A Chapter by Isemay

Hevtos listened. His name was rarely spoken outside of curses and this conversation… Odos knew it would get his attention. He wanted his uncle to be aware that he guessed his plans and he wished to caution him over taking Zyulla. Syreilla handled it surprisingly well. Her admission to perpetrating some sort of con on him was curious. Hevtos summoned Vezar.

Before the half-dragon could get there things began to grow much more interesting. The Rook was spinning a web of half-truths. To have worshippers again he might be willing to reward the thieves that helped her but… she was suggesting their sins would go entirely unpunished, and that this would go for all thieves who managed her instructions.


“The Rook, she spoke to Odos of deception, of a con. But I can’t tell who she intends to deceive.” He opened Vezar’s mind.

“She spoke to me of needing to hit as many of the temples at once as she could. I assumed she was going to pay the thieves, I did not realize she was going to offer them a better afterlife.” 

“She’s recruiting worshippers for me. And reluctantly for herself. You spoke to her of the Garden of Night?”

“Once, Divinity.”

“Did she understand that it was destroyed? That it was sealed by Imos and cannot be opened again except by his priests?”

“If she did… was his name spoken? If he hears this as well he may send someone to be certain, someone who may open it to venture inside.” Vezar smiled viciously. “She can be clever when she wishes.”

“If the Rook has it reopened, and brings me worshippers, I will have to find a way to reward her.” Hevtos sat in contemplation for a moment. His name was reverently on the lips of almost every thief in the tavern. “The statue will need to be remade.”

Summoning the spectral builders once again he set them to a simple task. Create his statue from the heavy basalt he favored. This time he instructed that a rook made of gold be added to it, perched on his hand. If her plans succeeded, the Rook’s reward would be there for all to see.

Having his name being spoken so much, he almost dismissed it when his name was whispered softly, but the almost pleading quality to it drew his attention. The Rook knelt by a bed. On it lay Odos’ leather purse. She was peering at something inside it nervously. He sent the command for Vezar to visit her as discreetly as possible, immediately.

Keeping his eye on her, he watched as Vezar slipped into her room, she greeted him by pulling the purse closed and shoving it into his hands. “I don’t know why he gave this to me, but I have the feeling I really don’t want to be caught with it.”

Vezar nodded, “I’ll take care of it.” The half-dragon hesitated, “Do you think you can get his approval to return home?”

“I’ll only try if he’ll let me come and go as I please.” The Rook gave him a smile and kissed him sweetly, “Go, and don’t you get caught with it either.”

Hevtos smiled faintly, that was some sort of act for prying eyes. Whatever was in the purse, it would be something that could be easily replaced. No doubt she wished to see which gods were observing, and which would interfere. The implications that he’d thrown her out were amusing, some would believe it and undoubtedly try to enlist her services for themselves. His Rook seemed to have a reputation.

On Vezar’s return with the bag, Hevtos inquired, “Did anyone try to intercept you? I expect she wished to know…” The bag held two of the jewels, white and nearly identical, as well as a note. 

Use my little rook well while you have her, I want her back when you finish. Free my mother and justify the lend.

“He intends to help for his mother’s sake, but Odos will not get his little rook back.” Hevtos felt the righteous fury bubbling at the thought. He was beginning to appreciate the Golden Rook and, like his father, Odos would take away that which he could love.

“Divinity?” Vezar looked concerned.

“You will take back the purse with a response for Odos.” Hevtos sat for a time considering his reply. Once the first flush of anger passed, it became clear to him, if he wrote the response he wished it would expose her lies. It might even hinder her efforts.

The Golden Rook served well, but the little thief could not be broken of her habits. Death will drive her back without my leave. The Rook will receive all she has earned and what was taken from me will be restored.

It would have to suffice. He placed it in the purse and sent Vezar back. This time the purse was intercepted. The half-dragon returned battered.

“Divinity, I could not get the message back to her. Imos has raised priests with-”

“He did that long ago. Imos has only a few White Hands but they are powerful. I expected someone to interfere.” Hevtos allowed himself a smile wondering if the second stone had belonged to Imos. “In the future, if you see them, call out for me. I will draw you back myself.”

“Are they a danger to my Syreilla?” Vezar’s claws were at the ready as if he might attack anyone who presented themselves.

“I think the Golden Rook can evade two or three-”

“There were six, Divinity!”

“We will wait. She may need to earn her reputation.”

© 2021 Isemay

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Added on January 29, 2021
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