Neck to Neck

Neck to Neck

A Poem by Seth Armstrong

That feeling you get when it's time to stand up to someone.


Neck to Neck


I breathe in, I breathe out,

I know what this is all about.

So get up now, the end will begin,

Because I never want to get hurt in this way again.


So now step up to the line,

This is my fight, this is my time,

So let's begin this endless race;

A war you better wish you can keep up the pace.


Your strength is nothing but hearsay,

And you can only watch as I prove it today.

Round and round, the carousel spins,

Erasing you in the battles that will be my wins.


Every time you get off the ground,

I'll make sure I'm there to knock you back down.

You're no better than a useless hound,

And now it's time to take you to the pound.


It's time for war,

That's right, I asked for more.

You've always thought you're on top of the climb,

But right here, right now, I draw the line.


Neck to neck, we start this race.

Step by step, I set the pace.

Fight after fight, my rage hibernated,

Now punch by punch, I'll show you what you underestimated.

Day after day, you said I never mattered,

So round by round, I'll make sure your confidence is shattered.

Second after second, I'll tear you apart.

Now and forever, it'll break your heart.

One by one, I knock down your walls

So sooner and sooner, I know you'll fall.

Beat by beat, I call your bluff,

Order after order, I've had enough.

Closer and closer, your end is nigh,

Dead end, dead end, just say your goodbye.

Plan after plan, you'll fail all you try,

So here and now, one of us will die.


© 2014 Seth Armstrong

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Added on May 31, 2014
Last Updated on June 21, 2014
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