gems in her jewelry slowly changing color from a turquoise to a soft pink.


“Appearing in my life like a falling star

I was long lost and dead inside…”


She smiled at me again and finished brushing her hair to put the pearl at the end of her headdress. The gray pearl changed color and also turned pink, like the others. I sighed and got up from her lap, not without groaning in pain, covered in bandage, these past few weeks with her had been a hell of a journey… and only William believe me and know she he’s real and here for real.


“You warmed my cold dead heart

You showed me the light of life…”


- You mentioned before that I… helped you somehow?

- Oh? I mentioned that? Really?

- Yes! I… I am just curious obviously I won’t try… to change what will happen… but… maybe will it ease my mind a little bit?


“You made me feel alive

When I thought I was dead inside…”


She laughed again, leaning back on her arms and gazing at the sky changing color before closing her eyes, still smiling before opening her eyes again, her golden pupils gleaming in the dark.


- It was a beautiful winter day… there wasn’t that much snow that fell the night before and… I vaguely remember a popular song at the radio playing about... a young man that found the love of his life, someone that changed him forever… before loosing her…


“The scars I had, didn’t make you run…”


- I was with my best friend at the time, I was looking at some pants while she was in another shop to quickly grab something before going back to me. Well… it was the initial plan…


“Rather, you make me shiver under the night

Grasping the warmth of my embrace…”


- I remember that you where heavily overworked and tired… You wouldn’t fight… you let the others do the jobs.


“You disappeared like a wishing star

You vanished like an illusion

And left behind a bleeding scar…”


- And honestly, you need to stop with all this work! This is, as far as I know, one of your worst habit! You damn workaholic!


She smiled gently at me, her eyes filled with tenderness and I felt my cheeks turn red and I looked away, which made her laugh. Next to her I was practically nothing… and yet, she showed herself to me.


- Everything was going smoothly, kids crying here and there, teenager being loud and talking about their so horrendous life…


“That will probably never heal

I’ve lost myself when you runed away

And for so long I’ve looked for you…”


- Then there was a massive black out. The ward where the mall was plunged into the dark. And, the emergency generator didn’t seem to take over. Obviously, the kids panicked, the teenagers laughed and the parents tried to comfort their kids.


“Without a trace you disappeared

After one last kiss you vanished

Just like if you never exi-i-i-i-st-eeee-hissss”


I jumped when the radio sputtered instead of singing, suddenly stopping the music playing on it. I looked around, the street and store lights seemed to be out… the mall was as dark as an oven. I turned the key in the ignition to remove it... everything was much... much too quiet... The back of my neck started to be painful… something was off.


- And then…. There was an explosion…


Her words echoed in my head like an incessant bell predicting the coming of a bad event. I waited, my heart pounding, staring at the mall from my car for a moment, swallowing with difficulty. I saw a burst of light before a loud bang came out from the other end of the mall. The wave of the blast made the car tremble and the poor people walking in the parking lot fell on the ground, slightly wounded for the most part before running away screaming…


I gritted my teeth and quickly got out of the car, rummaging through my keyring, opening the trunk, and grabbed a tiny little key. I opened the safe wide before pulling out a large bag while undoing the padlock that kept the bag closed. I looked quickly at the inventory as I heard people around panic. Everything was there, syringe, various painkillers, sedative, bandages, enough to wash wounds, some splints for arms and leg, one for the neck...


Once the inventory had been checked, I closed the zipper of the bag, slipping the little device, I had just taken out, against my ear, activating the headset that was integrated, the device softly makes various sound while it was connecting and passing through the channels and I put on the Jacket, as well as the gloves, on me. I then reached for the suitcase and rolled the number dials to unlock it. I looked at the hunting rifle, that was modified for darts and sedative… Sometimes we had Hight Potential destruction targets and it was better to try to get them in the right way than to just fight them. But I wasn’t sensing any higher tier just now, so it was probably safe to keep it behind.


I took the belt near the suitcase to attach it to my hips before taking the little round vials in the suitcase and tucked them in the attaches of the belt. I hoped to not use them… but just in case of an emergency… I will bring them along with me.


Once I took everything I potentially needed, I slipped the bag over my shoulder quickly, closed the briefcase before shuffling the numbers to lock it again, assured myself that I lock it properly and closed the trunk of the car, already walking towards the door of the mall.


- Operation center, this is White Nightmare! I’m calling in regard of an emergency.

- This is the Slayer’s Organisation Operation Center, please state the reason of your emergency contact, White Nightmare.

- A detonation occurred at the Yerith’s shopping mall in the 13th ward. I’m already at the Scene, I’m getting into the mall at the moment we speak.

- Roger that White Nightmare, the Head Master will be soon notified of the situation as well as the off-duty Teams near the area. Is there anything more we can do for you?

- I’m afraid I will need the Confrontation Authorization. Just in case.

- Roger that. Authorization for engaging in battle issued, Wait Over… Authorisation approved by the Head Master! You are authorized to engage in combat, if necessary. The priority of the mission is to help the civilian, not to deplete the enemy lines. Please stay in contact with us to give us information about the situation. You will be now transferred to the on-duty operator.

- Roger that, thank you Operation center.

- White Nightmare this is the On-duty section 2 operator talking, you where just transferred to us, you will be using channel 19 for this operation. The head master is already online and waiting for the follow up.


I walked into the mall against the stream of people escaping, screaming and fleeing the scene, some visibly hurt, others intact, but frightened. I entered the building after most of the civilians had fled, and quickly knelt against a wall at the nearest intersection, looking at the nearby shops. I remained leaning against the wall, one knee on the floor, listening to the slightest noise. I had the impression that my sense where a little bit dulled, I was heavily tired after all… I hoped, at this point, that I didn’t do any mistakes.


- White Nightmare, this is the Head Master talking, are you still with us?

- This is White Nightmare; I am still with you Head Master. I am in the mall as we speak. Unwounded civilians are already leaving the mall in chaos, some wounded ones are able to run too… But I’m afraid there is already casualties and others trapped inside.

- You have asked for a Confrontation Authorization; do you have insight on possible enemies?

- I can smell two enemies not far away and blood, lots of it. Lower tier C rank enemies as well as A ranks are possibly in the Zone.

- This is Blue Jay of the Slayer team 31, we are on our way to the 13th ward! Should be there in approximative 25 minutes!

- White Nightmare, is there only two enemies?

- No, I’m afraid. I smell for close by, I will say maybe around 10 to 20 seeing the size of their operation. Maybe more… and there’s an acetone odor floating around

- Acetone? Hun… Blue Jay, you are well versed on explosive right?

- Yes, Head Master! White Nightmare can you describe the odor a little bit more please?

- Like I said, acetone odor, but maybe a bit… fruity? Less aggressive than acetone to clean nail polish. It’s an odor close to the incident of ten weeks ago in Erybert.

- Hun… That’s bad. TATp is a big probability at this point. It was the explosive used that time. They might not have changed their way of doing, but they probably used more of it.

- This is the Head Master; I will dispatch an investigation team when the zone will be cleared and secured. We can fairly assume that the incident of 10 weeks ago implicate a part of the same group as today incident.

- Roger that Head Mast-

- Ah… s**t…

- White Nightmare, what is it?

- We may have a problem. I am asking a relay to all the available Masters Slayers and Teams leaders.

- Roger that White Nightmare. Wait over….


I frowned my nose before slowly turning to the intersection, looking around trying not to be seen. Coming into my line of sight a man of about 5'9”, dark skinned with fully braided hair, his face covered with several scars and long claws appeared. The bright red eyes and his longs ears covered in jewelry were giving away that he wasn’t human. He sighed, visibly irritated and placed himself in the hallway, crossing his arms, almost digging his claws into his skin. I turned quickly against the wall again, when I felt his gaze drawn towards me and I lowered the sound of my voice, but leaving it loud enough for me to be heard properly, hoping he didn't hear me… which would be difficult…


- This is White Nightmare. I am actually on the emergency zone created in the 13th ward of the city. The mall just suffered from an attack, explosive where used. Number of enemies: unknown… Lower tier C rank to Higher Tier A rank seem to be in the area.

- White Nightmare, this is Black Dog. You didn’t Relay your conversation to the all of us just to tell us there is Higher A tier rank where in the area. You can easily tackle A tier ranks on your own with appropriate support! The Blue Jay team and mine can take care of them! Those are small fries most of the time! 

- No… i… didn’t relay the information, just for the higher tier A… there is… Something else, more powerful… simple support won’t be enough if we are engaging in a fight with Him. I’m afraid there is a SS rank in the zone as well.

- White Nightmare this is Alpha Dragon, are you absolutely sure an SS rank enemy is in the area? This is not something you have to take a guess; we need to be sure that those kinds of treat are present during our operations!

- Yes, I am absolutely sure that this is a SS rank. Code name Shadow Feather, Ka’alnire a supernatural being of SS rank.

- Sha… Shadow feather? What?! He shouldn’t be here! What is he doing in the city? How could he come in unnoticed?! We need a visual White Nightmare and this is not a request!


I took a deep breath before I began to gently press on the button of the device in my ear, I heard a couple of very slight clicks and the monocle of the device appeared in front of my eye, activating the micro camera inserted in the mount at the same time. Some information was displayed on the glass, including the channel I was connecting to, how many people were on it, my vitals, my heart beats per minute and my oxygen level as well as a couple of other pieces of information. My vitals, as well as what the device's camera caught in my ear, was sent directly to HQ since I put the vest and gloves on. This was mostly to follow the agent on the field, and make sure that everything was going well, or on the contrary… being able to know when one of us would die… or worst.


I took another deep breath and slowly turned to see the corridor. Ka’alnire was still in the hallway, planted in the middle with his arms crossed on his chest. There was a certain likelihood that the group that had just attacked the mall did not want to lose more civilians and wanted to keep them inside. Or stop us from breaking in… and put a damper on their plan, again. At this point, I could hear the team leaders hurling insults and curses in their own com…


Demon Hunters were rated from level 4 to 1 with a level 1S and each level could fight an “enemy” of certain ranks. The "enemies", often referred to as "supernatural beings" were classified from rank F to rank SS, with the exception of... those who did not fit into any of the ranks... and in all honesty? No one wanted to meat “them”. Beings powerful enough that they could shape the whole universe or… completely eradicate it on a whim.


A level 4 team of hunters could take on E-rank enemies, a level 3 team could take on D-ranks and so on ... level 1S hunters, who were rare and often not fully human, could take on famous rank A... The problem was that to beat a supernatural being of rank A it took a whole team of level 1S Hunters and a team was normally composed of 3 to 6 people. The last S-rank enemy that had been sighted had been hit with 5 teams of level 1S Hunters… so much to say, an SS-rank enemy would require everyone who was available…


Another problem was that in Ka’alnire’s case… he had a massive destructive force and to attack him in the middle of the city was to risk innocent lives. And if he was there, at least two other SS ranks, that where actually even more dangerous than him, must also be in town… Which made it even more complicated.


I sighed deeply as the team leaders argued over what to do next… most of the 1S ranks were either on leave or away from town and wouldn't be there in time. The Headmaster, on the other hand, was horribly silent in this whole situation.


- White Nightmare this is the Head Master. A Confrontation Authorization have already been issued in your regard. But the situation has just been changed. An SS combat in the middle of the city is awfully dangerous for the civilians, and for you. Do not engage. I say again, do NOT engage.

- I have no intention of engaging him, Head Master. But, what do you want me to do? I have to get in to help the civilian trapped and the others entrance are too close to the potential enemies. I will be spotted, no matter what, and in all honesty? If I can avoid combat, I would be happy.

- Head Master this is Alpha Dragon! White Nightmare will have to engage in a way or another with the SS tier! We need to give him support!

- This is black dog speaking! Giving him support and engaging a combat against an SS tier enemy is too dangerous! We will lose Slayers and Hunters in this combat! And expose ourselves and this cluster f**k of a situation to the human world! This is NOT acceptable!


I sighed again, exhausted from the situation, before wincing. I hadn't heard him approaching but now I could feel him horribly close. I quickly clicked the button to stop communication with HQ, although in an emergency, like now, the link was still active with the Director, but at least it was just him. So, I didn't need to worry about the other team Masters and leaders. They don’t like me, so if they see or hear me actually talk to an SS like Ka’al they might think I’m on the “bad” sides of things. The Head Master on the other hand, was able to understand situations.


I heard Ka’al click his tongue on his palate before leaning his back against the wall and he slowly slid down to the floor before sitting down, as I knelt on the floor to be more comfortable. He didn’t seem to want a fight neither, Ka’alnire could be talked too, I hoped we could at least get to an agreement of some sort. I really, really didn’t want to fight more than necessary.


- Did you really think that I couldn’t hear those idiots scream in your com?

- No, actually, I was almost sure that you would hear me, or them… since, you know, those ears.

- Ah… yes. My superb demonic ears that neither of my parent had. Hmmm you know, I could have killed you on the spot and got on about my day?

- Yes… but I know you a bit better than that. You like the thrill of the fight, not mindless killings. And I have no intention to fight.


I turned my head slightly on the wall to look at him sideways and he let out a sneer before sighing deeply, a sigh that changed to a growl of irritation. Close like that I could see those teeth that looked halfway to fangs.


- Then when told it to the… “masters”.

- Because I know you. Even if you would brawl mostly only to keep appearances, I don’t know if it would be the same thing for the others. You might hurt them for real. But I’m surprise, I never knew you were a mercenary.

- Ah! I need money and…. I’m feeling bad asking money from my cousin. Or my father for the matter.

- Oh? Too much pride?

- No… I just have the impression that I already asked too much of them.

- You must really be at the end of the barrel to accept the contract of small fry like Sisilice… It’s not your style.

- Sadly, at this time I can’t really afford to be picky… but I have to admit that I’m not paid enough to fight you… or the Organisation. I’m here only to prevent the “Sheeps” to escape.

- Hmmm… but why do you need that much money? It’s not like you have to pay for a rent, or food, or clothes. You have all that given by your cousin, no?

- No but… I’m dying. I lived for thousands of years, I survived to my younger years while I could have died at any time… I survived countless of wars and I even fought against the Great Lords! And… I’ll die like a human, because of a brain tumor.

- And since you are far from being human… you cannot be treated by any human means.

- Yes, and with the info I have… there’s only a handful of doctors that can treat me and they all ask a lot of money… Kind of money that I don’t have. And that’s for the basic price, it gets worst if there’s any complication.


I looked at him sideways for a moment more before I slowly stood up and took a few steps forward, looking outside. I knew the Headmaster could hear the conversation, but the Masters couldn't. I tilted my head and ended up turning around and gazing at him for a short while.


- So, you can be bought for a bigger pay? But if they have a bigger price than mine, you’ll stay with them … hmm…

- Sorry, like I said I can’t really be picky. So, any job that pay enough will be done.

- So, I have to offers something that you cannot refuse.

- Hun? You are going to offer me a fortune?

- No… Look I propose you that. You help me with the Incident here, you take care of the small fry and I take care of the civilians. After we end up here you come with me at the Organisation to be officially indexed. With regular test to keep your sheet updated. After that, if the Headmaster need your help, be it to help with the Hunters and Slayers training, or to take care of more Incidents, you cannot refuse unless He accept your reasons. In exchange you will have access to a regular salaries and primes for the Incidents or Trainings you participated in.

- I’m not sure that a regular salary will cut it even if it’s from the Organisation…

- Wait I’m not done. On my side I will personally be committed to taking care of you. I will assess your case and decide on the best course of action before I send you to the operation room.

- Wait what? What the f**k are you saying right now? I know you have medical training but… oh. I forgot you disappeared at some point and ended up with William.


I continued to watch Ka’alnire for a moment and he stared at the flagstones on the floor before rubbing a hand across his face, letting out a chuckle. I could hear him say one; "Why didn't I understand this before? S**t. I’m a f*****g idiot… I could have gone directly to you” Then he lifted his head to look at me again and he stood up and held out his hand, claws out.


- Fine then, I accept the conditions of the contract.


I could hear the Headmaster sigh deeply before yelling orders at the Masters and I grabbed the hand before I had a good grip with Ka’al. I replaced the strap of my bag and walked down the hall.


- So, you came in her on the tip of your toes, hiding yourself at the corridors turns and now you walk as if you where the master of the corridors!

- I simply prefer avoiding fights. And as far as I know, blood is not something that put you off.

- Ahaha no indeed! So now that you don’t have to fight, being noisy isn’t a problem anymore!


I looked over my shoulder and could even see a sly smile that displayed a lot of fangs. We therefore rushed further into the mall while I could hear the operators and the other Hunters of the Organization in my headset being put in position and a certain area around the center was set up to keep the curious away. and above all, journalists. It would be an enormous problem if sensitives information would get out of those walls.


We started to make a mess a bit. Ka’al was quick and precise, it was a big advantage to have it on our side. The fight with the smaller fry were ended quickly, without too much blood. While I was helping the civilians before directing them where the others squads and the actual temporary infirmary was. Not so much people where badly hurt, and none seemed to have broken bones except one kid that had a broken bone…


At least that way I didn't need to have my hands soaked in blood unnecessarily, especially since the halls seemed to be overrun with the small fry and not the actual chief of the whole thing. In fact, I could almost swear that Ka’al was having fun… although, so far, he hasn't really had a problem. Mostly they were only henchmen of low rank, deformed, closer to the beast than to the humanoid ... Some of them did not even have faces, but heads of animals and could not even do something as basic as talking.




I grumbled lightly and both I and Ka’al started running down the corridor while continue to make some mess, continuing to help the civilian as fast as we could. It was when I was finishing to put a bandage on a 8 years old kid that I started to heard some voices. This one wasn’t on the same level as the others… probably more powerful too. Maybe one of the chiefs?


- You’ll be a good little piglet and stop fighting me!

- N…no! Le… let me… go!


Camellia's voice as well as a very suave, but very masculine voice could be heard from down the hall. I stopped suddenly when I saw Camellia struggling with a cable around her neck and the man with the copper hair squeezing tighter. She was covered in bruises, scratches and other wounds, and obviously she was also bleeding from a head wound… she visibly defended herself… but now she was at the end of her strength!


- Ah! You see? I found the perfect leash for you! Now stop moving little piglet and be a good girl so I can bring you back to base like the rest of your kind!


I could hear her gasping for air, struggling to breathe… her slippery feet on the ground, her hands scratching the skin of her neck being manhandled by the cable as she writhed in vain trying to get released… He was way more stronger than her, than actually any human here probably.


- C-Caim! What the heck you are doing?!


I could hear Ka’alnire screaming behind me, but at this point I didn't care, I rushed forward. The copper haired man turned his head, just before I could hit him. He dodged my attack by a few centimeters and released Camellia to walk away, dodging a second blow. I grabbed her quickly to put some distance between him and us, my sword, summoned in the process, in my other hand. I tightened Camellia against me as the knuckles of my other hand turned white from the force of squeezing the hilt of my sword. I could hear her squeal as her hands touched my back and my bloody shirt.


I grumbled and shifted slightly, the tip of my blade sliding across the mall's tiled floor, creating a horrible screech, and I softly moved my wings, circulating the blood in them.


- Oh? So Pretty Face has a weapon and white wings? Damn. The f**k are you, man? An angel? A white knight? And you Ka’al? The f**k you are doing here!? I told you to stay at the f*****g entrance! And you let pretty face get in? Tsh, completely useless… Seem like I’ll have to do everything myself!


The man smiles before summoning a huge war hammer with that smile on his face. I felt Camellia pull herself closer to me, shaking, as I heard her hiccups and coughs against my shoulder. I looked up at Ka’al and he nodded, before advancing towards the man with the war hammer. The man put on a huge smile before he slammed his war hammer that nearly missed Ka’al’s head to dig into the wall and form a hole. I looked at Camellia a little bit before softly saying;


- We need to get out of here… can you get up?


She moaned softly and shook her head negatively; she was shaking a lot and gasping. I stared at my blade for a moment before making it disappear in a flash of light and slipped my arm under her knees to lift it before setting off on a run towards the medical team who were treating the civilians and evacuate them.


- Ah! Do you think I’ll let you run away?


My footsteps echoed in the hallway, as I heard our pursuer yelling at us to stand still… He kept slamming his war hammer. Considering his size, it was even surprising that he could handle such a huge weapon so easily. Worse yet, he managed to slap his hammer on my tibia. The pain ran through my spine and stormed my head, causing me to lose sight for a fraction of a second before I fell to the ground. In my fall I managed to move enough so that Camellia was not injured further.


She yelped and squeaked when we fell to the ground. I found myself on one knee and a shattered leg. I looked at our opponent who was showing the biggest smile, ready to bring his war hammer to my head… then I looked at the shadow on the ground which seemed to be bubbling like a cauldron of water. Suddenly the shadow took on an ink color before the bubbling escalated to attack our attacker directly.


From the end of the hall I saw Ka’al pulling on ink-black ropes emerging from his own shadow as he seemed to try to force the stranger to fall backwards into what now looked like tar. Our opponent, on the other hand, didn't seem to decide to fall... even though he already had one leg that was no longer touching the ground. But he continued to smile as he let himself be pulled from behind slightly... before giving a powerful stomp of his foot.


His foot touched the ground with force, causing the mall to tremble… his legs swelled before his clothes ripped on him, revealing thick, copper-colored fur. The man's green eyes changed too. The color remained the same as his pupil widened ... horizontally, like goat eyes... Then he stomped the void, shedding his shoes showing hooves instead of feet.


- AH! For f**k’s sake! A god damn Yergist?! REALLY?! Couldn’t it be a NORMAL demon?! Not a god damn freaking Yergist!


I heard Camellia squeal, quietly asking what was happening, then tried to pinch herself to wake up from a bad dream, but of course she didn't wake up. Once the Yergist came out of his more beastly appearance… it was already too late. Ka’alnire was mighty indeed… but his physical strength, though greater than that of humans, was below the one of a Yergist.


Ka'alnire's prowess lay in his powers, not his physical strength ... so this tug-of-war game was lost and this is Ka'al that was overthrown and send down in the shadows he had created, on the ground. The same noise was heard as someone falling into a swimming pool, before the shadow on the ground disappeared with him, like flushed down a drain.


I felt Camellia shake even more as the shadowy ropes was released from the Yergist and he looked at us with an even bigger smile lifting his hammer to come closer.


- Ah, the little angel is stuck on earth! He cannot fly in such small space! And the little piglet is too afraid to walk and run on her own! This is going to be fun! A real walk in the parc!


He laughed, coming closer, lifting his hammer, his smile spread from ear to ear before he stopped when he felt the ground shake. He spread his legs to ward off the shock before the sound of heavy and enormous chains could be heard. From the end of the hall, I saw from the walls, the floor and the celling, huge steels chains emerging from which flowed the same black mixture that had been on the floor earlier. I turned my head to see that the same steel chains barred the passage way behind and in front us. Then from the ground came out enormous stone’s obelisk, which permanently blocked both sides of the corridor, leaving no door to exit.


More and more chain continued to spawn getting closer to us before there was no new ones. But, coming from the holes that spawned the chains were coming that bubbling thick black taw... coming out like an underground water fountain rising to the surface. The black liquid was cold, icy even. I started to shiver as Camellia squealed and tried to pull away from the rising tide… to no avail.


I looked up to see the Yergist struggling against the mixture that seemed even more slimy and sticky on his end than the one around us.


- Do not move.

- H… hun? B… but!

- Don’t worry… we won’t drown… but the more you’ll fight the worst it will get.


I nodded towards the enemy so she could see how thick it was on her side, closer to molasse than light syrup. She seemed to calm down a little, but the more the level rose, the more I could feel her becoming anxious. I spread my wings as best I could, touching the walls before folding them around us, enclosing us like a cocoon.


- C… Caim what are you doing?!

- Shhh… close your eyes… everything will be fine; everything will be over soon.


I tilted my head, the black liquid poured into our enclosed space faster and faster, gradually rising to my chest. I took a deep breath, feeling my Yogur'jeryen, the energy produced by my soul, it was concentrated at the level of my heart. I felt my every heartbeat, slow but strong, my Yogur'jeryen traveling with my blood, illuminating the marks on my skin. The bioluminescent marks lit up as my heart beat, the intensity of the brilliance increasing as I focused my Yogur'jeryen...


I opened my eyes, the liquid now at the same level as my heart, but the cold was gone… both me and Camellia had stopped shivering from it. I closed my eyes again, taking a deep breath…


- Take a deep breath and hold it.


I saw her gently nod her head and she lifted her head towards the ceiling waiting for the last moment before taking a deep breath to keep it, and I did the same, already hardly seeing the light my arms were giving off… as the tar was becoming more and more opaque, getting over our head, before the darkness submerge us into her close grasp, letting us float as if we were suspended into the infinity.

© 2021 Irajiack

Author's Note

English is not my first language so please be kind if you want to review the grammar and stuff like that, thank you! :D
Otherwise everything else is up for critic <3

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