What Have I Done?

What Have I Done?

A Poem by Seth Armstrong

When his country is thrust into war, a man is mad at his leaders for getting them there.


What Have I Done?


Now I walk alone,

My heart is stone,

I can't remember what will

Happen to me now.


I stay along this line,

I'm done this time.

Lost and broken, left alone,

My skin now hardens over broken bones.


I feel my fear,

Rising up and expanding over.

I know there's nothing

That can save me now.


I won't move forward,

But there's no way back.

My legs now move themselves

Along this track.


The light ahead

Just wants me dead,

And the wind at my back

Stands ready to attack.


What have I done?

I feel my fear,

It rises up,

But it's veiled by these pointless tears.


What have I done?

There's nothing left

And I'm afraid

I was this wrong all along.


What have I done?

I'm all alone

And I still don't know

What I did to deserve this pain.


What have I done?

I'm going blind,

Now I feel it's time

For all of this to end.


I wake on my bed of broken trust,

I can feel my lifeline begin to rust.

The days ahead, lined with the sin I see,

Seem only to make a mirage out of me.


Now I run,

I'll see this done,

For better or for worse,

I will not endure another day of this curse.


The fire wraps around my toes,

And the cold first frosts upon my nose.

In the middle, they wage war,

Until I'm reduced to nothing more.


I engulf myself in total torture,

Disregarding all known order.

In the end then I'll ask why,

But for now I fight only just to die.


I'll take the blame,

I have no shame,

If I cannot trust you to make decisions right,

Then I might as well go down without a fight.


I elected you to be leaders,

And all we got were a Hell-full of deceivers.

If someone doesn't give you what you want anymore,

That doesn't mean you go in and start waging war.


You go around disagreeing with all the nations,

You start fights only to test their patience.

No one finds you as more than anything but absurd,

And now it's time you get what you deserve.


But of course it won't be you to go down first,

No, we're the ones who are that cursed.

The ones who trusted you and gave you all the right signs,

And yet you want to throw us on the frontlines.


Our cries of pain echo as we die down here,

And you say none of it reaches your ear.

I just want to know, are you even there?

Because if you are, you obviously don't care.


What have we done?

You're high up there,

The people you lose

Must mean nothing to you.


What have we done?

You say you care,

Yet you wage war,

There's never been more irony before.


What have we done?

You force us to fight and die

Just because you don't like

The one on the other side.


What have we done?

We were all here loyal,

Something you gave back spoiled,

And now you're blocking out the light.


What have we done?

You paint the skies

With all your lies,

And now we only want to die.


There's nothing left,

It's all in ruins,

And it's all your fault.

I want to know, just tell me why, what did we do for you to put us through this?






© 2014 Seth Armstrong

Author's Note

Seth Armstrong
"If we don't end war, war will end us."
-H.G. Wells

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Amazingly quoted.. Good write :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Seth Armstrong

7 Years Ago

Thank you, Gurleen! :)
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Gurleen Saluja

7 Years Ago

You are welcome :)
Nice, Seth. Very nice. A well deserved third if not better.

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Seth Armstrong

7 Years Ago

Thank you!

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