Chapter 16

Chapter 16

A Chapter by Isemay

It took longer than Vezar expected to draw her in. But finally, Syreilla came, appearing on the bed in the sheer shift he had been imagining her in.

Her eyes opened and she looked around in confusion before her eyes settled on him. “Where am I? And who are you?”

He grinned at her waiting to see how long it would take. “A place I wanted to show you.”

“Syv?” To his surprise, she leapt out of the bed with pleased astonishment and came to him.

“I miss you, Syreilla.” He pulled her into his lap and held her tightly. “I need my sister.” Drawing her as a sister would have to do. In her sheer shift, she made him ache with desire.

“I know. I’m sorry, Syv.” She leaned against him so sweetly. “I feel like I’m being torn apart. I want to come and find you, and I want to stay at home. I want them both so badly that I can’t think straight for some reason.”

“I will not stop pulling you.” He ran a hand over her ear. The bonds that drew her back to that wretched mine were strong.

She spoke softly against his shoulder. “I hate having my ears touched. You’re the only one I let do that.” He caressed her ear tracing the edge and then the ridges inside. Vezar smiled using it to strengthen their bond. “It tickles.”

Laughing softly at the way she felt the bond, he murmured, “Yes.” He pressed his hand against her ear pressing her head into his shoulder, the more and longer he touched her ears the stronger this bond would become. “My dear Syreilla. When will you come to me?”

“As soon as I can, Syv. It may be longer than you’d like.” Syr’s voice had a hesitant sound to it.

“A day is longer than I would like.” He kissed her head. It would make the trip to Brosa less urgent, but being parted from her was unpleasant.

“And six months?” He tensed at the figure. It was a short period of time in the scheme of things but when he wanted her by his side it was far too long.

“Why six months?” He sourly inquired after the reason.

“Because after that I would have a husband to come back to here at home. Kaduil-”

“No.” He cut her off and stood holding her close like a doll. “I forbid you to marry. I need you Syreilla. I need you to myself.” Marriage to a dwarf would be a waste. She belonged with a king.

“Syv, I love you, but you don’t get to decide that for me. I can’t break his heart any more than I can bear the thought of leaving you alone.” Her earnest tone brought the realization crashing down on him. The threads. He had primed the threads of her desire.

“The dwarf. You let him touch you. You kissed him.” Vezar set her on her feet, gripping her by the shoulders staring into her eyes intently. He already knew the answer, the threads were no longer loose.

“Yes, I’d gone to bed with him before but this time was…”

Stepping away from her he began to curse in the ancient tongue he had been born knowing. Cursing the dwarf and his own stupidity. Seeing his new face, the sibling bond would begin to fade. He could lose… Vezar turned to see her backing away her hands covering her ears looking at him as if he were a monster. “No. Please, Syreilla.” He held out his hands.

Syreilla didn’t come to him. “What language was that? It-” She shuddered.

“Are you afraid of me?” He took a step closer expecting her to back away.

The hard look she gave him was comforting. “I wasn’t afraid of you when you showed me your gifts, Syv, I’m not afraid of you now. I don’t understand how a language can sound so,” he watched as she rubbed her ears, “so full of stingers.”

“An apt description.” Vezar touched her face gently and pulled her into an embrace relieved that she didn’t flinch. “Forgive me.”

Syr wrapped her arms around his waist. “You’re forgiven, brother. Please don’t do it again.”

“I will try.” He pulled her close, the thought of losing her was bitter. But he still had to ask, “Why did you make the time to go to bed with him when you should have been finding your way out?”

“Batran seemed to think I was under some sort of spell, he said and still says I’m not acting like myself. He’s adamant I can’t leave until it’s removed.” He growled in his throat, that wretched dwarf. Syreilla rubbed his back as if she wished to soothe him. “He knew I would like the house Kaduil has built for me, for the two of us. He suggested Kaduil show it to me and… one thing led to another when Kaduil took me down to the bath he’d-” He ground his teeth as she spoke, imagining the dwarf having her in the bath. “Stop that. You’re going to break your teeth.”

“I can repair them.” Vezar scowled, teeth were easy to fix in comparison to the mess the dwarf had made of his plans.

“You picked such an unhappy face.” Syr stroked the beard he’d gotten for her. “And you need to learn how to take care of this. A comb and beard oil are the first things I’m going to steal for you.” If she knew how much he hated beards…  

The feeling of her threads being touched got his attention. Olthon. “Olthon is there.”

“Not in my room I hope.” Syreilla frowned. “He shouldn’t be allowed down there.”

She was in the lower levels. It would be difficult, even for a skilled thief, to sneak out of a dwarf mine from too far below. “Regardless, sister. He is at your side trying to wake you. Tell me, did you speak with him?” He seemed to know her true name, but Vezar had a firm hold on her and swatted the elf away.

“Some. I didn’t like him. I made him talk to Batran and Kaduil.”

Laughing, he kissed her forehead. “I can imagine that went well.”

“He wanted to know about the nightmare I had. With the maze and the black mist.” Vezar lifted her chin and looked at her intently as she continued. “You were in it. I called you Vezar when I was describing it, because you had the dark hair and the same face as when you brought the cart.”

Smiling, he asked curiously, “That certainly got his attention. What else was in your dream?”

He listened as she told him the dream from the beginning and by the end, he could only marvel at the strength of the bond he’d built. She should not have experienced that horror. “I had not meant for you to share that dream, my dear Syreilla. That was my nightmare, not yours.”

“You walked the maze?” Her curiosity charmed him.

“I was driven down it by the black mist.” Her guileless concern made him want to kiss her. “I will try not to bring you into my nightmares again.”

“Brother, if it helps you feel less alone, I’ll join you in that awful place every night.” His Syreilla lowered her head and pressed her face back into his shoulder. The words made him ache.

“Syreilla.” He pulled her as close as he could, wishing he could pull her through the bonds in the dream and have her at his side when he opened his eyes. As he did he felt Olthon’s cold hand at work. The elf would kill her if she did not wake. “Go back.” Vezar released her pushing her back toward wakefulness despite his desire to keep her. The elf would suffer if she were harmed.

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