A Chapter by Isemay

After Syreilla vanished Grimgrip muttered, “He’s resting the way we all should be.”

“You can rest at Delver’s Deep. I’ll open the door in the stable door frame, for larger doors a frame is always easier.”

Kwes couldn’t keep from asking, “Why? And won’t it look ridiculous, as if we’re all going into the stable?”

“It will look as if we’re going into the stable, and from the other side it will seem we came out of thin air. Frames are a point of reference. Making a hole large enough for myself is easy, making one large enough for a wagon takes more focus. You wouldn’t want it to slide closed while the wagon was only half way through. Now be quiet so I can work.”

The thought of having half of his body lying here and half lying miles away made him queasy and he settled back in silence, barely daring to breathe. The wagon creaked loudly as it rolled toward the stable door and he closed his eyes as the wooden beam came into sight. 

The sound of dwarvish cursing prompted him to open them. They’d entered a stable, but not Edun’s. 

A dwarf sounded like he was either cursing at or demanding something from Grimgrip and the dwarves around them fell silent as he answered, not stopping his cart until they were all through.

“Father said you’d come if I decided to leave, Grandfather.” One of the dwarves, dressed in an almost human manner approached Odos with a grin.

“You’re leaving?” Grimgrip got down from the cart, “Wherever you intend to go, you should stay a little longer, Sirruil.”

“I’m restless. I-”

Kwes peered over the side and the dwarf stared at him. “Sirruil? He should at least wait until Syreilla gets here.”

“Amad?” The dark-haired dwarf looked unsteady and Grimgrip took him by the shoulder.

“Syreilla the Rook, not your mother. But this is your Uncle Kwes. He’s the son of Tirnel Acharnion, he’s also one of Odos’ children like your mother was.”

A glance at Cyran told Kwes he’d been right. He was the last to be told or at least the last to realize it.

“He’s my magpie.” Odos patted Kwes’ leg. “You can get out of the wagon now. They’ll find a place for you to rest either in the mine or an inn in Lew.”

“Why does he need to rest?” Sirruil frowned and when he narrowed his eyes and tilted his head Kwes could see the resemblance to the Rook.

“He had a mortal wound that the Rook healed. She should be resting too but she’s been off,” Grimgrip gave Odos a sharp look, “working.”

“She’ll rest when she arrives. I taught them not to rest until the work is done. I lost one who thought he could relax before he’d finished. It isn’t a mistake I let them make.” The old man straightened and tugged at his sleeves. 

“My mother always got upset if I tried to take a break before finishing, it didn’t matter what it was.” Sirruil smiled sadly and shook his head. “Oduil will work himself to death if no one stops him.”

“I suspect the Rook will too.” Patting Sirruil on the shoulder, Grimgrip exhaled. “We’re all tired. Help us unload and tell me about why you want to leave.”

“I feel restless, I feel like there’s something I should be doing and I can’t do it here.” 

“Are you going to give him Syreilla’s Eye?” Kwes leaned against the wagon. “If you’re rethinking it I’m still willing to buy it from you, name your price.”

“Syreilla’s…” the young dwarf started to grin, “someone found my mother's circlet?”

“I did.” Grimgrip fished it out of a pocket. “Cyran killed the assassin who stole it. The Rook took the mage to death’s door, bodily.”

“And then burned Imos’ temple to the ground with dragon’s fire.” Odos added nonchalantly. “She didn’t take it well when she found out he had them murder your mother. She’s in Brosa now making him wish he’d chosen to be a god of things that hide under rocks and logs.”

The vicious grin that spread across the dwarf’s face was definitely the Rook’s. “I want to meet her.”

“You will. And she’ll teach you the things you can use that for in a mine.” Odos stepped forward to offer his hand to Sirruil, “Like your mother, she wants you to stay with the dwarves. You’ll be able to continue your mother’s work of making the mines safe and secure with her Eye.”

“You’ll come with me to Bhiraldur after you learn to use it.” Grimgrip put it in the young dwarf’s hand after the old man let go. “Syreilla’s Eye came out of the Glan Minrhia. She left you an inheritance that would make a mine seem a lesser portion.”

Kwes watched enviously as Sirruil held it up looking at the chains and stone.

“It was made well, but it has an almost elvish look to it. I never thought it was made by dwarves.”

“It looks like it was made for your mother. Syreilla’s Eye is a good name for it.” Grimgrip seemed pleased.

“What’s going on down here?” 

The bellowing voice made Kwes jump and put his hand on his belly with a grimace.

“I decided to come for a visit, Master Aledelver.” Odos turned to grin at the dwarf making his way toward them. “I brought a few guests. This is Cyran, my nephew. This one who calls himself Kwes, is my magpie, and the uncle of Syreilla Hammersworn’s children. You’ve met Master Grimgrip,” he paused, “and the Rook will be along soon.”

Grimgrip and Aledelver started a conversation in dwarvish, and Odos murmured into Kwes’ ear, “The last person claiming to be Hammersworn’s brother wasn’t.”

Cyran had dismounted and come to stand nearby. “Do you understand what they’re saying?”

“A few bits and pieces.”

Kwes glanced back over at Sirruil and saw that the dwarf had put the circlet on and was studying them. He interrupted the conversation and Odos arched an eyebrow at him.

“There’s an inn in Lew. I’ll send some people down to get you rooms.” Aledelver looked proud as Grimgrip clapped Sirruil on the shoulder. “This Rook can come to the entrance and ask to be allowed in.”

“Your own grandfather is dangerous?” Odos looked more amused than offended.

“My mother said you were. She said you don’t have to close your eyes when you love someone, you can do it with your eyes open too.” Sirruil tilted his head, “The color around you changed, Grandfather.”

“Sadness and anger.” Odos inclined his head, “I miss your mother and I’m furious with my brother.”

“What do you see with it? Rook let us look at wards with it but I didn’t take the opportunity to look at people.” Kwes eyed the circlet and then noticed the rookish grin on the dwarf’s face.

“I see that you’re a thief, you wouldn’t think twice about putting things in your pocket in the mine.” 

“He should, my little rook might take it as personally as your mother did. Before she vouched for me she very pointedly told me that if anything went missing and it was my doing she’d never forgive me and I’d have ruined every fond memory she had of me. You don’t want to be on your sister’s bad side, my magpie.” 

He couldn’t suppress a shudder as the memory of her eyes in the firelight came to mind. “No, I don’t think I do.”

“And what of me?” Cyran stepped forward curiously. “I’m not a thief.”

“No. You look strange to me, there’s…” Sirruil studied him with a frown, “You look as if you’re lit from behind but you aren’t dark, there’s a… I don’t understand why you look that way.”

“He’s my brother’s son and he’s gifted.” Odos put a hand on Cyran’s shoulder. “He isn’t responsible for his father’s actions.”

“I wonder what Lady Rook will look like.” Cyran smiled ruefully.

“When I tried it,” Grimgrip glanced to the door as if he expected her to walk in. “The woman looked like dragon’s fire shrouded in black smoke. She’s a comfort to have protecting you but she’s terrifying just the same.”

“Sirruil will have a good look at her, and if he says she’s safe enough, and someone vouches for her, she can enter. Syreilla Hammersworn was a good woman. The Rook was a part of her once, she should have a fair chance.” Aledelver beckoned to Sirruil. “Come back inside to wait for her. Your father will want to see your inheritance.”

Dwarves began bustling around them and Sirruil left with Grimgrip and Aledelver.

“Lew isn’t far. They have an inn that was built just for guests discussing business with the mine. You’ll be comfortable enough.” Odos stopped one of the dwarves, “I have someone to visit, who will be taking them to the inn?”

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