Chapter 15

Chapter 15

A Chapter by Isemay

The pain was unbearable, she opened her mouth to scream, the stone ceiling coming into focus as she kicked out and clawed at the bar across her chest. It rose immediately and Olthon loomed over her grabbing her face and staring searchingly into her eyes.

“He’s released her,” he said with satisfaction.

“What in Hevtos’ sunless pits was that? Godsdamned elves.” Syr rubbed the sore line across her chest as she sat up, it felt like her ribs had been bruised.

“He brought you back from wherever you’d been taken Syr.” Kaduil dropped to the floor and held her as if she’d been gone for a year. “I couldn’t wake you. You slept like the dead.”

Shivering, she leaned into him, “Why is it cold in here?” She wasn’t entirely sure where here was.

A blanket was promptly tucked around her. “Master Dwarf was more concerned about your well being than your modesty, he pulled you from your bed without dressing you.” Olthon rested a hand on her head.

She didn’t like his tone toward Kaduil. “I asked my husband to hide my clothes, or burn them. I would have more trouble leaving if I didn’t have clothes.”

“You were adamant you needed to leave,” the elf sounded curious.

“Yes, it-it goes back and forth, I can’t explain it.” She buried her face in Kaduil’s shoulder. “At home, with Kaduil, it’s easier to choose to stay.” 

Kaduil squeezed her tighter at the words and it made her wince with pain.

“Did you say that to Vezar?” Olthon sounded pleased.

“To Syv. And not-not exactly. He got very upset when I talked about Kaduil. He started speaking an awful language that sounded like,” she shuddered, “angry bees and stingers.”

There was a moment’s quiet. “I’ve heard it before. Did he harm you?”

“No, Syv would never harm me, not on purpose.” Syreilla sighed. “My brother loves me.”

The hand lifted from her head. “On some level she knows ‘Syv’ is Vezar, but she makes a distinction, it may be his doing. Much like the fact that she believes firmly he is her brother. She is tightly bound.”

“How do we unbind her?” Kaduil’s anger was palpable and his voice determined.

There was a moment’s silence. “Death. Even sealing him away didn’t break the bonds he’d placed on some in his harem.”

“What bonds?” She remembered how pleased Syv had been when she said it felt like they were bound by something.

“Names have power. You spoke his true name and gave him your own. It opened you to his manipulations.” Olthon knelt next to Kaduil so that he could look into her face. “Did he give you a gift?”

“The crown. And he brought the box for Kaddal, food, mead…” Syr looked at the elf dubiously.

“He gave you the crown?” The elf looked incredulous. 

“I stole it first, he told me I could keep it.” She narrowed her eyes and tried to get closer to Kaduil.

“That almost sounds like gratitude.” One of the other elves suggested with a hint of amusement. “I didn’t think he was capable of it.”

Olthon nodded with the hint of a smile, “Vezar sees something in her. If he’s bound her as his sister perhaps he feels a kinship with her.” He seemed to remember something. “She brought the crown to you, Master Dwarf?”

Syreilla wanted to turn her head to look at Batran but the dwarf laid a heavy hand on her head, “She brings home most of what she gets. Whether she’s stolen it or earned it. Syr is as loyal as a hound even if she’s a thief.”

“You tolerate her thievery?” The elf narrowed his eyes, studying Batran.

“Thieves are useful.” Syr said firmly. “I showed them how to secure their treasury, better than that tomb. I help test Batran’s locks. No one touches any shipments to or from this mine. I only had to visit a few people to arrange that.” 

Batran patted her head. “One of my better investments.”

“Investments?” Olthon looked back to him curiously.

“I bought her off of the headsman’s block in Pale.” She could hear the smug smile on Batran’s face. The elf looked offended.

Syr grinned, “If you hadn’t interfered I’d have never been on the block.” She squeezed Kaduil. “But that was one of the luckier days I’ve had. I got a family, a home, and a husband out of the deal.”

“Perhaps I misunderstood, she is a member of Clan Hammersworn or owned by it?” The elf’s tone was cold.

“Syreilla earned her way out of debt years ago. Despite her trade she’s a member of my family.” Batran’s voice was low and cautioning. “She comes and goes as she pleases.”

Olthon stood with a frown. “Syreilla Acharnion, the time has come for you to leave this place and find a home with your own kin. A dwarf is not a fitting husband and I will not have a member of my house living in the shadow of enslavement.”

“You can shove that name and your house up your elvish a*s, you beardless inbred kin-f*****g hedge pig.” The shock on the elf’s face at her venomous tone was gratifying. 

“Syreilla doesn’t care for elves,” Batran offered in what she recognized as his negotiating tone. “She has a home and a husband whether you approve or not, Lord Olthon. But I’m willing to overlook your insult and let you help free her from Vezar.”

“I still don’t understand what he means by bonds. Syv-”

“Vezar.” The frowning elf corrected her. “Call him by his name. I don’t know why he wants you calling him ‘Syvilas’ but I doubt the reason is benign. Using his name will help to reclaim some small amount of your wits.”

“She has her wits at the moment.” Kaduil kissed her head. “My Syreilla has a temper and sharp tongue.”

“I like that, Kaduil. Your Syreilla. But either I need some clothes or we need to go home.”

“Home it is.” He grinned and tried to gather her up with the blanket. 

“Clothes.” Olthon spoke coldly. “To find Vezar we need her. If she must return to the mine, I will not prevent it.”

She watched Kaduil’s face hardening. “You’re not taking my wife out of the mine with that thing trying to steal her.”

“He’ll pull her back into that place as often as he dares. If she refuses to come to him he may decide to bind her there. She would sleep until she dies, unable to wake.” The elf warned him.

“Syv wouldn’t do that.” She looked at the elf wishing she had her boot knife.

“Vezar, Syr. Do as the elf says and use his right name.” Batran put his hand back on her head.

“Vezar wouldn’t do that.” The words tasted strange in her mouth. They were true, she was almost certain. But not as entirely as she was before.

“She obeys you.” Olthon observed with disapproval.

“She didn’t before. She always put up a fight.” Batran rubbed her head.

“He wanted her to be obedient. Did she cling like this before?”

“No.” Kaduil tightened his arms. “She was affectionate but not like this.”

“Vezar changed you to suit his needs, Syreilla. Where is your anger?” The elf was needling her.

Syr took a deep breath contemplating the loathsome elf’s words. “When I see Sy-Vezar next I’ll talk to him about it. I don’t trust you or your words as far as I can throw you, elf.”

“Lord Olthon. If you do not wish to take your place as a member of my house you will at least show me the proper respect.” He smiled faintly. “She needs to help us find Vezar. Give whatever commands are required, we leave at dawn.”

The elves returned to their chambers and Kaduil insisted on carrying her back to their home. Batran followed. Every time she looked at him, he was scowling and deep in thought.

At home, she went down to the bath, feeling the need to be clean after speaking to the elf. Batran and Kaduil remained in the main room to speak quietly.

When she’d finished and come back up, Kaduil was alone with his head in his hands. “Batran says I have to go with them.” Syr said quietly, already knowing nothing else would make him look that lost.

He nodded wordlessly.

“I always come back, Kaduil. Come upstairs, let me give you a reason to look forward to it.” She stood, waiting as he slowly stood and came over to her.

“Syr, I-” 

She bent and cut him off with a kiss. “I’m not under some spell. I’m not going to change my mind.” 

His breathing became heavier. “Syreilla.”

“This is home. And you wouldn’t have built this if you didn’t already know you’re the one I want.”

Kaduil gripped her by the back of her head and kissed her with rough urgency. “Syr, get upstairs. I’m going to give you a reason to come home quickly.”

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