A Poem by Amy

 Feelings turn to thoughts and then turn to letters 
And the occassional sounds of "hope you feel better"s. 
I before E except after C 
Tumbling down into you before me. 
Taste the meaning, make it yours. 
Your weary ears will do their chores 
And listen to me til my mouth is dry 
Knowing you'll never ask me why. 
I don't care, I shouldn't, do you? 
Hold my hand til I make it through 
This awful thing we call a bad day. 
Tomorrow will be better, anyway. 
I'll talk less, and you can smile, 
And maybe just sit for a little while, 
And we'll talk of the things that make us glad 
Of the clothes we wear and the food we've had. 
And the words will form, and the feelings will rest 
Because it's really for the best 
That I don't make you mad or hurt 
Because my words words just hit you, inert. 
For I am me and you are you 
The grass is green and the sky is blue. 
But just understand that I really do care 
That you found it worth it to remark on my hair.

© 2009 Amy

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What does this mean to you?

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Added on October 11, 2009



I'm 17 love writing, and mostly write about my life. My poems mostly reflect thoughts that I have and want to consolidate and my short stories are inspired by random things. I love specific feedback, .. more..

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